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  1. Deliberate handball into the goal, second yellow card... off! Quite embarrassing really.
  2. Scholes Maradona! LOL What an idiot.
  3. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    I don't know why any club would want to keep a player so obviously unhappy as Berbatov is at Spurs. It's already affected the dressing room if the reports are true and he is going to get booed all over the park if he ever plays for us again. What sort of commitment are we going to get from him? I'm guessing not man of the match performances. The whole sorry saga has been bollocks, I mean, holding out for a 30 fucking million quid deal, really? After we get battered by Chelsea this weekend, hopefully that will be when our season starts proper and we can start fighting for a mid-table finish with no cups. *winking smiley*
  4. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    There's an awesome rumour going around that our prolific goal scoring replacement is going to be Emil Heskey. This is great news if true because we really need a 30 year old who can score less than nine goals a season.
  5. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    *Sigh* Our whole season rests on the last week of the transfer window. We need to get shot of Berbatov, get a goal machine in (yeah right) and some midfielders who can do these rare things called 'tackling' and 'defending'. I fully expect us to lose 3 - 0 to Chelsea next weekend, in fact, it's such a sure thing I might place a small bet like, say, my entire life savings on it. But, oh man, are we going to have an amazing Carling Cup run again this season or what?!
  6. and Live's/PSN's delivery service of demos, games and films has really opened my eyes to the possibilty of a no physical media future. It's got to the point where getting off the sofa to change a game disk feels completely archaic and unnecessary, not to mention a complete effort for my lazy arse. An instantly available, never out of stock and never out of print catalogue of content is what I want to see. As for the one platform thing, yeah, I know it's unlikely. I only own an Xbox 360 but there are plenty of games on other systems I'd dearly love to play but really don't want to spend an extra £500+ on extra hardware to do so. Before the PS3 and 360 launched I was arguing with someone on here about how the two were going to be nearly identical performance wise and it turns out that was true. The PS3 has the extra hardware features but on the software side they are delivering the same things to the same people and multiplatform games look almost identical. The electronic guts of a console are becoming less and less important, the real deal is the content and software features they provide. Then you have the Wii, which actually does do something different with a cheap and simple console but once again it's the content that makes the difference. I will be very surprised if Sony and Microsoft piss away another couple of billion each against a wall developing mirror images of each other's hardware again.
  7. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    I think a lack of goals is going to be a real problem for us this season. I could never imagine myself saying that last season with all the options we had. Defoe is a distant memory, Keane is gone and Berbatov looks like a done deal as soon as the money men at United can find a pen in the office that works. That's nearly all of our goals from the last few seasons gone. Now, I like Darren Bent but to make up those goals we need to replace what we've lost because I sure as hell don't see forty - fifty goals a season from our, nevertheless impressive, midfield.
  8. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    We are still fucking shit, I see. Exactly the same as last season, a promising pre-season build up followed by the usual shit start.
  9. Tales of Vesperia is the reason for the boost in sales.
  10. Financially it is a disaster; it hasn't made Microsoft any profit in the nearly seven years of them being in this business. All this 'disrupting the opposition' stuff is meaningless if you're not making any money, I mean, how many more years would Xbox 360 still need to be on the shelves to recoup all its losses? The next Xbox and PS4, if they indeed are released, will be lower powered (than what is usually expected for next generation) and profitable from the off. Nintendo's model is the future for these companies and they both must know it.
  11. NeoGaf has just found a shitload of other pre-E3 info from the source of this http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=312708
  12. Crystal Castles use loads of 8-bit sounds, but then they are coming straight from an Atari sound chip. The original Doom's midi tracks were complete rip offs of Metallica and other metal band's songs. Quite shameless, actually, and completely awful. The sound from the Playstation version was much improved; the atmospheric, NIN-inspired ambient fit the tone of the game much better. It made the game scary, too.
  13. Now this is what I imagined games would look like in the space year 2008. I just hope it plays better than Breakdown.
  14. Sorry, I was refering more to the replays and cut-scenes, which do seem slightly smoother this time round than Fifa. The white players and managers still look like mutants, though.
  15. The demo of this is seriously impressive. That's high praise from me as I thought that Fifa 08 was a sluggish, unresponsive mess. The graphics are crisper with a better frame rate than Fifa but the demo suffers from some freezing and some popping in and out of polygons (maybe this is just in the demo). The pace is perfect, pulling together a sweeping passing passage of play is so satisfying, even more so in Be a Pro mode. The movement of the AI is tremendous, they actually make intelligent timed runs and this in turn always gives you options (pay attention at the back, Seabass). Not sold on the shooting, it feels loose I guess, which is something I've always had a problem with in EA's football games. Keepers seem to not want to catch anything either. This is the first time I think that EA have actually nailed it, if Fifa 09 plays like this then I'm all over it from day one. Thing is, can I justify paying full price for a cut-down one competition game? Sadly, no. Maybe.
  16. Gah, the new 'update/patch' has killed the frame rate on the Xbox 360 version. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  17. I feel your pain, man. Why the hell didn't Amstrad give you the option to plug it in to a TV without an expensive modulator? I did manage to upgrade to a colour monitor found at a car boot sale in 1990, though.
  18. I remember one marine, during a big firefight against a gang of Brutes, saying "So they *are* fun to fight!" More than a knowing wink towards player and press criticism that people prefered fighting Elites rather than Brutes.
  19. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    Gosh and golly! Right up the Arse. The Carling cup is usually the consolation prize each season for any of the big four, though, so it's hardly a surprise.
  20. That new Bionic Commando's visual style is quite similar to Little Big Planet's, it looks great.
  21. Tough choice to make, but in terms of sheer power and beauty... This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren
  22. I know it's a variation on a joke that's been all played out, but this still made me giggle... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=friS4OOcdgQ" target="_blank">http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=friS4OOcdgQ
  23. I'm coming to the end of Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind. It is not, however, a book of magic tricks or simply a hypnosis manual (although there are sections on both) but rather deals with the psychology of magic and deception. It offers a very intelligent insight into why the human mind reacts in certain ways to situations and also delves into the techniques used by so-called mediums and religious charlatans. Very witty, very clever, occasionally rambling and full of smart arse language where simpler words would be more appropriate; it's entertaining y'all.
  24. The Frontlines demo is the most generic FPS I think I've ever played. The physics are also terrible, I was dribbling a half ton piece of wall debris around the level like it was made of polystyrene.
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