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  1. This was excellent. Absolutely stunning throughout.
  2. Ahead of Kenobi starting next week I thought I should rewatch the prequels, unfortunately this means rewatching the prequels. As has been mentioned a few times above the overarching story they are trying to cover is pretty good, but the execution is horrendous with some woeful dialogue & editing. Everyone knows the issues with these movies by now. As such I have been checking out the Star Wars Fanedits. Normally the thought of some oik on the internet thinking they know better than a movies original director is a horrendous idea, but I think this is possibly the only example where it can be excused. I already have the 'de-special editions' which I would still go to as my choice of SW rewatch for the OT. I now have watched the re-edited prequels & I think its safe to say I will never go back to the Lucas versions. For example Phantom Menace massivly improves the characters by removing all the inane slapstick, Anakin whining, Jar-Jar, standing around, repeated exposition, pointless scenes etc. amd is a much zippier film at 90min long. They have removed almost an hour of Attack of The Clones and well... its not as shite. Theres only so much you can do with that one! If anyone wants information for them, there are probably hundreds of versions, but the ones I went for were: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Its not hard to find downloads for them if you search.
  3. The thing that made Predator great wasn’t the alien or all it’s gadgets & backstory, it was all the time spent with Arnold & his ultimate crew. I doubt whatever jabronis they have in this latest attempt won’t have physiques anything like the line-up in Predator.
  4. Simpson’s Did It - They got there first & nailed that MWC is basically a 1 joke show at best of times.
  5. I just noticed they have added both series of The Mick. This is an absolute must-watch for any fans of Always Sunny, and is one of those rare series that gets continuously better as it goes on - season 2 is filled with some real dark comedy. I would actually go as far to say it’s better than some of the more recent Always Sunny series’ Similar to the likes of Community & The Orville, it has a few ‘safe’ episodes to start off, but then quickly finds its feet to effectively become an absurd Sweet Dee spinoff. Fox in their infinite wisdom cancelled it as they thought all the characters were completely unlikeable, which was kinda the point of the show. Everyone in it is a total asshole!
  6. Joe Mad did the 4 issue Amazing X-Men run during the AoA crossover.
  7. This is the very definition of average. If Issac wasnt in it I think its flaws would be more apparent. As it is I think it has more in common with some mid 90s super hero movie like Spawn of the Phantom than anything current. Sadly it doesnt look like bucking the trend of underwhelming Marvel TV shows.
  8. Absolutely. After doing the og final boss just don’t select the option to go into NG+ From the girl and you should be fine. I’ve forgot the names for all the NPCs by this point!!
  9. 140 should probably be fine, I remember going into them at 120. Do the poison caves (Sunken King), then the other one (Old Iron King) & leave the snow level (Ivory King) to the end as it feels the most like having a proper end boss to the game. it’s a GREAT end boss.
  10. There’s a bonfire behind it I think. Rest & aggro it on its own.
  11. Rlllmuk word of the day is ‘oneshot’
  12. Whats the deal with avoiding stick drift? Both my controllers I got on launch day have developed left stick drift at the exact same time, one of them ran my caharacter off a cliff costing me 160k runes in Elden Ring to make matters worse. I'm presuming theres no easy fix I can do on it & just have to pony up for another controller that lasts 18 months?
  13. The boss at the end of the Lake of Rot is the most horrible of cunts.
  14. So all of them are terrible then?
  15. The Giant Dad video is the greatest thing on YouTube. It NEVER gets old, played out or not entertaining. The Legend Never Dies
  16. There’s a certain Valiant duo underground who can just fuck off! I’ve got the second of them down to the final bit of health a couple of times, but it seems totally random if I can repeat it again or they just spam all the moves on you. Really annoying now. Edit: As is the way, after ranting about it I beat it 5min later with most of my flasks left.
  17. Saw this last night & thought was excellent - Its probably my favourite representation of Batman on the big screen. Everything about it is what I've been bemoaning previous movies for not including. Very much looking forward to seeing it again
  18. This is my first GT since 2 back in the day & I’ve been loving it so far. I’ve done the first few bits of the campaign & got my first licence however there’s a race setting, or modding, I don’t understand - In Europe there is a race for Gr.3 cars (of which I have the pre-order Supra), when I enter it EVERY car completely outpaces me no matter how well I drive, I’m losing by almost 30 seconds! Even with clean laps they all pull away from me completely. When I do the course on Arcade I can completely blitz the computer, so is there something I need to do to the car prior to starting? I’m guessing this is something simple that I have overlooked?
  19. The bridge in this looks a million times better, and less cheap, than the cold empty barns they use in STD.
  20. I thought that was Chris Finch. Top librarian & a bloody good sales rep.
  21. I picked up that Twinblade fairly early on, and I dont think its left my side since. Once you get used to its range it is beastly for cutting through goons when two handing. I have it +13 and I'm still using it in place of bigger weapons.
  22. There is someone in the castle who steals some runes every time you drop them.
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