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  1. Ok, the reason I posted above to ask if it had vanished again, was because as there is the 30 trial promotion with Xbox Live, I stupidly thought that meant there was an app for it. But nothing in the search still. As I mentioned, it does say you only get seven days not thirty when you click through for sign-up. However, it does let you pick the full thirty days once you click through, although the screen I ended up totally contradicts itself: But eventually I've signed up. Now the real issues start. How do I watch the fucking thing? No Xbox app, so I logged in via Edge and nothing will play, it just hangs. They have managed to launch without a native app for LG TVs, so from the help section: Ok, not so bad. Except I can't log-in with the account I've just created. I can only select a new sign-up with a seven day trial using and paying from my Apple account. My Paramount account has linked with Apple, because any shows I try and watch in the iOS app appear in now Watch Next in the LG App TV app. However, when I select one of them on the LG, it prompts me to sign up for a free seven day trial, or buy the show / movie. What a fucking fuckshow.
  2. Has it gone again? I can’t find it on my Xbox. EDIT: Found it in perks, and it says 30 days free, but when I follow the link in Edge on the Xbox, or use the QR code on my phone, it only says seven days. Glitched, or am I missing something glaringly obvious?
  3. Couldn’t you have said a little more for those of us that haven’t been following the thread as closely? I didn’t know about the documentary and looked quickly, saw “Out now”, got all excited and almost rushed to fire up the Xbox and download the game before I then realised what you meant!
  4. Thank you. I asked. but didn't think to look right now! I have several of the earlier ones, and it will be nice to start filling in some of the gaps. Why can't were have a decent Alex Cross TV adaptation?
  5. Cheers, good idea. Do the Alex Cross novels ever go on offer?
  6. We haven’t started yet, hopefully this weekend. Think we are going with three characters between the two of us. I’m a little scared. We were never too good at regular Pandemic, or even Forbidden Island. Good job it’s just a game!
  7. Was anyone else disappointed thinking that when So glad that wasn’t the case, the outcome was pretty well done.
  8. I don't know what it costs from them normally, or how good the game it, (6.3 on BBG), but I've just received a copy of Big Money from Amazon for only £5.50. There seems a fair bit for the price and it'll pass some time with my grandson if nothing else.
  9. I listen to TCGS weekly, have done since the start and before that Joypad from when It was the podcast with no name. Lately I have added @bradigor's Mental Health Gaming Podcast for a nice chillaxed chat between two friends about what they've played that week. Short and sweet, it usually clocks in under an hour and is a nice easy listen while I'm gardening or whatever. I recommend it, even if all they talk about nowadays is the Steam Deck which I now NEED. because of those bastards.
  10. Can anyone suggest a cheap case that will fit the headset with the BOBOVR M2 Pro attached please? I under-estimated how big it was and my current case nowhere near fits is. I can get the official BOBOVR case from Amazon for £44.12, but on top of the £54.39 I paid yesterday for strap I paid yesterday is £98.51. The strap and case as a bundle is £88.99 so if I have no other option I'll have to send the strap back and buy it again with the bundle. However, I really don't want to spend that much if there is a significantly cheaper option.
  11. My wife and I will be starting this hopefully in the next few days, time allowing. Which is the best and easiest way to play, with all four characters, or just one each? If one each, which two, or is it better to swap between games? No spoilers though please!
  12. I've ordered one. Hope it is as good as people on here say it is!
  13. There is an Amazon deal to check out later today. No details on the actual reduction as yet: EDIT: Now at £54.39.
  14. It isn’t a stone cold classic, but it is indeed far, far better than reviews suggest. Aside from Clerks II, I don’t think Kevin Smith has made a decent film since.
  15. Cheers both. I’m gonna buy the shit out of it while it’s still on sale.
  16. Lego Undercover - never played it, still considered a good game? Which one is it, Wii U or Switch that has awful loading times, or is it both? Are they really as bad as I recall people saying.
  17. I didn't know there were hidden eagles this time too. I haven't seen any and I've completed the whole game and the kill Hitler DLC!
  18. The best Jennifer Lopez movie is Jersey Girl because her character dies giving birth in more or less the first scene. I don't like Jennifer Lopez. I may therefore be a little biased.
  19. Just seen this, how did it get no likes?
  20. The third resonates with me because we watched it in the cinema at a time when my eldest was about to leave home for university. I'd like to put The Shawshank Redemption forward, but then my own damn wife doesn't even get it, so with that in mind I'll go with Big.
  21. I find Predator, RoboCop and Ghostbusters ok I suppose. And Raiders is good, but I prefer The Last Crusade.
  22. I mentioned this but somehow forgot when Shane and also when Shane Bloody hell, eh?
  23. The scene in The Shield was very uncomfortable viewing. You never actually think that the show will go there, that it will be broken up somehow, but no. It happens.
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