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  1. It is just a good job she likes Watergate or else I’d be starting divorce proceedings!
  2. How disappointing is it when you go mad for a game, only to find that your wife (or partner / best friend / whatever) hates it? I got Whitehall Mystery for my birthday last year and tried it with my wife and daughter doing the chasing, and they both hated it. I finally got it to the table again earlier today with just my wife and myself, and she still does not like it. She is far from stupid, and it generally quite good at games, but for some reason can't grab the logic needed to play as the police. I'm going to try to get her to play again, this time as the murderer, but I'm not holding o
  3. Being a roll and write, I assume you can play with more than two people? Which version do you prefer?
  4. Indeed. We've only had a couple of games so far, and I've yet to play as the WP, but it's a fantastically tense tug of war. Looking forward to playing more of it.
  5. I need banning from the forum for owning and not playing AB:RM until just. OMFG, its pure Nintendo in VR, instantly the best game I've played in VR after one level, and the PSVR itself isn't as blurry or as heavy as I recall either. Why have I ignored it for so long? Now I've checked and seen there isn't that much difference graphically between PSVR and Quest 2, is it worth buying Rez again already having it on PSVR?
  6. Doh, yes. I just tried and the covers come off so easily that I feel a freak for being concerned now.
  7. I'm a little concerned about when it comes to changing the batteries. I must check on YouTube because they look like completely sealed units that could end up broken unless you have the exact knack for doing it.
  8. So I'm not alone thinking the supplied strap is perfectly adequate? But then my only other headset is PSVR so I don't know how well other headsets may fit. As it is though, I certainly don't feel the need to spunk £50 on the elite strap.
  9. Late to the party here, but after watching Rodney Smith's how to play video of Century Spice Road which arrived the other day, I ended up watching his Watergate guide too, and immediately had to order it for delivery tomorrow. It looks so good and I'm the most excited waiting for a game than I can recall in ages.
  10. No issues on my iPad Pro or daughters iPhone 11 though. Great work.
  11. I have Rez on PSVR, does being untethered and the improved visuals make it worth me double-dipping?
  12. I can't get it to work. I'm on a XS Max with the lastest iOS 14 public beta, and the screen goes black for a few seconds before it then crashes back to the phone's home screen. I have rebooted my phone to no avail.
  13. Oh my God. I didn’t listen to the hype and ignored it on PSVR, but I’ve just tried the Beat Saber demo on my Quest 2 and it really is all that everyone has said, and easily joint with Superhot as the best of VR gaming for me. Wow.
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