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  1. Actually, that's a point - I do chuck it in my backpack along with my lunch and take it into work Mon-Thurs for break instead of idly checking the internet. Lets me plod through the really short games that have languished in my account. Not during the commute though, I'd crash my car.
  2. I would say so, in that it's mostly replaced my need to turn on my larger desktop PC for games. I was already shifting away after being in Lockdown and using the same PC for WFH, but the Deck's more accessible format combined with it sipping energy compared to RTX cards has been a nail in the coffin in that regard. I still use my Series S for Gamepass and Anticheat-laden games though, as well as acting as my media center - although with both YouTube and Twitch going crazy with Ads, and Kodi being awful with the most recent XBox update, I've been considering a Fire TV stick / Chromecast / Android TV for that purpose. And that covers pretty much all my videogame consumption. I didn't want to say this is some amazing must-have product for about three months into ownership because of just being excited for a new thing like the Quest and a new Graphics Card, but I'm still using the thing daily for about six months now. For me, it's certainly passed the honeymoon period, and that's great. For me, at least.
  3. Well, I'm glad I didn't buy a Kishi just for that purpose a couple months back, then! How silly
  4. Agreed on all counts. I don't get into 4X and grand strategy games all that much, but there's an absolute ton of them outside of Civ that are only on PC, and Trackpads work great for those. And, yeah, Portable New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and El Shaddai is kinda sick. Oh, I remembered some other PC only stuff to consider - Ex-Zodiac, Peglin, Roadwarden and Underrail.
  5. "Hey @Indy @ S.E., I heard of this really quirky game called Project Zomboid"
  6. I'd figure that out before spending £350+, personally To say the quiet part out loud, most exclusive PC games that have been popular and worth playing over the last ten years are probably not exclusive any more - you'll be looking at games that are either bleeding edge, or fell through the cracks for whatever reason. Of course, someone made a guide on budget games to start newer PC owners off, but given some time, I can have a look at some PC only games that are a little costlier. Let's say to begin with: Vampire Survivors, Noita, Phantom Abyss, and Omega Strikers as a F2P choice. Edit: And I can't stress BallisticNG enough, which is in the guide. Lisa as well, although you'll need some constitution for that one.
  7. Finished a game that I'll have to add to the BarGabe bucket guide - Franken. A free teeny-tiny RPG adventure, no more than an hour. lots of tongue-in-cheek humour and an ending I wasn't expecting at all, very pleasant.
  8. Mods are allowed (I mean, it's a PC), it's more if the mod (or in this case, the mod manager) itself is compatible with Linux. 7th heaven doesn't work correctly from having a look, but The Reunion and SYM work fine with manual installation. For FFIX, Moguri works. Don't know much about FFVIII's mods.
  9. Not yet. I would imagine they'll play with borders without mods due to being stuck in 16:9. From what I remember reading, the non-remastered FF8 doesn't work right, although it might have changed since then.
  10. I had an Xperia Play phone when they got reduced to just over £100: Absolutely cracking device to play emulated stuff like NGPC, although it's extremely long in the tooth now. To be fair, this Logitech thing will be a neat, comfortable device for Genshin and the like - even when you try it on a decent phone, it'll heat up enough to be uncomfortable to hold without a controller grip. OTOH, a phone with that sort of spec (like the Poco X3) is £230-ish, and a Kishi is about £50 on a good day. The G Gaming handheld is just a hard sale all-round.
  11. I tend to get it a lot when I take it to work, use it there with no internet connection, and then using it again when I've come back home. The actual internet connection works, but for some reason it doesn't see the Steam Servers. The only way I've been able to force it to work again (other than waiting ages) is to restart the machine, unfortunately. I would imagine switching to desktop also works, but I tend to just force the restart as a one and done solution to the problem.
  12. There's ShareDeck, but as @Hitcher alludes to, you're mostly better off going with whatever's default, and if it struggles work from there. personally, my default global performance is set to 11w TDP to keep my deck as cool and quiet as possible while retaining most of the performance benefits, and that's it. A lot of the other tweaks are a per-game basis and if it feels right (for example, if a game is constantly at 41-46fps and barely hits 60, I'll throw the refresh rate to 40hz and have a consistent frametime) I wouldn't use the system FSR unless it's something with limited upscaling options AND super demanding, like Generation Zero.
  13. Yep. If anything, the extra is worth it if you want to have more space for another operating system or to keep all the system files in one place (you can move them onto the SD card, but it might be a faff to keep track of if you're using multiple cards). The slower storage is eMMC, so about the same speed as an SD card - which is plenty fast for most games on an OS that doesn't have a lot of I/O overhead like Linux. It's actually worse - WINE and Proton (what allows this handheld to work as it does) sets up an entire fake Windows directory structure, for each game. On the bright side, it basically means the game assumes it's running on a fresh Windows install for each game even though it technically isn't due to cribbing from the same translation library, so you don't get the 90s issues of clashing DLL versions.
  14. Correct! Mouse to move the pointer, and then click the mouse (or press any button on the keyboard) to doot. I think the Devs recommend using the keyboard for dooting to reduce strain. As I mentioned in the Steam Deck thread, you can translate the mouse movement to either the trackpads, or the gyro with community profiles. EDIT: I don't think this is mentioned yet, but I believe the plan is that they'll release more tunes, apparently completely free. Now that I've played it, I think it's a bit of a misstep. I'd pay a high price for a licensed 90s ska pack. Or DJ Timmy Trumpet's "Freaks" just for the meme that included it in the first place.
  15. Batocera is basically a whole Linux operating system dedicated to running emulators through a front-end, and nothing else. Think like those arcade front-ends like Pandora's Box. As a result, it doesn't need a lot of space to have all the operating system bits, and requires little more than an SD card or USB drive to operate - the idea being for the Steam Deck (or any PC, or raspberry pi) , you could have this and a load of ROMs on said storage, slap it in and it'll take you into that dedicated environment. It's very nice even if all you got is a clapped out office PC with the hard drive ripped out of it. I personally think it's kind of unnecessary for the Deck, as Emudeck and Retrodeck are active things, but options are always nice.
  16. Yeah, it's been worked on for ages, but 1.0 came out on the 16th. I bought it yesterday. It's absolutely absurd, and I don't think I'll ever get an S Rank outside of Zarathustra, but it's a hoot. Toot. Fuck
  17. For normal controllers, that would be true - the controls aren't there yet. Thankfully, with the Steam Deck, there's a couple of custom layouts - the most popular one basically allowing both trackpads to move the mouse (and in turn, the pointer on the track), and any face button or trigger to toot. If I had to make any mods it would be to change it to mouse region for quicker changes in pitch, but I'm still just fucking around. Even better, though, is that it maps mouse movement to the gyro so you're tilting the deck like a jazz lunatic. It's absolutely absurd, and will probably break your wrists during longer sessions, but it works.
  18. I haven't tried it, there's plenty of people on Reddit that have, though. Seems to require a collective suite of software to get Windows to a pick up and play state (mostly whatever replaced GloSC - I think it's GloSI now). I keep meaning to, but I can't be arsed. If something doesn't play, there's another ten games on the docket to take its place.
  19. If you're buying the top end cards (x70 upwards), you should expect your card to last at least a couple of generations - And that was during the times where the gains from Moore's law was large. I leapfrogged from a 1070 to a 3080, and honestly even doing that felt a bit soon. Of course, I've stopped using my main PC entirely now, so I'm definitely not the target demographic for these new cards.
  20. I had a quick read @Flub, and it says that you might have to link your Steam account to Epic Games. If you haven't done that, you should be able to do it via their website. In other news, I finished Pony Island. It's very good, although playing it on the Steam Deck provided some annoying hiccups, which I can't go though without spoiling the game: Just striding through my backlog - well, until this fucking showed up: Perfect for doot
  21. I thought that after googling it too! It's this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2051450/Dont_Die_Mr_Robot_DX/
  22. Deathloop, Slime Rancher 2 and Hardspace over the cloud on Steam Deck is A-OK for me. My sub's due to run out, mind. Any deals for 12 month gold subs when that happens?
  23. I mean, he can reflect all he wants. The problem is that lawyers will reflect on it, too.
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