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  1. If I really wanted to get a top of the line game (ie. Physical AAA game or a PC digital deluxe game that comes with a season pass), probably £50. My days of picking up tacky big box deluxe games is behind me. £35-40 for a standard PC game, dependant on discounts (say, the standard price was ~£50). Up to £30 for a substantial indie game or port that I absolutely want and will play at launch. We're talking absolute, top 95th percentile of the games I buy though. I've got enough bullshit to play that I can just wait for it to show up on a subscription service or half price in a sale.
  2. Halo Infinite and Forza sales will be absolutely flaccid - Because everyone's playing them via Game Pass. Endwalker will be massive, everyone who's currently subbed and ramming the servers are gagging to get into the expansion. And rightly so, because it's the only MMO I've played where the combat and general dungeon experience doesn't feel like watching two Excel spreadsheets fucking (the fetch quest mechanics that plague the genre is still present and dogshit, mind). I'm not-so-secretly hoping that SMT V is a watershed moment of the series and it becomes just as popular as Persona. Because, well, SMT IV was the best RPG I've played in quite some time.
  3. Where's the best value place to get a DE-10 these days? Considering previous ordering I do for engineers at work, I'm guessing something like RS/Digikey/Mouser, but I swear I watched a video mentioning that Digikey's DE-10 came as a kit form with a couple of extra bits like a power supply and standoffs. Is it just a standard offering elsewhere as well? I'm definitely interested more in consolized solutions like the ITX Ironclad above and to pick up the right SDRAM that will work for the PS1/Saturn votes before I start using it, so I don't need a complete kit immediately. Thanks in advance!
  4. Makes sense. Sony's had issues before with security breaches as well, so it makes sense that limiting store access to company storage of credit card details will ensure they don't have to constantly update every legacy system to support increasing payment security requirements (like F2A). Although after the first security breach, I've used voucher codes on all three console stores, so no big change on how I buy things.
  5. Nah m8, not for me this month. The only thing I'd like would be Katana Zero, but considering it's just leaving Game Pass, it's probably going to turn up on other services so I'll just wait for that.
  6. If it helps, it stopped you from playing it. Me and some lads played it last night and we all had enough within an hour. I'm sure the solo campaign's fine from what I played of it, but the multiplayer campaign's general engagement is a bigger convoluted mess than Destiny 2, and that's quite an achievement. Combat offers nothing more than damage sponges and status turrets, either. Oh well. At least that's 110gb quickly claimed back in the PC for Forza.
  7. Well, I had a go on the Demo. Bad Parts: It's absolutely ropy on Series S. The dynamic resolution looks like sub-720p in most situations, and the 60fps can still be very unstable even after giving up so much fidelity (although I don't think it had much to start off with). And the control scheme is kind of fucked - just odd things like holding select to open chests and command submenus on the triggers, but that's not a big deal. Good parts: It's an absolute riot to play. Unseasonably so, honestly. I fully understand what Koei is doing with this game now - I didn't realise they're applying the Dynasty Warriors spin-off concept to Nioh. Outside of the performance issues mentioned, it feels super responsive, there's plenty of combat variety between weapons/classes, and having additional party members means it's not as punishing as a typical Souls/Nioh game (until you get slapped silly by a boss and have to put on the big boy pants). Lots of loot, lots of abilities and customisable combo string enders to change. I personally went full Lancer/Dragoon in the demo, and it was just... fun to wail on enemies with the spear's cyclone attacks, and then use the built up "MP" to launch my weapon to break the armour and instantly kill the enemy I just launched. Or knocking something off of an elevated part of the map and using the Dragoon jump to follow up like I'm trying to get style points in DMC. Yeah, to echo the other masochists who struggled through the original demo, Bullshit / 10. Instead of ironically on-board, I'm now unironically on-board. I'm genuinely hoping the game is absolute cringe material if it's already proven it can back it up with a game that's as just as fun as it is to riff on. Nothin' personnel, kid.
  8. New logo looks like something I'd expect to see from a rebrand of FRANK or some other helpline. I think it's the colour that's throwing me off. Keeping the Red/Orange/Yellow from the old motif would have been better, but rebrandings are usually a big pile of business wankery that appeases shareholders and bob-all else.
  9. Steam version's out in three months, Demo in a couple of weeks. £50 is a big ask when Elden Ring is out the following week, though. Looking forward to picking it up bundled with Sunbreak, though. I'm guessing they'll do the MHW thing and introduce an armour/weapon series that will just breeze through the pre-DLC stuff.
  10. If your hands and reactions can hack it, it's great. Pretty much FPS Hotline Miami with an amazing Cyberpunk look. When I tried it my hands were pretty shot from too many other RSI-inducing games, though, so I had to dip. That's no reflection on the game, though.
  11. Nice, Aaero's great fun, and I always wanted to give Castlevania HoD a go.
  12. Yeah, cramp was definitely a thing for me, as well (Full disclosure - this was with an OG 3DS XL. it was simply from playing too much). In fact, the only saving grace of the hardware was the fucking Play Coins of all things. mitigated the biggest problem of SMT - getting too far without saving and then getting absolutely steamrolled in a random battle. I get @Wiper's viewpoint on handhelds being good for JRPGs (especially as a lot of them do use a suspend option, which is perfect for train journeys and the like), but I never felt that the things that made the 3DS a 3DS was ever essential, in a matter of speaking. I always felt like the status window/menu schtick was window dressing - nothing that couldn't be remedied by using a menu button or a map toggle if they ever drag the game kicking and screaming onto another format. And most of the time when you was using Burroughs in SMTIV, your character was standing still anyway. Admittedly, I also felt that about some DS games as well (like Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow's 98% map / 2% drawing dumb shit to finish a boss fight). I'm extremely looking forward to V on the Switch, though. You get the home and away JRPG benefits in a single console! Marvellous. Another game for consideration: WWF No Mercy. The game mechanics were far and away the best they've probably ever been for a western licensed wrestling game, but being on a cartridge absolutely fucking hampered everything else - a supremely limited roster compared to the PS1's Smackdown 1&2 equivalent, 64 x 64 pixel titantrons with completely trashed audio quality, and a vast majority of the gimmick matches that WWE were known for back in that particular era didn't make an appearance. And then AKI didn't get the license when they were finally developing on the PS2, so they toiled away on Def Jam and Ultimate Muscle until fashion called them. Kind of heartbreaking, but N.O.R.E has a German Suplex so that's alright
  13. Shin Megami Tensei IV. Crushingly brutal to play, a deeply atmospheric and oppressive setting, a fantastic soundtrack, and probably the best JRPG I've ever played. It's on the 3DS. A handheld I always thought was somewhat adolescent - too underpowered for immersive 3D, too lavish of a product for 2D as the original DS did fine work of that already. A lot of people turned off the stereoscopic 3D within minutes, which was the main selling point - including myself. Frankly, I thought the 3DS was a completely crap product. SMT IV completely makes buying one worthwhile.
  14. Here's hoping the box art completely forgoes the angry western kirby art, for one of the only potential environments it would make sense in. I'm sold from the initial trailer, looking forward to seeing how the game progresses.
  15. Sick, thanks for the heads-up! I had a more thorough look, and the demo should be on Steam today in about 8-ish hours, so I'll check it out there.
  16. Post-Apoc Kirby looks pretty sick, tbh. As does Splatoon 3. I'll wait and see if the Yoko Taro card game shows up anywhere else, and how the pricing fares to get the N64 games on Nintendo Online. I'm coming around to the idea that SMT V might not show up in the Game Voucher scheme, so I don't require the sub as much as I thought if I just bought that as a physical copy instead. But anyway, Disco Elysium is great and you should probably play it if Switch is your best option to do so.
  17. I've always found older WiFi setups are pretty darn crummy to stream games beyond a couple of walls. The only time I've had success is from 5ghz signals in the same room - and it requires the actual device you're streaming to being able to accept a 5ghz WiFi signal, too. I'd personally pick up a pair of powerline adapters - either a simple Ethernet-Ethernet pair to plumb into a wired streaming box (or the router if it's in the living room with the TV, as most modern routers have a 5ghz antenna these days), or a more expensive pair that has a 5ghz access point built into it. Going along the Moonlight route (if you have an Nvidia card), the cheapest option would probably be a 600mbps wired powerline kit and a Raspberry Pi (well, RPi3 because 4 still expensive) on the end of that. For example, my current set-up for Oculus Quest streaming (which is a bit more strenuous) is the following: PC connected to a powerline via gigabit ethernet (Tenda AV1000) Powerline connects to Sky router via gigabit ethernet Sky router dumps out separate 5ghz WiFi channel (option on the router) Oculus Quest connects to 5ghz WiFi channel on Sky router Note that I don't use the Tenda powerline's WiFi - this is because it only supports 2.4ghz, so even xcloud streaming falls apart. Streaming is only as good as your weakest link in the chain, and even an old-ass patch cable used on a whim can fuck up the entire process. I can attest to that, because that was part of my troubleshooting process to get the quest going!
  18. More: https://kotaku.com/blizzards-chief-legal-officer-quits-amid-lawsuit-1847714940
  19. As I've decided to repurpose an SSD as an external drive for the Series S, and mucking around with games that may/may not run from the drive, I ended up stumbling into Descenders and Crown Trick. Descenders is great - there's a real sense of speed when you're bombing it down the track, general controls are super tight (maybe the trick aspects could be on a better button but an actual solution is beyond my brain power at the moment), and the procedural generation combined with active players just playing the game in the same session just makes it a very lively experience, bit like the multiplayer aspects of No Man's Sky. Except you're definitely riding a bike into a tree in the process. I definitely prefer it to Lonely Mountains Downhill, which is a bit more ruthless but still a decent bike-based jaunt. Crown Trick was.. not what I was expecting, honestly. I saw some PoE/Diablo streamers were playing so I thought it was an ARPG, but it's definitely more in the vein of a traditional dungeon crawler. Not my cup of tea, but it's well presented and seemed mechanically sound. (Unlike Skatebird, which was shiiiiiiiiit )
  20. Siri


    Done (Mostly, there's probably a fight I missed). I really enjoyed it, just like the first - the new tracks were great, the writing's still very funny, and it's still as fun to play. I know Toby said he wanted to get the full game out and charge for it, but honestly, I'd pay a reasonable fee in this episodic format too. It's a great way to spend a day and then meme about it for a few years. I appreciated the fact that the difficulty did pretty much pick up from the last, but in a far less harsher manner than something like Hotline Miami 2 - You still started with one or two enemies a fight, but the patterns were more varied and meshed together from the off. In all: GOTY list attendee, no question.
  21. I've got to agree with all the comments about Skatebird. I remember the game being announced in 2018, and thinking 'hey, there's no Tony Hawk game in sight and the birds are adorable, maybe I'll get it'. Since then, THPS1&2 was announced, came out and was actually fantastic. A good year later, this fucking game dribbles out of development (thankfully, without requiring payment) and plays like an asset flip. Too little, too late. Completely forgettable after five minutes, and I don't recommend it at all. Go play the original Skate on EA Play again, I know I will be after experiencing whatever the fuck Skatebird was. Irredeemable dog shit.
  22. Siri


    Toby's probably got a chunk from the game pass deal too pay any development for chapter 2, too. And Sans plushies. Millions of Sans plushies. It's a nice surprise for this year, certainly! I pretty much accepted that more deltarune was years away, but then I found out deltarune itself was out three years ago and realised that time itself is some worrying shit. So, uh, there's that.
  23. To be honest, I normally look up '[year] games' on Google, and click on whatever the fuck is on Wikipedia, like this. Eurogamer used to be my go-to, but I haven't visited the site in ages so no idea on the quality of the curation. I'd like to know if there's anything better too, I guess!
  24. Shin Megami Tensei V is pretty much all I need for the most part. Playing IV on the 3DS during lockdown completely ruined JRPGs for me, so I'm hoping it's just as glorious. Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite on Gamepass will likely get played, as will Back 4 Blood. Maybe Darkest Dungeon 2's Early Access if the new format turns out to be great, but I'm willing to hear impressions on that one.
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