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  1. Watergate is amazing. Because of the subject matter, I was expecting something quite heavy until I watched a rules run through on YouTube. However, like @Fondue says, it isn't complex at all and is a favourite of ours.
  2. Big spoiler for The Mandalorian season 2:
  3. Is he up to date with season two then?
  4. Typical! This may help too seeing as it is exclusively budget games:
  5. Both, because I've barely played It yet. Good idea, refund it and then buy it again using the discount. However, as I've already put it up for grabs I won't go back on that now, and have since given the code to @jonnyalpha. Have fun!
  6. Are there any restrictions on USB C cables for charging the DualSense controller? I wanted to buy a generic 3m cable from Amazon so I can charge while playing easier.
  7. I bought Wingspan on Steam mere days before buying the physical version, and opened the box to find it comes with a 30% off voucher for the digital port. Typical. First PM gets it.
  8. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long.
  9. I haven’t completed a certain retro part with lots of steps made up of PS1 memory cards that you climb to a certain encounter if that’s what you mean?
  10. I can't get The Last Guy trophy as no matter how many times I hit them, none of the bots will follow me. And yes, I am in the CPU Plaza and have tried both up top and below. Anyone else had the same issue?
  11. I haven't watched a Rahdo video in ages. Am I just really tired (shit day!), or has he somewhat morphed into Steve Carrell?
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