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  1. For headwind under 8mph (0-4mph is basically neglible), add 1 yard per mph to distance. For 8-12 or so add 1.5 yard per mph, for 12+ add 2 yards per mph. This can also vary a little dependent on uphill/downhill and club choice. For tailwind, it's nearly always a 1-1.5 reduction in yard distance per mph. The entire game, even putting, can be easily mastered with math once you get the hang of it. There's formulas behind all of it. Kinda similar to real golf I guess. I can assist with putting formula too if you wish. The marker is key. Many struggle but easiest part of the game imo.
  2. I utterly hate Scott Pilgrim with every fibre of my being. I have no joy.
  3. Shaun of the Dead, rest can get in the bin.
  4. I will take the hit. He can handle style but has no clue about substance. The last half hour of this is horribly bad.
  5. This is absolute shit drivel. Wright is a fraud. One good film and then drek ever since.
  6. Its a really cool way of getting to it, sure you want me to spoil?
  7. With regards to question 1 and 2 in your spoiler @Nick R:
  8. No PC test due to From not wanting datamining.
  9. There was a PS4 code going for 50 quid!
  10. To 2 hand hold Y (or Triangle) and press R1 or R2, forget which.
  11. Done 2 hours. Leaving it there for now. Actually gobsmacked that they've pulled this off. Outstanding.
  12. Yeah all saves and stuff are still saved in the my documents area so it should be grand mate
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