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  1. @Doctor Shark Could you maybe spoiler that last post please? I know it’s my own fault for coming into the thread before watching the latest episode, but it gave away the result of the semi-final. I agree with you anyway, I’ve had a shitty day too, and that was a great pick me up. Proper season one quality episode.
  2. Does anyone know when the Carcassonne 20th Anniversary edition is out in the UK? I pre-ordered it near the beginning of the year ready for the then May release. I've seen it listed as this month on Gameslore, but can't find any concrete details.
  3. Yes, I’ve bought the first one, and I’m happy to trade codes with you.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I actually just ordered an Arena starter kit from Amazon after I posted here. Less than £7 for two 60 card starter decks seems great value for money. I downloaded Arena for Mac and iOS yesterday, but don't laugh but I'm stuck at the end of the tutorial and unable to defeat Nicol Bolas at the moment.
  5. Which is the current, best entry point to MTG for just my wife and I to play casually? Also, are there any decent hit point counters available?
  6. CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults) is one the best movies I've watched in ages, heartfelt and full of amazing performances all round that, along with the likes of The Morning Show and Ted Lasso, it seems a shame that it is on Apple, and not somewhere else where it can get the exposure I feel it deserves. And no dedicated RLLMUK thread either until now! Well worth two hours of anyone's time.
  7. Good to know. I'll re-add it to my to watch list now, cheers.
  8. Isn’t Counterpart on there? I’ve only heard good things about that, and JK Simmons is usually all kinds of amazing. Cancelled after two seasons though, does it at least ‘conclude’ does anybody know?
  9. It’s all on there. Go, go, go!
  10. I only turned on to move some PS4 games to a new hard drive while I play Flight Simulator on the X!
  11. And that was it! Thank you. Normally I would have automatically tried that, but I didn't think while acting in such a blind panic.
  12. Bricked PS5? I’m stuck on power up with no display and a thin white light, and a small white lights on both of my controllers. I can’t even get the Mr Resetti error thing if I reboot it. Help!
  13. I’ll try this later, but is it just a hardcore simulator, or is there completely unrealistic, easy leisure mode to get flying straight away with basically Lottie more than just direction and speed controls to worry about? The last flight sim I played was on the Spectrum I think. I just want to muck about for an hour or so, look for my house and see a few sights without needing endless tutorials first basically.
  14. I'll check it out, thank you.
  15. Typically, Cottage Garden is out of stock everywhere now I’ve decided that I really, really want it.
  16. I've backed the Tussie Mussie expansion on Kickstarter for $26.00 and just preordered the Carcassonne 20th Anniversary edition despite having the original release and multiple expansions lying unplayed for years now, for £43.59.
  17. My replacement VR covers have just arrived after only shipping on Monday.
  18. Be persistent. I had to email back a few times but I'm now expecting mine tomorrow. For people that have it already, is it a big improvement over the original?
  19. Catching up to do: April: Nothing - YAY! May: Flamme Rouge - £36.50 (Paid over £6 more than Amazon to play it same day, and then didn't round around to it for almost a week! Supported a local store in the process though) Die of the Dead - Via Kickstarter so already paid for. Total for May: £36.50 June: Flamme Rouge: Peloton - £25.98 (Only bought this so soon as I read that the game isn't as fun for two players due to the lack of cyclists) MicroMacro: Crime City - Confidence Trick & Baby Party Bonus Cases, Camel Up: The Referee Camel and The Quest for El Dorado: Promo Pack - 15.46 Total for June so far: £41.44 Year so far: £530.40
  20. Watergate. Fantastic, tense, strategic, head-to-head, tug-of-war with different cards and abilities for each player.
  21. Crap. We've only just discovered this show from Netflix and then caught up with series 3 on iPlayer, and thought there was a sixth episode still to air. I did comment to my wife how it seemed a final episode in many ways by tidying up some plot points.
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