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  1. Will do, it's in the post so I should have it for the weekend. We may be too busy playing My City to break it out straight away though.
  2. My wife and I started My City yesterday and have just completed episode four. I have won all four so far by a narrow margin each time, and I'm really starting to fear the catch-up mechanics now the churches are involved!
  3. My first purchase of the month: MicroMacro: Crime City - £28.11.
  4. Ooh, could I take the Knights Helmet, and gift pile please?
  5. Sorry, I wasn’t clear before. The built in WiFi models had the crackling, so they switched to the dongle, but the interference still remained. I have the dongle too. I don’t have any issues connecting to WiFi when using it though.
  6. Thanks for this, checked and managed to order MicroMacro from them.
  7. Will do. I would have waited for you to reply, but I'm turning off now for the night probably. I'll get on it tomorrow.
  8. Sent coins to both of you. What would you like tomorrow?
  9. Ok, great. Anything really. I got the Mario hat, outfit, ‘tache and two warp pipes so far. What would you like in return?
  10. Yes, that’s why the stopped selling them with built-in WiFi and switched to plug-in dongles. You’ve got an early model if it’s built in.
  11. Does anyone want some Mario stuff gifting today to speed things up?
  12. I've noticed the cards in a few of my games are ever so slightly curved. Is this due to humidity, will flattening them under some heavy books and packing some silica gel bags in the boxes help prevent this?
  13. We will probably be burnt out on it after the campaign anyway. It isn't something I'm in a rush to try out, just a curiosity thing really.
  14. Can you use multiple warp pipes for moving about the island? That would be really welcome if so.
  15. Yeah, undoubtedly. I’ve all but given up waiting for the Lords of Vegas reprint to appear, and why has El Dorado suddenly gone OOS everywhere?
  16. I snuck a quick end of month purchase of My City in yesterday that has just arrived, leaving me on £222.48 for the year so far.
  17. I've just received a copy of My City from Amazon. I was just wondering, is The Eternal Game any good? I know not to play it now, unless I spoil the early game by opening a couple of the legacy game envelopes, I was just curious. If the game that came out was just The Eternal Game rules and components, would it still be a worthwhile purchase and would people still hold it in as high regard?
  18. I thought it might be worth having a thread for games that you're after but can't find anywhere in case other forum members know of somewhere they are available from. Here is my current list: Lords of Vegas (2010) Brave Rats (2011) SOS Titanic (2013) The Quest for El Dorado (2017) MicroMacro: Crime City (2020)
  19. If still available, can I take the extra cards for Gingerbread House and Patchwork Doodle if not too cheeky please? Both games are on my imminent purchase list.
  20. I got fed up with the art collecting with the infrequency of Redd's visits, and I collected sea creatures for a bit, but I was a little burnt out on it by that point. Have they not even added a gyroid collection yet? I only popped on to buy five Mario items today, and I'll take a proper look at the game again tomorrow once they've arrived.
  21. I did mention it in the Disney Plus thread, but this is now on Disney Star. It is one of the best single season TV shows ever. Fox cancelling this was easily as criminal as them cancelling Firefly, but at least this reaches a conclusion. I haven't watched it since 2011 and cannot wait to binge on it all over again this week. Has this ever been show in the UK before?
  22. I've just booted up Animal Crossing for the first time since in months to grab the Mario stuff. Quick question, have they added another upgrade to the shop yet, or any new buildings such as the coffee shop?
  23. I have a couple of newbie questions to ask. How do I get bezels to work? I really want them for the handheld systems especially. I have placed them ROMS > bezels and pointed to them in RetroArch and saved the current configuration, but they aren't showing up when playing. Also, can anyone point me in the direction of some decent MAME bezels too? Do multi-disk games like Ground Zero Texas on Mega CD and Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation work without any other configuration, just stick the files on the corresponding ROMs folder? I can start the games from disk one with no probl
  24. Great recommendations, thanks @Kramer and @Yobo Ahoy.
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