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  1. Watched The Black Phone as I was in town after work and wanted to avoid rush hour. It's the best Blumhouse film. Which doesn't say much. Generic but has its moments. 6/10
  2. It's a great film but fuck me 'that' scene is brutal.
  3. I love this thread purely for the 30 series not even being out for two years and man's like 'yeah but I need those extra 30fps on my Hades run in Gamepass my 3090 can get in the sea'. I fucking love tech heads, genuinely. I know no-one's said that, but as I bought a 2080ti at full whack and have essentially played Football Manager, Slay the Spire and Peglin on it, I feel you
  4. Rewatched Cheap Thrills and The Invitation the past couple of days. Absolutely love the shit out of both. Horror has not been this strong since the early-mid 00's imo. Great genre of late. The Medium next: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt13446168/
  5. Never played the original, guess now's the time.
  6. What if Todd Howard has personally built all thousand worlds and on each is a monolith of his gorgeous face with a pray button?
  7. Like it was gonna be anything other than shit. Its Todd Howard ffs.
  8. £60 for an upres but they're the best devs cos emotion or summat
  9. that was great thanks naughty dog really entertaining are there knee high walls in the tv show
  10. Lol this trailer looks like Asylum doing an animation movie
  11. Shut the fuck up Joel nobody fucking cares you floppish twat
  12. Summer Gun Fest has been gr8 so far lads innit lads bang bang
  13. Remember when CoD 2 came out and it was an absolute banger? So so long ago.
  14. Legit remaking the most overhyped shit balls game of the last ten years. Lazy, lazy lads.
  15. I just wish Nintendo would bump up their specs a little as with a res bump its spectacular to look at (bar the odd texture).
  16. Replaying this in 4k on PC, and fuck me I forgot just how hard Nintendo nailed this movement. Just an absolute joy.
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