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  1. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Nope - if Yacht Club are willing to put their name against it, I'm willing to take a look at it. And it's out on my birthday so it's got some semblance of taste Looking forward to playing Donut County, too. I'll have to go hard on Yakuza soon so I can get on the remastered collection.
  2. I do agree with that sentiment - it's not like you can't plug in a USB3 drive to have an effective cold storage solution, either. Even in my PC, a very large majority of my games are on traditional magnetic hard drives - the SSD is just there for the entire system to feel super snappy, along with one or two specific games that really benefit. When the time comes, though, I'll happily take a caddy that I can slap a Sabrent Rocket NVME into and just plug it into the XBox via the expansion slot. I mean, if the opportunity is there and it gets cheap enough, it's better than opening the
  3. I just had a Series S dropped off after they came back in stock on Amazon - I thought the One X was a tiny feat of engineering, but I was actually shocked at how small this box is in the flesh. I've currently got it perched on top of the one X like a scuffed Mega CD tower, and there's still plenty of clearance under the telly for adequate cooling. And it's really fucking quiet, at the very least while I'm watching stuff on All4 as games get installed on it. Main reason I bought it was because of gamepass console-only stuff and to slap developer mode on it for Retroarch. I don't see
  4. Siri

    Path of Exile

    So, uh, Heist didn't go too well. A bunch of bugs plagued the league, the new skills fucking sucked, and ultimately it had a lot of people drop off the league pretty sharply. To impact matters further, GGG delayed the next league for two reasons: - Covid, a few key people leaving the company and not enough QA staff to fight fires with the existing leagues meant they've been working slower than expected - Cyberpunk 2077 delayed enough to the point where it was releasing day and date with the new league So, instead of sending a half-baked league to die, they did a few flashback leagues o
  5. TBH, with how VRR works, 100FPS tends to be more beneficial on more variably intensive games - with fully uncapped framerates even on stuff like Destiny 2's PvE environments, you'll find the game pushes to 130-140 for a split second and then drops hard to 90FPS, and you'll notice the stutter even with VRR implemented. VRR tends to work its magic within margin of error, so 100FPS dropping off to 90FPS looks buttery smooth and it's incredibly nice to see and play in motion, while still getting most of the benefits of high refresh. I do play some games at higher when I can, though - namely Pat
  6. At the moment, Monitor - because it's newer than my telly, was affordable and came with all the bells and whistles I wanted (1440p, 144Hz, IPS, G-Sync Support). HDR could be better because of the black levels being muddied (for reference), but for £330 on sale it's immense. I have no doubt the pendulum will swing the other way when modern OLEDs that are less prone to burn-in start being sold at a reasonable price - for reference, my current 49" 1080p LG telly was a snip at £270 in 2016, and I see no issue with sticking with it until something falls into that price bracket. Heck, it took me
  7. Apparently it's all 12 games for everyone this month. I'm out, mind. I think I'd only give a shit about three of them (PC Simulator, Chaosbane and Minoria), and I've still got all the Christmas sale stuff to play through.
  8. Satisfactory is also a good shout - about £4 lower than its historical low if you factor in the infinite £10 voucher (so £12, instead of £16). Totally not influenced by having 70 hours of playtime on it after about a week
  9. I bought a new game after getting through the campaign of Beyond Light. I bought it Tuesday evening. oh no
  10. Hmm, I'd say that my favourite moments this year were the following: Superhot VR: I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but basically the moment when you've shot someone and their gun flies toward you - only to have that instinctive moment to reach out with your other hand, grab the second gun, and then fire both wherever you want because you're no longer constrained to how the game is forced to comply with KBM or a controller. A Short Hike: The part where you finally get phone reception. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Basically, the hour once you beat Medusa at the bottom of Naraku onwards.
  11. I did get this as a Christmas gift from a friend - the HD-ification when you boot up the game is amazing, and the general look of the game still holds up. But I, uh, can't play RTS to save my life, even back when Red Alert first came out when I was a kid - so I can't really bang on about it that much.
  12. Cybertoilet 2077 does sound fairly snappy, tbh. I'd buy it.
  13. Alright fellas, with about 4 hours away, it's time to see if everyone's eating crow: Fuck you, buddy. Sort of right. A lot of people that I know dropped it, but the servers are surprisingly healthy. Of course, the main reason a lot of people I knew jacked it in was because it was a highly obtuse game with far too many mechanics and horrific UI to navigate after being developed on for eight years. Funnily enough, Sega knew this as well, and announced New Genesis - basically a reboot of PSO2 inside PSO2. As in, there's two games in one, and they both get a graphics
  14. Alright, I'll have a go again: - PSO2: New Genesis will be a exceptionally muted release due to being attached to PSO2 by the hip, and that's 'already released'. However, it will slowly continue to pick up new players because generally fuck all is out next year and it's a free to play game. - Bit of a long-term one: £70 continues to be the norm for games, with every publisher citing some bullshit regarding leaving the EU. Videogames become a marginalised hobby for the next few years, due to a lot people not having/willing to part with a large amount of cash especially with Covid-related
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