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  1. Sorry if I've misunderstood you, but you can have a Netflix account directly and still log-in and watch on Sky Q.
  2. My wife and I played our first game of Awkward Guests yesterday. Obviously two isn't optimal for a dedication game, but it was still pretty good all the same, and we can see it will shine when there are a couple more of us. The set-up and tear down may be slightly laborious, but that is more than off-set by the hundreds of possible cases and difficulty levels available. Our new favourite deduction game now after Mystery of the Abbey.
  3. Worst game name ever, but great all the same, we got The Quacks of Quedlinburg on Thursday and finally got the play it today. I knew it is was a simple game from various reviews and videos but I thought my wife might still struggle with it initially, especially with adding the extra ingredients in turns two and three, but when actually playing there really isn't any complexity at all. It is without doubt the best press your luck game we've played, and the most frustrating too when you draw that dreaded three point cherry bomb out, even when extremely against the laws of probability. Or when you use your neutralising agent to remove a cherry bomb, only to then pull out the very same piece next draw. Definitely one of the better light-weight games out there.
  4. Cheers! Last time I looked it was out of stock. Ordered now.
  5. Yeah, it is the Golden Fleece expansion. Looking on US Amazon show it.
  6. I've seen pictures of it and it sadly looks almost worth for me just for the base board. Kind of like when I replaced my older edition of Settlers of Catan for one with the proper sea tiles board.
  7. I snagged a cheap copy of Santorini a couple of months back and finally played it two player with my wife yesterday. We only played the basic version minus the God cards, but still had a lot of fun. Although mechanically or visually is it nothing like Connect 4, we both got that kind of vibe from it. Trying to get to the top of a tower without it getting blocked off feels like trying to get that fourth piece in place in Connect 4, with the same frustrations if it goes wrong. I'm certainly looking forward to trying the cards with it next time, assuming they don't add too much of a random element to it, and with an extra player or two.
  8. The Shawshank Redemption, after a ton of misery beforehand!
  9. https://www.thecomputergameshow.com/
  10. Is the series a continuation or a reboot of the story?
  11. I know the whole premise of The Purge, but have never watched the movies. Are they necessary viewing before starting the TV show?
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