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  1. I've placed all the previous videos on leveling up in a spoiler tag, as it's very likely now that none of the luxuries in the JP Version won't be around until the end of the year - according to the NA team, their goal is to reach parity with the JP Content by that time. A lofty goal, given the current state of the world IRL, but it'll be interesting to see. I mean, they did deliver on releases thus far, despite the amount of whining on Twitter. Anyway, here's a new video: In case you don't want to watch a decent guide, here is a quick and dirty guide to being an absolute fucking chad in PSO2: Or, the even quicker version: - Make character, pick whatever class you want but keep it until level 50 - Follow Arkz missions, and/or every new Expedition area you get (likely until level 20) - Go to Koffie, Unlock Hard Mode. Level Cap and Subclasses (and then pick your subclass) - Run everything in Hard Mode until Very Hard Unlocks, then run Very Hard (until level 40) - Go to Koffie, Unlock level cap and Advance Quests - Run Very Hard Advance Quests until you hate yourself (up to Level 75) - At level 50, complete big EXP (20-30k) client orders and switch to another class to cash them in - Break all the above up with Time Attack, Extreme Quests and Emergency Quests (when they show up - you'll hear on the tannoy when it's going to happen) - Level 50 is the priority so you can earn 2+ Million Meseta a week for slutty costumes, you fucking pervert
  2. Yeah. You can add AC to your game account with Paypal, but you need to be on the US Storefront like you need to be when you download the game.
  3. I'll pop on and queue after dinner, hopefully - I think I have two loads to drop, My current trajectory is trash this week, so I'm more than willing to tip!
  4. Nah, it will likely just ask for your Gamertag via UWP and use the data that it's tied to. This is all conjecture mind, nobody actually knows yet, hence the "guinea pig" expression. As for Ship 1, on JP you can either create a new character on Ship 2, or pay to move a character to another ship - I'm not aware if the ship transfer option has been implemented on the X-Box version, however, and it's been an age since I booted it up last.
  5. It's happening, boys. https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1262760159056736256 May 27th for the PC version. I'll be the guinea pig for "moving" my X-Box Account to PC, but given how UWP works it'll probably just say 'hey, you're Siri, right' and then I click OK and it does stuff. Again, we'll likely set up camp on Ship 2. Note that joining the alliance means you get an additional EXP/Meseta/Drop rate increase if we get enough points!
  6. https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1262760159056736256 PC (MS Store) Release is on May 27th.
  7. Siri

    Comfort Gaming

    Just before lockdown started, I spent a week off playing Path of Exile's new league, because that's what I tend to do every time a league happens (every three months or so). That, and I wanted some time to relax after looking after fretting over a family member in hospital (not Covid related and just before events went off the charts, thankfully). Following that, during a period of working from home, I found myself playing games that I had to check in daily for, but not really for story - Phantasy Star Online 2 and the early stages of Animal Crossing meant a couple of hours of pottering around that worked around any home cooking and the like. I've stopped PSO2 for the moment as I know that I'll be on the PC version forever when that arrives, but I'm still having fun with AC, mainly working the turnip market so I can buy all the infrastructure I need. Not intending to make my island perfectly preened - in fact, I'm still trying to keep my island as wild as possible, just using flowers and trees that grow naturally and the like. I am, however, going to lump several boxing/wrestling rings outdoors on my island because I'm secretly Dana White. And then after that for about a month, I was on furlough. I immediately wanted a story to get my teeth into, but something that was very easy-going, which in turn led me into going back to VA11 Hall-A, which was absolutely brilliant and just what I needed. Cozy, very endearing, didn't ask a lot of you outside of following the story. Due to that, I finally dug into Virtue's Last Reward and went through the ringer with it. Not everything was a hit, mind - I bounced off getting back into DJ Max and Dicey Dungeons. Same with Path of Exile as well, but that's generally because most of the excitement is bundled into the first week of playing. Alongside that, my small group of discord friends went through the entirety of Borderlands 3 and Monster Hunter World. Both really fun and involving in a group, even if their respective plots are fuck all to write home about At the minute, though I am a little lost in what I want to play. Zero Time Dilemma is the most obvious choice and I've put a few hours into it, but the structure of that game is incredibly awkward compared to 999/VLR. Went and bought Iceborne, but the big issue with MHW is that it fucking crashes/force closes itself all the time with the most recent update. It's not that big of a deal if you're playing in a group as you can just fuck around and catch up, but on Solo you're looking at putting in 50 minutes of hunting and then the game unceremoniously dumps you out of the application, which is absolutely godawful. Currently looking at another six weeks on leave, so I should really get into something. The PC release of PSO2 should be a thing in the next couple of weeks and VR stuff a couple of weeks after that, so I just need to occupy myself. Bloodstained is looking pretty good right now, but it's the eternal struggle between playing something and... well, doing fuck all, and that's been a thing well before Coronavirus.
  8. Currently looking at a theoretical high on Thursday afternoon, after banging in the last three results on Nooknet. Looking at Moose's guide above, it's either the latter two models -I'm expecting the third graph again. Lord knows I need the fourth graph after putting the down payment on my fourth room, however. I totally needed it to house a boxing ring, honest. Edit - after Tues PM value, I'm deffo looking at the standard spike (Moose graph no. 3), so roughly 200 bells avg. on my island by Thursday.
  9. 56 bells a turnip this morning. 54 bells a turnip this afternoon. I'll probably look at dumping tomorrow morning, if anyone's about. Bit too far gone into Virtue's Last Reward to stop outside of checking Nook's Cranny for half a minute!
  10. The shop is under renovation today D: for the best though, given how prices have been at the start of the week historically. I didn't play AC at all last week, so I'm after knocking turnip sales out of the park so I can pay off the mortgage again and start putting in some proper infrastructure.
  11. May's Choice Games:
  12. I only just saw this pop up on my Steam page late last night, because it came out of early access. I don't venture much into this subsection of the forum, in all honesty. I bought it immediately from the concept alone and shilled it to a local group of classic RPG players I know before I even checked the forum - I was honestly surprised that, given the mild resurgence in FMV games and remakes along with visual novels, that nobody put them together with pen and paper RPGs already, to be honest. I'm glad it was someone from rllmuk who's part of it, I'll be giving it a go today and I'm looking forward to more of this!
  13. Yeah, PC and XBox should be crossplay on the western release, at the very least between the XBox version and the Windows 10 Store version. I'm guessing any Steam version would have to go through a couple of hoops (like registering to the PSO2 website) before crossplay, like how Shift integration on Borderlands 3 works between Steam and Epic Store versions. Japanese server currently has PC, PS4, Vita and Switch on the go under the same Sega account, so it's one of the things the game has grown into supporting quite well.
  14. I still chat to four of the old PSU crew on Discord - We're all dead set on playing PSO2 together, but pretty much all of them are waiting for the PC client, unfortunately.
  15. I'm still playing, although in a slightly reduced capacity until PC version drops in May - I've hit 75 on Gunner, but there's no real incentive to go hard with capping anything else until successor classes turn up. The NA team says that they aim to catch up to the JP content within a year, so it should be soon-ish - hopefully at the same time as the PC version's release. For Personal Quarters, access the quick menu by pressing select - there's a couple of options for that, the salon and the café. You can also get there my moving blocks via the lifts, but that's slow (I should know, I didn't know otherwise during most of my time on the translated version!). Also, while I'm here, nice bit of Anamana content about leveling, which makes a lot more sense for the current NA server content:
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