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  1. Its absolute chaos if you're not a huge team btw
  2. How to break the beta. https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/4123sirjur.1202/
  3. Its not missing anything, its just got a few bugs.
  4. I'm sure he could play there, but fuck me check his profile. He's the single most complete player on the entire game, its obscene. 18 passing puts him in bloody Xavi/Iniesta range. He's a very good player irl, sure, but holy fucking shit at this.
  5. Tbf some attributes are weighted more than others. I think Str is worth a ton of CA points whereas lesser attributes can be worth 1 CA point. The higher the attribute out of 20, the more 'weight' it holds over the spread. Its why you see a lot of very pacey players looking bang average in other key areas (bar Mbappe but, well, its Mbappe). It actually isnt that easy weighting everything so the player performs in game roughly how he would in real life. 19 and 20 strength will barely have any descernible difference in the ME, but may mean the game weights him as even slower, or fairl
  6. Watching some streamers play this and on a 2080ti they've had to turn the settings to low to get consistent frame rates. Sounds like another Watch Dogs PC clusterfuck.
  7. This game is amazing btw. So, so good, even in pre-release.
  8. Yeah I have 3 undervolt profiles for my 2080ti running on air. 1700mhz @ 800 1800mhz @ 860 1900mhz @ 925 Ive tested all 3 and compared to its regular default voltage and clockspeeds I lose like 6 frames on the lowest setting and gain frames on the other two. All stable. 6-12 degrees cooler dependent on profile. In default profile it can hit 78 degrees @ 1050 and at 70+ degrees performance starts to dip itself, sometimes hitting under 1700mhz. Its the best thing I did, card is way way quieter and cooler.
  9. All I ask for is 60fps at 1440p which my PC is very capable of. This fucking thing cant hit a consistent 60 at 720p. It can go fuck itself into the bin. Aside from that I was kinda enjoying it as an average world to mess about in.
  10. I did the UPlay thing for a month and still feel insanely ripped off. Game is an enjoyable 6/10, its just a mess on PC.
  11. This game is a fucking technical mess. running an i7 9700k, 32gb 3000mhz Ram, 2080TI. One image is lowest available res, second is 4k. Look at the FPS, 1 fps difference.
  12. Football Manager 2021. They have animations now showing what each player role does!
  13. This plays wonderfully on m&k. I can kinda attribute it oddly to the Trials series, pure trial and error but you learn each time coupled with the instant restarts. Absolute belter of a game.
  14. Use any VPN to set yourself to New Zealand and enjoy.
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