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  1. I wasnt a big fan of the original BP, hes a great charcater & I enjoyed his Civil War & Avengers appearances, but was disapointed in his own movie where they stripped his character of all his confidence, charm & intelligence for some reason. Boseman did a great job, but wasn't given a lot to work with, as all the interesting stuff had been siphoned off onto other characters. I always think a lot of people liked the original more for what it represnts, rather than what it offers as an an actual movie, but trying to sell something where by far the two best characters & actors from the original have been killed off is a tough ask. Doing it while putting Letitia Wright as the main feature is asking for a world of pain. That said, I still expect this to make all the money in the world of course. If Thor 4 can make $1.5b then anything is possible.
  2. I can’t imagine they would be allowed to tell developers before their own shareholders. It wouldn’t be a good look for them if the developer of something like Jump Challenge breaks this news in a twitter post.
  3. Why was Jen suddenly so coy with Josh, when in the previous episodes she’s been thirsty for any dick going, like Blanche Devereaux at an astronaut’s convention.
  4. Its shown to contrast how Daemon, despite his image, was the only one to actually care about his wifes fate during the births. Viserys gave the go ahead to kill his wife, and Laenor wasnt even at the birth of 'his' kid.
  5. Theres a useful item hidden down that way, but the vast majority of that area will be locked out to you now. Don't backtrak from where you are now - From the dragon, go under the bridge, past the rats, up the stairs, into the small alcove to the right & then try & run past a few of the skelton knights around a creaky wooden bridge & you should see some sanctury on your right. FWIW - The Bonfire placement in the early games is VERY spaced out compared to how (overly) generous they would be in later games.
  6. Look man, they only need to know one thing - Where they are!
  7. Matrix would have thrown the pipe through the bullet into Bennett’s chest. If he can penetrate Bennett’s armour plating he can easily smash through a bullet.
  8. And they’re gone again. I suspect people are buying multiples for scalping on eBay.
  9. you are my new favourite person ever. I refresh that page every morning!
  10. Unless they start releasing some N64 controllers this is going to be uncontrollable on Switch with their daft forced controls.
  11. Yet every single thread in this sub- forum seems to descend into people talking about what all these non-rllmuk members social media accounts think about films & TV shows. It’s so fucking tiresome reading the same complaints about the same YouTube & Twitter accounts in virtually every thread over & over & over again. Unless these people are forum members why should anyone in here give a shit what they think? Some of the threads here are completely unreadable at the minute as they are just people talking about what ProudMan467743465788 on Twitter thinks about a casting choice, as if they are some arbiter of taste. The conversation about what these non-members accounts think have absolutely nothing to do with the topics at hand. I am totally bewildered at what the point is in constantly wasting conversation space on it. We can all pat ourselves on the back & talk about how we’re better than some internet random with a webcam, but I think this would be a much better place if we ignored it completely.
  12. Are you planning to get a matching one on the front with Sam Gamgee?
  13. Guess we will all have to wait a year to see if it has stick drift
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