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  1. Thanks. Didn't even think of that.
  2. I tried to get the hang of it yesterday, but couldn't. Is there a good guide on how to play it anywhere?
  3. I thought Orbital was great. The sounds were a big part of it I suppose. Got too hard for me near the end though, so never finished it. Of those I own, Coloris has been played the most. Great puzzle game! And as the others have said, Boundish is not worth it.
  4. Aust

    Band Loyalty

    Very few artists these days. I'll buy any new Neil Finn record without hesitation, as there will always be some incredible songs on it. I will also buy any Evan Dando/Lemonheads album, and I suppose Teenage Fanclub even though their Bandwagonesque days are long gone.
  5. Got Boundish the other day, and it's not really very good is it? Suppose it would be better if I had someone to play against. And the juggling part is very relaxing in it's simplicity. Missing Sound Voyager and Dialhex now, and will see if I can find them somewhere. At least Sound Voyager. Must try to get into Digidrive now too. Got hooked on Coloris and Orbital, and never got back to it after a completely baffling first try.
  6. I've just finished reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and I really liked it. Very similar theme to Pratchett's Small Gods and even Sandman though.
  7. Heh, forgotten about this. Have a level 25 turtle tamer, but got bored waiting for the final quest and losing money in the market. Might try to get back into the game now, as it was a rather fun game.
  8. Aust


    Agreed - it's Mojo in disguise. I've started reading The Word too but it's really not good enough yet. Had a chuckle taking the "Are you a rock snob" test a few months back. I was, and as it turns out I have all the records of Son Volt too. As they mentioned. The only music magazine I pick up every second month (as it's not released more often) is No Depression.
  9. Aust

    Best Album Of 2006

    Was that this year? If so, up there for me as well. The cover of 'Thunder Road' is my track of the year.
  10. A definite yes on both accounts. Gram Parsons very much in presence on the Byrds album too. And regarding Uncle Tupelo - I must admit I much prefer Son Volt to Wilco. Shocking but true.
  11. Aust

    Christmas Songs

    Merci! I've been searching for something like this myself this evening, and will be using this mix for a party tomorrow evening. Well, for the start of the evening anyway.
  12. Strangers Almanac is the best thing Ryan Adams ever did, but falls more into the 'no depression' bracket (whatever that is). Then again, he asked if anyone listened to 16 Horsepower. Is Townes Van Zandt still considered country? His Pancho and Lefty is fantastic.
  13. Gram Parsons, as already mentioned, was great. Also with Flying Burrito Brothers. And check out The Highwaymen with Cash, Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. And 16 horsepower were amazing. Secret South their best album in my opinion.
  14. Is it compatible with my saved game? After a good start I don't know if I can be arsed starting another. Btw, bought Luke Moore in my 3rd season with liverpool. In previous versions he's always been scoring loads, so I thought he was worth a try. Paid £13 mill. for him and I guess there were better options, but last season he ended up scoring well over 40 goals for me. Got Sturridge as well. He's got wonderkid status now, so I'm expecting great things from him.
  15. Bought SWP for £6m and sold Pennant to Man City for the same amount. So far he's been great. Chelsea are struggling a bit however, something that could be down to buying Van der Vaart for £50m and notbody else.
  16. Anyone bought Shaun Wright-Phillips? Unsettled at Chelsea, and I could pick him up for Liverpool if I could get a decent offer for Pennant. In my second season now. Not much money, but at least not in red yet.
  17. Gram Parsons Townes Van Zandt Whiskeytown If you don't care for Whiskeytown, fine. The two first names there should've been seen by us all. All I've got of Townes is a sad hotel lobby recording.
  18. Seeing Jools live with a full-blown live band and Sam Brown singing was one of my best concerts ever. Yeah, thats including Teenage Fanclub and Sebadoh. That show didn't have the best line-up however.
  19. The only Wainwright worth listening to is Loudon. Must have been a bastard of a father though, listening to some of his offsprings lyrics.
  20. Aust


    Returning to Smokehead, a spot of water does it no harm. But ice is as always a faux-pas.
  21. Aust


    Well, tell us what you think of it. For single malts I really like Bruichladdich, but I once had the pleasure of tasting a 21 year old Glentorret. If I were made of money etc. Erm, though I'm not sure if that was a single malt. A quick question: scotch on the rocks - a faux pas? Personally I can't stand ice in my whisky, but I know many like it.
  22. Aust


    Yeah, it's new. And designed to attract males under 30 apparantly. But other than that it's still a good, affordable whisky.
  23. Aust


    After work today I ventured into the local state regulated wine and spirits retailer, vinmonopolet, and saw a single malt in there I've never seen before. Smokehead, a single malt Islay. And from their blurb is a "rich, seaweedy and intensely peaty whisky. The flavour is fresh, fruity and immense, with notes of sherry, iodine, toffee, smoke and sea salt all fighting for recognition." I'm usually cautious when it comes to single malts, but bought this on a whim. And after tasting it this evening I can't say it was a bad decision. Lovely flavour! Not pricey either, even in Norway. Thumbs up etc.
  24. I remember recommending this in the earlier thread, but it deserves a mention in this one as well. Thieves & Kings by Mark Oakley. It's an independant bimonthly that has been going for many years now (started in '94), and is without doubt my favourite comic ever. As my grasp of your language is limited I'll take the liberty of quoting what the man himself has to say about the comic: So far, so generic - other than the non-generic part about the way the story's told. And it really is a great story. If you're thinking Tolkien you couldn't be further from the truth. It's much more related to Bone, but I feel this is even better. Do yourself a favour and visit iboxpublishing.com. It really deserves a visit. I've no idea how many copies it sells, but he handles shipping himself. Helpful emails and handwritten notes on every order I've made. Just order the first book ok? I doubt you'll regret it. This is my 1000th post and all
  25. Absolutely. Very bleak at times, but then there's songs like Outdoor Type with lyrics like "I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend. What if somethings on TV and it's never shown again. It's just as well I'm not invited, I'm afraid of heights. I lied about being the outdoor type". This thread made me go back and listen to Baby I'm Bored as well. Great album too, even though my two favourite songs on it was made by, ahem, Ben Lee. Must confess that I still haven't bought 'Hate your friends', but will try and track it down if only to complete my collection.
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