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  1. 1200 points is a joke. A bad one. Told by Lenny Henry.

    They are pushing hard to make it the 'standard' XBLA price now, it seems. I saw this coming with the arrival of the XNA community games. Those are now positioned as the budget downloads, while the rest of the XBLA stuff gradually gets more expensive.

    It would not surprise me to see Peggle at 1600 points. Outrun, too.

    The shits.

  2. Well then they are fucked - they obviously have no track record of improving their products or changing their strategy look how Netscape and Novell run the world, and they aren't exactly well know for having cash to spend are they ?

    They have spent a load of money for a small console market share and no profit. I'm not saying they haven't done good work, they have, I own one for goodness sake. To succeed in winning the whole industry and the universe ala PS2 and Wii, though, they will have to change what Xbox stands for. That means less focus on Halo, hardcore pandering and call-centre headsets. Whatever Xbox stands for right now, it isn't enough to be loved by the magical 100 million strong mass market army. It's going to take a gutsy and maybe quite humiliating decision from Balmer, Bach or J Allard (is he still there?) if they really want to expand their business. If they continue on the same path they will find themselves joint second place forever.

    People have short memories about the perception of PS1 and PS2, sure, now all the hardcore love them. The forums were full of 'casual/chav console' derision for the two in the early days from Edge to the wretched Gamesradar boards. The rest were all wanking over Halo or posting laughing smilies at the Gamecube's handle.

    I like Master Chief and the lunch box design.

    That Sony, though, eh!? They made an Xbox as well this time round, tsk.

  3. Microsoft will never be number one in the console space without a BIG, BIG, BIG strategy change. They will have to abandon or, at the very least, really piss off their (hard) core user base, but I don’t think they have the balls to do it. The Halo/Gears of War reliance and the intimidating, competitive, antisocial online experience of Live are never going to pull in 100+ million sales, no matter how they try to repackage with Kung Fu Panda or Scene It.

  4. Is that the accepted/official reason? I ask because it isn't the motherboard that takes up all the space in an XBox (I've had one open). It's the HDD, PSU, and the DVD Drive that takes up all the space. You probably couldn't take much off the width, but I'm sure you could drastically reduce the height.


    According to ex-Microsoft Ming The Merciless impersonator, Peter Moore, the hard drive was the biggest factor in choosing to kill the original Xbox. I have no doubts that they could have squeezed all the bits into a prettier, smaller box but it would never had made them any money back.

  5. What makes you think that?

    Microsoft screwed up by buying manufactured chips direct from Intel and Nvidia rather than owning the licence for the tech and sourcing the assembly of the CPU and GPU themselves. They were paying over the odds for dated hardware with no control of cost and no room to negotiate. They were stuck in a business model where the original Xbox could never be profitable or break even.

    Edit: Beaten by layte100, natch.

  6. There will be no new hardware/revision announcements from any of the big three except for fancy colours for Wii.

    Wii Play 2 announced with bundled Wiimote AND Motionplus.

    Bungie to confirm they are working on a new multi-platform IP.

    All new PSP releases will be digital downloads rather than retail UMDs.

    Wii will break all sales records again following a tiny price drop - it will easily outsell PS3 + 360 combined this year.

    Jasper Xbox 360s will still RROD by the bucket load.

    GTA Wii, obviously.

  7. I wouldn't pay £100 for a single game because I'm not a fucking idiot.

    £100+ games already exist but are really cleverly disguised, such as the previously mentioned MMOs with their subscription models, Namco games that require you to pay to unlock content that's already on the disc or, in fact, any game with paid downloadable content. I don't even pay £35-£40 for new releases even though I can afford them (OH, I'M SORRY, I'M SO RICH) because I can wait what seems like only a matter of weeks before the price is slashed.

    It's all very well saying "But I put a hundred hours into it" but, and this is been touched on by previous posts, how do you know you are going to invest that much time before the event? Every game purchase is a gamble even when it comes to established franchises and sequels. My brother is a Gears of War nut, he put hundreds of hours into the multiplayer, so you would figure that he would do the same for the sequel, right? He fucking hates it. Something to do with the balance of weapons, matchmaking and lag or something... I don't know, I don't game online. He actually went back to the first game and left the sequel gathering dust. If you had asked him beforehand if he would pay £100 for it, he probably would have bitten your arm off. Now, however, not so much.

    And 'Special' and 'Limited' editions can cock off, too.

  8. Here's a break down of the monthly NPDs starting from November 2006, which I have stolen from some other rubbish forum, so you can see those small spikes in action...


    For anyone having trouble following that, just use this key:

    Wii = Playstation 2 + hot cakes

    Playstation 3 = Xbox 1

    Xbox 360 = Xbox 1 + a little extra

  9. The last Resident Evil game I played was 3, I missed out on 4 because I had sold my Gamecube for some reason. So, I was quite looking forward to this until I played it. Put me in the 'fucking hell, these controls are terrible' camp, gentlemen.

    It was late though and I didn't spend too much time with it. Here's my playthrough:

    "Ooooh, it works!"

    "Ooooh, it's pretty"

    "Hang on, I need to move these bookcases"

    "Die, motherfucker"


    "Arrrgh, fucking turn!"

    "Get out the way you fucking, stupid cow!"


    "Fucking... run... no, turn... no... fuck"

    *Waggle sticks*

    *Press B to rescue your bumbling, cretinous, moron of an AI buddy*

    *Waggle Sticks*

    "I wonder if Sexcetera is on now"

    "Ah ha, higher ground"

    "Get out of the fucking way, bitch"


    *Big fat axe man fucks my shit up and kills Sheva. At which point I shake his hand, give him a knowing nod and offer him tea and crumpets*

    I'm shit at this game and I hate the controls (duh). I give it 9 out of 10 to save Edge the trouble of reviewing it.

  10. Bloody hell, Harry!

    Fantastic spirit to keep going to the end (even though they gifted it to us, what on EARTH were they doing?) but our defence needs sorting and quickly. Just goes to show what confidence can do to change a team, we looked great going forward. Bentley's goal was just audacious and a touch of class, even the ever underperforming Jenas took his brilliantly.

    Gomes is a liability, though.

    I'm cautiously optimistic.

    Bring on Liverpool!


  11. What the fuck?

    I had not seen or heard any news from last night, so this has come as quite a shock. I thought that they would have at least waited until after the Bolton game to make heads roll. I do feel sorry for Poyet, though, he's a great guy who never made excuses or tried to dodge bullets when faced with the press. Good luck to him. The set up at Spurs was all wrong for Ramos, I agree with redbloodcell about him not being able to motivate us for a fight, but I have no doubt that in couple of year's time he will turn another Spanish side into the 'new' Sevilla.

    As for Redknapp, I don't know. There probably isn't a better man out there to take on a team of feeble underachievers and make them fight for their lives. He is, however, a manager who will walk if a club is being run in a way that interferes with his work. Will he stick it out to the bitter end if the board keeps putting obstacles in his way? Probably not. And we can't forget that he didn't manage to keep Southampton in the Premier League either. I feel sorry for Portsmouth, too, we are getting a reputation for stealing coaches and they really deserve better.

    Also, there's an open letter from Levy to the supporters:


    What a bizarre turn of events.

  12. I really honestly did not think we were the better side all things considered, Keith, but then I was watching a different game where the other team had a few chances. :)

    Out of interest, who do you support? (I'm not trying to funny, but if you're gooner it's going to make me chuckle)

  13. Because I'm not of the opinion that having lots of possession to no end means more than creating and finishing chances, my dear. Sure, it's important to keep the ball but, y'know, it would be nice if they made something of it once in a while.

    It wasn't the worst we've played this season by a long shot, but we've really got to improve in the final third. We had too many games where we have passed it around nicely without anything happening. Don't get me started on set pieces again, either, that shit makes me want to kill kittens.

  14. They were pretty much their only chances, too.

    Presumably in this other match I was watching I certainly didn't see Gomes save from Motta, Domizzi (sp?) and then claw out a lob which looked almost destined for the back of the net, no?

    Man, I've got a head cold and I'm full of Lemsip and venom today!

  15. Not really true, and the perfect match to prove it - Udinese barely tried to score, and were gifted two goals really in one form or another. You were the better side, and you lost - it does happen, you know.

    Really? I had no idea that could ever happen in a match! Please tell me more! And I'll stop being facetious now!

    Perhaps I should have said it doesn't always come on a plate with garnish. Mmmm, garnish.

    We didn't do enough to win the game, we didn't take any of our very few chances and attacking set pieces were generally ultra poor. They took theirs with aplomb thank you very much, missus, even if they were 'gifts'. It wasn't a good enough performance to win regardless of lady luck, that game could have gone on for a few more days and we probably still wouldn't have scored.

    There certainly wasn't much luck involved in their second, they put it away nicely.

    A draw could've been on the cards if that howler by Gomes never happened maybe.

  16. So much better we lost 2 -0!

    We didn't create enough and, yeah, some key decisions went against us but that's a weak sauce defence. You make your own chances and try to create your own luck, it doesn't come on a plate with garnish. Bad luck isn't the reason we've had such a shocker so far this season, it's that we simply haven't delivered. We have played some nice passing football in patches at times but with zero end product. Nearly every set piece was a waste this evening and every time we lost posession in midfield it looked like they were going to punish us. Our greatest strength was goals once, then we sold them all thus exposing the fact that we still can't even get the basics of defending right.

    And the game I was watching had some clown keeper almost fall over backwards whilst trying to control a back pass which resulted in a foul and a penalty. Unlucky, son, unlucky!

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