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  1. Fantastic. I can pop over with materials if you’re available.
  2. Can anyone sell me either the ironwood dresser recipe, or two ironwood dressers? I want to make kitchenettes for myself and my daughter. Oh, and an ironwood cupboard too please if possible.
  3. Prompt service. Thank's John.
  4. No worries, I remember what that is like. We can catch each other over the weekend hopefully. Grey arcade seat and blue wheelie bin sent. I can send you the brown bin and garbage pail tomorrow. Hello Kitty poster! Could I get one for my daughter please?
  5. Thanks in advance for the surfboards, @Broker. You should have a black double fridge in your mail box now too.
  6. Crap. I feel rude now! I thought he was talking to you about the clams and DBZ. Oops.
  7. Haha! On my way. If you are about, I’d love to catalogue some surfboards!
  8. Ok, I’ll try and be on then, if I remember!
  9. @Broker and @Laine, either you about to open up so we can meet and be proper ‘mailable’ friends?
  10. Just don’t do what I did. I spent over a week after a few mishaps getting my rocks sorted using the mannequin method, only to eat some fruit a few days later while moving some trees and then tapped a rock not realising I was still ‘powered-up’! That tedious hour of putting mannequins down again was a hard lesson learnt to be careful in future.
  11. I can offer a piano stool in black.
  12. It really isn’t an issue. Redd said I could have a look, but that he was going to have to pack it up after for ‘Steve’, so I just assumed that was you. Thanks anyway.
  13. Great, thank you. EDIT: It wouldn’t let my buy it. He only has one copy which he said you’d bought. He teased me by leaving it out and telling me all this though. I did pick up a fake ancient statue though, so not a total waste. Cheers!
  14. If not, I’d like to get it. Not had Redd visit in about two weeks across three Switches in our household.
  15. I can't see you on the RLLMUK Google doc...
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