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  1. Get on November, Sauna and Koko-di Koko-da next if you like these kinda things. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6164502/ https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1124394/ https://m.imdb.com/title/tt9355200/
  2. I was top 10 global for a good while on Virtua Tennis 3 on 360 so that probably. Have a mean Nadal. Aside from that probably Trials or any of the Golf Club games.
  3. Genuinely feel with each subsequent session that this will end up in my favourite games of all time. Have to pull myself away each time. The world, the soundtrack, the missions, the side quests, the little side things for the police/fixers, the NPCs you see and chat with and the way they carry themselves like actual people. Loving every single second. As others have mentioned it feels like a spiritual succession to the Deus Ex series, which are some of my favourite games. I've encountered a few niggling bugs but not enough to dampen the absolute delight I ha
  4. CP2077 will never be the most broken game when we live in a world where Myth II: Soulblighter would wipe your entire hard drive, windows install and all, if you tried to uninstall it.
  5. I don't think it helped that half of what I 'found' in TW3 was just some more ruins, or a shack or something. The Witcher sense is an okay mechanic but the equivalent in this is finding random shards during a small side mission that add to the structure and tale of it. Its just a different mechanic. Writing and environment will be personal preference as in general I hate an old school fantasy setting. Castles and old market towns and kings and queens bore me to tears. The Red Baron was class though. The plot beats and characters you meet in CP2077, for me, are unsurpass
  6. Its Witcher 3 in a different world and similarly broken as that was in launch. Witcher's 3 world is very flat, people seem to really hold that to some esteem but aside from NPCs in the quests/sidequests, the one's pottering about add absolutely nothing but set dressing. Same as with this. Yes theres loads of NPCs but bar saying a hello or something they add nothing after the first half hour of gawping. They are pathed a little better but still nothing to write home about. In the Witcher 3 its go from quest to quest, same as here. Unless you want to explore a world that
  7. CP2077 -> engine -> config -> base -> general.ini Add the below: [Rendering/AsyncCompute] DynamicTexture = false Stops the random times low quality textures load in. Seems its on a console setting on PC. No FPS hit and looks better.
  8. Its a placebo. The game has a memory leak and FPS tanks after a couple or three hours. Once you close it and boot it again you suddenly get 10-20fps back. You can literally fill that file with gibberish and the game will boot.
  9. Yes, yes it is. The Skyrim that would absolute fuck PS3 save files into submission no less. EDIT: @El Spatula - didn't see a new page
  10. Alright calm down its gone a bit hysterical in here now
  11. I know, they've surpassed Rockstar for me. They're a bunch of cunts but this is the game I've always wanted
  12. Yeah you've nailed a lot of it there. There's a guy I used to watch a lot of who I've stopped watching due to this. It used to be a fun little stream he did after his day job, chilled, bit of a laugh etc. Now he's 'pushing for partner' and its absolutely relentless, begging people to retweet, have his stream on in the background, promises of this/that/the other if he 'makes it'. Its an overbearing stink of desperation to it. He's gone from around 20-30 viewers to 30-40 at most in the months he's been doing this. Like anything, the ones at the top are the 0.01% who've either lucked
  13. There are particular streamers I enjoy watching mainly due to them. Elajjaz due to his enthusiasm for everything, he has around 4-7k viewers on the regular but manages to spend time to interact with chat, seems to love what he does, rarely has anything negative to say and is very chill. Mainly does Souls speedruns but plays a variety of stuff, including crap kart games against chat. Distortion2 as the guy is insane at Souls speedruns/glitch hunting. Plus a lot of other very small streams (300 viewers and below) mainly due to skill level and/or the chat is so
  14. That memory pool fix is interesting as alot of reports that the game doesnt even read the file. Some peeps filled it with gibberish and game booted as per usual. I do think there's a memory leak on PC though, I've noticed my performance degrade over a few hours session, then if I close and re-open it I go back to getting those 10-20 frames again. Had my 1080p settings dip to 50 and under at points earlier. Went to the spot it happened, closed and opened the game and it was back at 70+
  15. Try running native 1080p on a 4k panel when you sit about 2 feet max from it. Its hideous to look at lol Sharpening at least edges out some of the blurriness.
  16. Im very happy with my 1080p set up. Game is an absolute looker once I'd adjusted to things being ever so slightly less sharp. Rock solid 60fps now regardless, its lovely. That RTX ohmydays. Allows me to keep my 850mV undervolt too, running at 1850MHz and 1000 OC on the memory clock. Temps around 60 degrees.
  17. You can do it in Nvidia Control Panel on game specific setting
  18. I did some final tweaking (I can't stop lol) - 1080p, Quality DLSS, RTX Ultra and everything a mix of high/ultra. Sharpening at 80%. Looks a fucking treat and no dips in half an hour, so game on, RTX it is!
  19. 2080ti, 9700k, 32gb ram. Im more about performance than outright looks. I can run around and it varies between 50 and 80fps in the city, but for some added lighting and reflections on a personal level it isn't worth the hit. No g-sync. @Mogster - I've tried all settings mate lol
  20. I have. Still got dips to mid 40s in heavy combat, which I absolutely hate.
  21. Mainly running it like this now. 4K, DLSS Performance, couple of medium settings, mainly high/ultra. RTX off as its too much of a tank, for consistent never drop 60fps I need 1080 DLSS Performance mode and on a 4k monitor it looks gash. Also set crowds to medium as high is too populated. Rock solid 60fps.
  22. Couple shots of the City at night. 1440p, DLSS Quality, RTX Ultra, everything on High. 45-60fps dependent.
  23. I'm on a 7900k so generation behind on CPU. I was running the same set up but the city is real heavy and will knock that down to low 50s in a lot of places. Im gonna fiddle a bit more tomorrow as RTX is so lush in this.
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