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  1. Kinda feel for the Raiders they were a legit SB contender until Carr went down
  2. Chip kelly is awful, you can out pretty much the entire 49'ers mess of a roster on the gm but that still doesn't change the fact that Kelly is awful. I was shocked when he got hired again in the NFL after what happened in Philly. Good system for college football though
  3. OSU winning just shows how badly these playoffs where needed, the NC game would probably have been between Alabama and FSU with the old system
  4. Apart from wanting my Cowboys to go all the way i really wanted to see Ware get a ring so pretty shitty weekend. Looking forward to the NCAA championship game tomorrow
  5. The cowboys didnt lose on the call missed FG before the half was a 6 point swing murray fumble with nothing but daylight ahead of him was killer. The Cowboys had their chances and blew it I had them winning 5 games prior to this season so i find it hard to be to down for how it ended. Get a NFL quality DL in the offseason upgrade at least 1 of the safety spots and make another run at it next year, that OL is only going to get better
  6. Mvp is not about who had the best year it's who was the most valuable in their teams success, Houston didn't have much success so while Watt had an amazing year he didn't make that much of a difference. Rodgers on the other hand had an equally amazing season and you can make a strong case for the Packers not being where they are without him. There's about 12-15 QBs in the NFL that could win with Seattle's roster, probably less then a handful who could do it with the Packers so it's about more then just giving it to the SB winner. The Packers are an average team without Rodgers Houston is an average team even with Watt, so who's more valuable to their team?
  7. Wins and losses have to count Houston is home watching the playoffs while Rodgers is playing in them. Without Rodgers the Packers are a 5 win team he's easily the MVP. Watts presence doesn't translate to wins the same way Rodgers does
  8. To many cheap calls against dallas in the first half to call it a fix. The refs have explained it but they should have done it during the game. The line judge closest to the play said their wasn't enough contact to warrant a PI. Personally I thought the call was cheap when they made it and even worse when they showed the replay, but then again I am pretty bias here
  9. The Receiver initiated the contact, the ball was under thrown and therefor un catchable there was plenty of reasons why it wasn't PI, had it simply not been called to begin with I don't think to many people outside of Detroit would have a problem with it, same if they had just picked up the flag without calling it. They called it and then picked up the flag is the part I don't agree with if you call it you be forced to stick with it. Just make calls reviewable problem solved
  10. Hard to turn around for the ball when you're being held by the face mask, if anything it should have been offensive PI
  11. I'm fairly sure the Steelers could have handled the Colts, the Bengals won't so that game last weekend messed everything up for both. There's nothing I would love more then seeing the Cowboys beat the Lions tomorrow but they are a match up nightmare for Dallas, if they make it our of this game I like their chances on the road in GB a lot more then I like their chances at home against Detroit. GB is the better team of the 2 but I can't see them having any answer for the Cowboys OL and Murray the Lions do
  12. The Steelers would probably been better off losing, the Colts home or away is a much better match up for them
  13. Been playing on Jenova since moving to the US, tempted to transfer to moogle if they allow it. I agree with end game tanking being stressful I leveled war to 50 when I had to start over for the que times and I don't enjoy dungeons at all on it so I have mostly been crafting and leveling rogue lately
  14. A lot of what has turned out to be the Cowboys best defensive players didn't play in the preseason. Rolando McClain actually looks better then Sean Lee, Henry Melton is starting to get in shape and Anthony Spencer is finally back and playing well. DeMarcus Lawrence has been cleared to practice now and if he can be a somewhat decent pass rusher then that D will only get better.
  15. First 15 plays on offense is usually scripted in advance after that the chess game between offense and defense starts. The Rams seem to really suck at the ladder Austin Davis looks legit though
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