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  1. Alright - I've finished Act 1 of Cyberpunk on the deck. There's things I'm not entirely keen on - it'd be nice if the framerate was a bit more stable at native res, the image is a little soft, and because of a bug with FSR2.1's implementation in this game, the HUD text is kinda fucked. But all this flies in the face of the fact that there's this thing that sits in my hands and it's playing cyberpunk what the fuck
  2. Garlic and Evolved Garlic is alright, but its effectiveness drops off hard around 15-20m in so you need to pair it with another evolved weapon eventually (I like the Evolved Axe for this). Eventually, Santa Water is just Garlic, but with more damage and you have ten of them firing off so they fill the screen. In other words, a better garlic. My actual favourite starter is, weirdly, a weapon I hated initially because you can't lock direction in this game - the Knife. The trick behind it is using it alongside other projectile-based weapons (Wands, Axes, Tracerunner, Santa Water), and then scaling EVERYTHING with Duplicator, Spinach, Bracer, Candelabra and whatever the item is for Cooldown reduction. You end up getting the evolved forms of all those weapons in the process, but the primary effects benefit each item and you end up being a Danmaku boss
  3. Yes, apparently. Couldn't tell you how it works, mind. I think the only existing save I have is from a PC version already (GOG), and I couldn't be arsed retrieving it. I'm guessing you have to register to whatever shit CDPR wanted in the Xbox version, and then using those details to log into REDLauncher when you're asked on the deck. I didn't bother as I'll just find the file I want on my big computer, but it'll be the best way on a console.
  4. I started Cyberpunk on the deck, threw in some settings from this guide, only to have a really unstable 30fps. Tromped through the Street Kid bit in a huff, only to think "hang on, is there a frame limiter in game?" There was, it was on 30fps, and I forgot to turn it off. It's much better now! And then I went to bed near midnight, lol
  5. Sort of, I think? When it's on desktop it will immediately check for all the package updates on Discover. But I've only just got the new update for Stable branch. Might be because my deck never connects online because of the sleep mode and using it at work constantly. In all: idk lol
  6. I don't think it would matter, it's hitting the limit for what my broadband can actually do (8.6MB/s, so about right for 70Mbps). It's as fast as I can get in this area. It's more a problem that it's a 70GB game, and RDR2 is 120GB. That, and the SD card seems to throttle when it's too hot after being written to for ages. Weather's helping, mind!
  7. It's also the case that, as you beat every stage, or at least survive for x minutes on each character, you'll unlock even more power-ups that'll make you into an unstoppable killing machine. It's the same mechanic that makes Inscryption fun when you first play it (different genre, I know) - even when you'll lose, the game gives you the tools to not lose for subsequent runs, without being explicit about it.
  8. Nope. And skill doesn't help you after about 25 minutes as there's nowhere to dodge. Which is why a lot of the clones deviate from this (as an example, HoloCure has a button to keep your character facing one direction and a button for a super ability). Knowledge is always your biggest asset in this game, though - knowing what you're picking up and how it synergizes with everything else you've chosen is the thing that's going to help you get past the former time point.
  9. A deck isn't even remotely required for those games, and possibly even P3 via AetherSX2 - you could probably downsize to a Retroid device and not experience any performance downsides while your hands thank you. Ridge Racer 7, Outrun 2 and VF5, on the other hand.. Well, there's nothing matching or beating the Deck unless you spend another few hundred quid. And even at that point, you're either having to bodge HoloISO onto it or getting annoyed at all the inconveniences Windows brings.
  10. Because greed. At least, when it comes to big publishers like EA. If it's any cop, I'll take up a sub to EA Play Pro for a month. By then, it'll probably be a tenner in the January Sales and I'd have saved £35. If not, I'll play it as part of my Game Pass sub in six months and save £60. Well, not really, I would have bought a load of Steam games in the winter sale instead.
  11. I'll probably play High on Life if it comes out, as it's on Game Pass. Same with Agent 64 and Wavetale over on PC. I think I got about 20-odd games on my Steam wishlist that simply don't have a date after playing their demo, and that's fine. I'd rather have a good game than something rushed to meet some bullshit deadline. There's Dwarf Fortress too, but that's really a 1.0 release and it's been really available before that so it's not technically new. And if you have a Switch, you can play Inscryption, and that's very good.
  12. I think I've already written elsewhere on rllmuk, but I've picked up the games I want already. Quite looking forward to finally playing RDR2 - although I read somewhere that it's not quite as smooth when running off the SD card. Is there any truth to that? I might have to make some more space on the SSD.
  13. Got the Great Gospel from very slowly killing the guy in Capella Magna. Then tried the new whip guy from the same level and died within ten minutes. I blame the fact it was ten at night and I really wanted to finish the run before the deck ran out of battery.
  14. I feel the same about Neon White - I'd give it a bunch of stuff if I could, but hey ho.
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