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  1. For fuck’s sake. I had to say that twice in my mind before the penny dropped!
  2. My wife and I have been working through this on Paramount+, midway through season three now and we both love it. I often bounce off shows where none of the character have any real redeeming qualities, but this has us hooked. The cast is fantastic, Kelly Reilly especially in a season two episode when something really dramatic happens in her office. Oh, and I loved her in the following episode when she helps Monica out in a store. I hope Paramount add series four soon.
  3. Back to a Raspberry Pi then. Cheap Easy to set-up Tiny and portable Plays MAME Other than that, what is the state of arcade emulation on Amazon Fire Sticks now?
  4. You know, I looked at his video list, but didn't scroll down far enough to see this. Cheers.
  5. No Rosario Dawson now? EDIT: Nevermind, she is in the trailer for a split second.
  6. Yeah. I want to set it universally so that all GB games have that second overlay.
  7. I’ve been meaning to. Did they add any QOL additions and / or update combat in the first game?
  8. I installed this recently and started the first game, but all voices are completely missing.
  9. I was just going to reply to say I'd tried GB - DMG, but the screen is very dark and hard to see properly. The GB - Light option is clearer, but blue. Also, what is the universal setting to change the frame for GB games? I don't want surrounds like: I want all GB games to have the original GB look: Sorry for the noob questions!
  10. What settings are you using to get the authentic GB greens? I've only just started tinkering with GB games on my 351P and V and have greys and white graphics at the moment.
  11. Sorry, I meant to amend my post. I ended up doing a fresh install instead and it works perfectly now.
  12. Woah! Quite a difference. As nice as the OnionOS looks, I think I’ll stick with my 351P and 351V for now, unless someone has a compelling reason otherwise?
  13. I really want one too after I looked at them after hearing @elmo talk so positively about his on TCGS. Do I need this as well as my RG351P and RG351V though? Kind of hard to justify however sexy it looks.
  14. Are there any issues with AmberElec? I've just used the update version, not fresh install, on my RG351V but now when it boots up with shows an AmberElec splash screen for a second, then goes blank, and then repeats.
  15. Yeah. I’m not saying it wasn’t ever shown in one go, but I only ever saw it split in two parts on Channel 4 I think. In my mind this is a masterpiece and probably a top five movie for me, but I haven’t seen it in twenty years or so. Is the version on Netflix one of the better cuts? I’d like to see if it still holds up. EDIT: Just noticed it is also on Prime too, which is strange. Same run time, I assume it’s the same cut then?
  16. Cheers, I’ll check that out. Miyoo Mini v2?
  17. I've got an Anbernic RG351P and RG351V that I have hardly used and not touched in months. I've decided to get at least the V set up properly and start using it. Is 351ELEC still the best firmware to go with?
  18. I’ve ended up buying it *again*. I’m just playing through the first one at the moment. The only complaint I have so far is how jarring it is now to have the screen freeze and then ‘Loading’ and a progress bar appear between levels. Would have been nice to see them hide that or something to modernise it.
  19. Except, as I have posted above, on LG TVs anyway, it will only let you create a new account with a seven day free trial. I signed up via the Xbox for the 30 day free trial and I can't log-in with that account on the LG Apple TV app. Thankfully I found after that there is a dedicated Paramount app that I have logged in with on my Apple TV box. Finally got to see what all the fuss was about Yellowstone. A bit of a slow burner at first, but we found it quite compelling by the end of the first episode and my wife and I cannot wait to binge some more of it.
  20. So why offer a free 30 day trial on a platform that doesn't actually let you watch the service?
  21. Yes, it is there to sign-up for, not an actual app. Unless it has changed since this morning.
  22. Well, not on my machine: Please let me know if it is just my Xbox for some weird reason.
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