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  1. The very worst thing wasn't just the confused message but it was the way they delivered that message that showed a complete lack of respect for their customers. They acted like weasels while they used PR speak, woolly language and issued patronising statements, while clarifying absolutely nothing.

    The online requirement is different depending on whether it came from Don Mattrick, Major Nelson or Phil Harrsion or even the same person in two different interviews.

    The used game thing I have no idea on. Phil Harrison, who I'm sure is still employed by Sony for all the damage he is causing, had a different take on it compared to the official company line but then had to rope the same interviewer back in to give it another go.

    How could they not have known these questions would be the burning issue, especially after the Adam Orth Twitter drama just weeks earlier?

    It reeks of dishonesty and incompetence.

  2. I do love it when great big out of touch corporations fuck up. It's much more interesting than talking about GPU shader operations and teraflops, whatever the hell that thing I just said means.

    The elephant in the room is the nightmare scenario that Microsoft and Sony may have both got into bed with the devil here. EA conveniently dropping online passes for all platforms and support for the Wii U speaks volumes (although selling 6 copies of FIFA may have caused that one).

    Don't you fucking dare, Sony...

  3. Any word on the Vita version? It seems its being released this weekend as well. Is it the same engine as the 360/PS3 versions? We going to have cross play online between that and the PS3?

    If its not watered down at all I think I might actually prefer to get it for the Vita.


    Amazon reviews aren't the greatest source I grant you but it seems little more than a roster update with a new menu. Some posters on Neogaf are saying the same thing. Shame.

  4. Anyone scored a header yet? Crosses can cause problems but nothing has come off yet. Corners are utterly useless. Am I doing something wrong?

    I've scored a few but not enough considering the amount of crosses I've put in. You probably aren't doing anything wrong, heading is pretty awful and needs to be patched. I take most corners short now because otherwise it's a sure-fire way to lose possession rather than create a goal scoring chance.

  5. I've installed all the files so can see the correct club names and kits etc., but is it possible to upload the latest squads?

    Using that data file still shows van Persie and Song at Arsenal.

    I can't speak about the PS3 file but the 360 one has Van Persie at United and Song at Barcelona. What console are you on?

  6. A word of warning about the Daymos 360 V1 option file, the game crashes when Data Pack 1 is installed. So, you can either have Data Pack 1 OR the option file installed. Any sign of of Data Pack 1 on a save file will also cause it to go wonky, even if you delete the dlc. The option file, though unfinished, is great and I highly recommend it over the official content any day.

  7. Really was a missed opportunity last night. Should and could have won the game but lacked that final ball and cutting edge up front. Lennon really needs to grow a pair when he finds himself in front of goal. Instead of trying to cut it back or loop a poor cross, he should just hit it and try to work the keeper. Lazio seemed content to let us have the ball for most of the game, so at times it looked like a training match and had the intensity of one. Sloppy mistakes in possession would have cost us against a better side, though.

  8. Adebayor definitely brings more to the team in that lone striker role, he creates (and squanders) loads of chances but also brings more players into the game.

    I hope things settle down now and AVB can get the team comfortable playing the system he wants. Still feel we are struggling to adapt to the loss of Modric and VDV, despite Dembele and Dempsey being excellent signings. It will take time but the squad is decent and thankfully we aren't in an unfortunate situation like Liverpool, wondering where all the goals are going to come from.

  9. Defoe up front on his own again, why does that not surprise me?

    LINE-UPS- Reading v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    Reading: McCarthy, Gunter, Pearce, Gorkss, Harte, McCleary, Leigertwood, Karacan, Guthrie, McAnuff, Pogrebnyak. Subs: Taylor, Shorey, Mariappa, Le Fondre, Hunt, Robson-Kanu, Cummings.

    Tottenham: Friedel, Walker, Vertonghen, Gallas, Naughton, Lennon, Sigurdsson, Sandro, Dembele, Bale, Defoe. Subs: Lloris, Dempsey, Huddlestone, Adebayor, Dawson, Townsend, Caulker.

    I predict a 1-1 draw.

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