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  1. Oops, sorry. It quite plainly said out of stock with no add to basket option the other day so I just assumed they'd managed to snag a few extra since then. EDIT: I know of two people that have successfully ordered it since for Friday delivery, so that massive demand message is a mistake.
  2. It's available again at Game online for release day delivery: http://www.game.co.uk/Wii/Activity/~r33151...-Balance-Board/
  3. Mine is now on the way from Game. Fingers crossed Parcel Force manage not to lose it *and* deliver it unbroken.
  4. There *is* a local GP mulitplayer mode. The Eurogamer review, if that's what you are going on, was wrong and they have since corrected it.
  5. Stejay

    Ghost Squad

    I ordered the Nyko Perfect Shot from VG+ almost two months ago, but they haven't received any since more the initial batch which I just missed out on, and don't seem to have any idea when they will. The Datel pistol looks like a carbon copy of the Perfect Shot so I was thinking of ordering one of those instead and cancelling my order with VG+. Has anyone used one, is it recommended?
  6. I've been praying for a Virtua Cop compilation with, finally, Virtua Cop 3. Not relevant now I know, but why was the Xbox port of VC3 scrapped? Oh, and naturally Time Crisis and Point Blank compilations are at maximum needage too.
  7. So I've read, but I haven't really noticed any difference. I thought Sega pretty much nailed it with Ghost Squad anyway.
  8. I think it's £24.99 at most of the usual places online. That's what I paid for it from Game.co.uk anyway. I expect, like Ghost Squad, it'll be £19.99 or less before long. Yup. I'm still waiting for VG+ to send me the Nyko Perfect Shot that I ordered almost two months ago. Not their fault I should add. VG+ are great, they just haven't been able to get any more in since the initial batch. As for the game(s) itself, it's still a fun romp though, but not a patch on Ghost Squad in my opinion. Until the price drops a fair bit I'd say it was one for HOTD fans or rental only.
  9. Stejay

    Scummvm Ds

    Holy Thread Resurrection, Batman! I'm looking to play some LucasArts games on the go, which of these two is considered better nowadays?
  10. This looks great, but my DS locks up after a couple of minutes when I run it. I'm using an R4.
  11. The regional voice acting in Fable is pretty funny. Being a Brummie myself I cringe when I hear the accent used though in the game though, it has to be the worst in the country. I wonder who people from Liverpool feel about all the thieves and bandits being given scouse accents!
  12. I was about to post to mention this. Spotted it this morning, great price.
  13. It's been £34.71 in Asda since release.
  14. Hehe, just go for it. If I can manage it anyone can. The only couple of problems I had were with Vista when creating the memory stick, easily sorted by booting into XP, and I didn't read the bit about the battery charging properly, inserting the battery whilst running off the mains only gave me a black screen. Once I'd charged to 25% it worked perfectly.
  15. Yeah, I found this out for myself, eventually. Thanks anyway.
  16. Excellent, thanks for the help.
  17. Apologies for being such a noob, but how do I do this? I really don't to have to go to the hassle of downloading games I already own. Thanks in advance.
  18. Stejay

    Rock Band!

    They've dropped it to £99.97 now.
  19. Stejay

    Singstar PS3

    Yeah, I think we spent more time yesterday watching other people than actually playing it ourselves.
  20. Looking on the negative side the box doesn't really help as HMV could think that he is using his case for 08 to blag a further free copy for a friend or something, but in all honesty, if HMV are approached reasonably, I don't think there will be any problem.
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