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  1. Got in, bagged the new kinetic breach-loaded grenade launcher from first mission - rolled with hard launch, spike grenades, slideshot and demolitionist. There's also a preview of the Mods - they're really pushing for breach-loaders to have their season, complete with Unstoppable stun and auto-loading your stowed guns on hit, which is delicious. distinct lack of pulses on offer again, though - I guess I'll be back to fucking around on iron banner to get another Time-worn Spire. Now I just need to hope that my gun is still there after all the server fuckery. The new sidea
  2. Yep, did so on mine. It's almost as good as any PC with a decent Ryzen APU - So, very good. Retroarch will struggle or be straight up incompatible with some of the more intensive stuff primarily because you can't do quite the same API calls in the sandbox environment Microsoft gives you, but ultimately as shown you can play up to PS2/Gamecube with little hassle. The biggest pain is switching to Dev Mode and back, as it takes about five minutes each time you do it and you risk not ticking the thing that keeps the installed stuff on the machine, and that's universal across both the Series S a
  3. Not just for the PC version, but it is some sort of Discord Bot we have in our group called Charlemagne (affectionately known in sweary rants as Charles). I was surprised at the time spent on Destiny 2, but looking at the actual data, there's a lot of downtime: I'm guessing Total time includes matchmaking (including getting into the tower and every single fucking thing you do in the game), and fucking around in the tower itself. and when you're managing loadouts and a limited vault and getting two to five other people to do the same thing during piss breaks, that's a lot of fucking arou
  4. obligatory PoE post: The numbers aren't exactly correct, as all three have had third party clients before being on Steam. PoE is something like 3,000 hours, The Destiny 2 API bot estimates 1,345 hours including orbit (in-game downtime) time, PSO2 is 622 Hours plus around another 200 hours on the JP client. One game that's not featured is Phantasy Star Universe, which was probably riding at about 2,000 hours by the time the official XBox 360 service was finished. And then another couple hundred hours or so on the only functional private server. Path of Exile is kind of unfair, though
  5. I agree, but there was one exception - the elite version of the XBox One, which came with a hybrid drive. So due to the OS and your most recent game played being accessed the most, it did feel super responsive. It actually made my purchase of the One X kind of infuriating - it was really nice in terms of just graphics performance, but loading times were absolutely abysmal compared to the massive lump At least the Series S brought that SSD snappiness back, and had more CPU grunt that it made minimum framerates bearable in games that allowed for it (even before the FPS bo
  6. I mean, the new gen has been the same as most other new gens - a relative drought of games worth the price of admission. There's been nothing to convince me to pick up a PS5 before any price drops, bundles and/or hardware revisions - even if there was stock readily available. This is, however, the same as the PS4, and it 100% boils down to "I have a PC and that has enough cool and fancy shit to play". Generations have basically blurred into one big mess of retro emulation, private servers for action RPGs and outstandingly expansive games like Satisfactory. But at least
  7. I would be. Nier was out in 2017. Did they even have production values back then? Yikes.
  8. Yes to both. I think Bungie said previous season activities stick around for at least four seasons, or something to that effect. New season looks adequate. Hopefully the Pinnacle Quest is hot shit (in a positive manner of speaking) like Presage - That's what caused me to actually pick up the Season Pass for Chosen and rinse the bloody thing to 160 or something absurd. I barely reached 100 in my most played season (uh, whatever the one Saint was reintroduced in), I guess the Seasonal Challenges helped massively in that regard.
  9. My only confident prediction is that Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis will appear somewhere in the Microsoft Conference as an 'available now' announcement, despite the release window being announced a week or so by Sega as the same time period. As for other things for Microsoft: - Definitely something Bethesda related in playable form - probably Starfield. - A next-gen Forza. - As mentioned, probably the next GTA and Elden Ring are formally revealed on a Microsoft stage, but obviously multiplat. - They'll probably acquisition another company to get the intern
  10. All I require this year is a Nintendo Direct that drops the release date for Shin Megami Tensei V so I can go ahead with picking up some Nintendo Online game vouchers or pre-ordering a physical copy. Anything else, considering the impact of covid, is a bonus.
  11. Audio lag can definitely be a thing on PC, but it's usually inherently tied to what output device you're using to listen to stuff more than anything else - a lot of cheaper Bluetooth headsets are notorious for having enough lag to cause lipsync. That, and if you had audio lag at device level, you'd see it on everything. Maybe check some Let's Plays on YouTube for the console version to see if the cutscenes are also suffering from the same thing there in case it's just a case of the game just having really bad lipsync. I'm not that sensitive to it after years of playing
  12. TBH by the time you actually need gold, you're probably better off slapping Item Drop rate onto your biggest, filthiest spear and running the Junk Yard dungeon a couple of times. Word of advice, though - if you do end up doing this early on, keep two Memory Alloys and three Machine Oil drops on you instead of selling them. Trust me. As for the third playthrough:
  13. Well, that's Endings A and B done. Also, RE: my previous framedrop issues with the game, I'm more convinced it has something to do with the hardware polling via Steam Input on a computer - I still get drops to 20fps, but only when my controller connection drops from low battery or bluetooth disconnection. Same with my wireless headset turning on/off. To be fair to the port, this is also a problem I experience with Destiny 2 - which is arguably worse, as it's not a single player RPG and for some reason it has the additional issue of not wanting to reconnect when it happens. But
  14. I got a Series S on a whim when it popped up in stock. For what I've been using it for (playing GaaS games on a pad, Gamepass stuff and the occasional Retroarch game), it's been brilliant. It's tiny enough that it sits neatly on top of the Xbox One X, barely makes a sound even when it's playing something modern, and if I feel like playing a game it takes seconds to get into it (which is ideal if I need to log into something quick on a break to claim promotional shit for the day). The potential regret is the storage, but solid state storage is still expensive shit at 1tb
  15. I think if a publisher wants £70 for a game, it's fair play to respond with "It's nice to want things" and move on with other games. We're at a time in videogame history where we're inundated with an embarrassment of riches - Free-To-Play titles that run for decades and get frequently updated, indie games that become global phenomena despite being a fraction of the price, and subscription services that offer a slew of titles from a publisher for monthly rental. If a company has to justify their cost, fair enough, but that's not going to prevent people from just not buying their shit. Tha
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