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  1. Ooh, yes! Please let me pay more Microsoft, please! 'they are not games designed for the Live Arcade model' what sort of nonsense is this? Do you think Gauntlet, Golden Axe and Robotron were games designed for the 'Live Arcade model'? What difference does it make? They are still ports of games that have already made money at retail (actually, maybe not with Rez and Ikaruga) the same as all those old arcade classics. They are re-releases if you like and re-releases have, historically, always had a budget price point. I too would like more original games specifically made for Live and more ambitious ports of things like Sega Rally or Daytona, instead of another ten versions of a crappy old arcade game that's all played out on Mame. But paying extra for a so-called 'premium development line' games would be horse testicles.
  2. This is one way of getting those overpriced 120gb hard drives to shift, I guess. It's amazing to think how the functionality of an original modded xbox pretty much paved the way for what the 360 would become. But with added Microsoft space credits currency, natch.
  3. Bloody hell, this so fast it needs some Benny Hill music over the crowd noise. Also, whoever thought it was a good idea to make the ball blue for the demo needs to be nailed by their penis to the mast of a sinking ship. Still, it's faster and more responsive than 6 but the players feel a lot more lightweight this time. The ball seems to have lost its bounce and the whole thing feels a bit like Fifa, which is ironic because Fifa is trying to slow its game down to match PES. It plays a more loose game. I've hardly scored any goals at all, most of the shots so far have been 'daisy-cutters' well wide of the net. Crossing the ball into the box is worse, as 99.9999999% of the time it neatly curls into the keeper's arms. I seem to remember this was the norm with older versions, too. The penalty camera view is bloody odd. The replays are made by Tony Hart using TV's famous stop motion technique. Adriano is still an unstoppable bulldozer with the skill of a thousand Maradonas. Now let me see if I can score another goal...
  4. It's like Outrun 2 crossed with Burnout, yet somehow manages to look much worse than both. Something like this would be aces for Xbox Live Arcade, though. It would also make a welcome change from shoddy Megadrive ports and rubbish PopCap games.
  5. Troublegum

    FIFA 08

    Okay, I have the demo and here are my views on it. First off, it’s now set in the daytime. This makes the overall experience less gritty (urban chavtastic) but nevertheless it’s a pleasant change. It’s still buck toothed Ronaldinho versus the keeper but with, rather annoyingly, added Gears of War shaky cam when you run. As previously mentioned it does have Travis playing in the background, which doesn’t belong anywhere near a football game or in fact any game in the history of the universe ever. One improvement, though, is when you score you can have a full controllable replay instead of the grainy video screen from the previous one. Unfortunately, it is still let down by the insignificant bonus game, which is a half of badly cloned Pro Evo football played with an airflow ball by players proportioned like primates. 8/10
  6. Troublegum

    FIFA 08

    One question, does it have that one on one with the keeper title screen thing from last year's? Man, that was so good, it was actually better than the rest of the game. Apart from the music. Erk.
  7. Going by those figures, I guess x 10 wouldn't be far off the mark. Although the Wii figure would need to be adjusted down slightly (unless the Wii does clear half a million, gosh) and the PS3 figure adjusted up.
  8. 1. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 2. Grand Theft Auto 3 3. Tetris 4. Halo 5. Sega Rally 6. Virtua Tennis 7. Bomberman 8. GoldenEye 9. Street Fighter 2 10. Sensible Soccer
  9. It's obvious now that all PS3s will be gimped eventually, including American and Japanese models. Maybe those early models might be in demand after all?
  10. So, they've removed the PS2 'Emotion Engine' and 'GS' to cut costs... That means they will cut the retail price, right?!!! Right? RIGHT? No they fucking won't. Wankers.
  11. Flatout was one of those games that so nearly got it right. Unfortunately, they stuffed up the handling (it had the Colin Mcrae Rally model of putting an imaginary pole through the middle of the car and letting it rotate on that point to turn) and the whole thing felt really sluggish and far too slow. The high jump mode, though, was amazing.
  12. It's fucking Rick Dangerous all over again. Oh fuck, I'm dead. I'll remember that next time. Oh fuck, I'm dead. I'll remember that next time. Oh fuck, I'm dead. I'll remember that next time. Oh fuck, I'm dead. I'll remember that next time.
  13. People begging for money in front of some of the biggest multimillionaire cunts in the world. ITV delivers again. Or not. Actually, it's beyond cringe inducing.
  14. The second link reminds me of the classic Nebulus.
  15. This has finally clicked for me after weeks of apathy towards it. You're all really pleased about that, I'm sure. The shooting is still shit, though.
  16. The Johnny Wilkinson style drop goal attempts can fuck RIGHT off. If you hit a first time shot whilst running to meet a squared pass or shoot with your back to goal, then 99.9% of the time you hit the old man's dog in row Z. Thanks, Konami! And yet, I can't stop playing it...
  17. Blue Dragon noodles for lunch. The soup base also doubles up as a powerful laxative, by the way.
  18. I expect one of the Dead or Alive girls to come flying through that picture at any second... Oh, and oi, thebigboss! Cheeky git... even if it IS true.
  19. Say hello to... Leah and Mya My twin nieces are so cute, despite Leah filling her nappy at the EXACT moment she was passed to me (the look on her face says "guilty").
  20. Are those cod liver tablets? Doesn't matter either way - that's an brilliant photo. I still have nothing.
  21. That looks great, Shimmyhill. I'm struggling with this theme - I can't find anything that makes a good photo that isn't totally obvious.
  22. Full marks for the inclusion of Luke Smith in recent episodes, but the 1up Yours podcast still lays the smackdown on this show. Hard. Resistance looks much improved from the last time I saw it. Still seems they took what they liked from Killzone, Halo and Call of Duty, mashed it together, threw it at a wall and saw what stuck. Uber-generic.
  23. Garry McMahon gets my vote, it's a perfect take on the theme. An amazing effort from everyone this month, though, I can't wait for the next one to start.
  24. This was after playing Sega Rally 2, of course. It seemed smooth at the time. Inspired by this nostalgia trip, I decided to have a good look at this game. http://www.xboxyde.com/news_3254_en.html And it looks good, but obviously not OMG NEXT GEN! Still, a new/old-school arcade racer is always welcome to me.
  25. I loved Tokyo Extreme Racer (or Highway Challenge - whatever it was called over here) on the Dreamcast. It felt like a proper old school 3D arcade racer, miles apart from MSR. The game ran as smooth as silk and was great to play whilst listening to some euphoric dance music. In fact, I think I played it more than any other Dreamcast game, despite there not being much substance to it. I missed out on the sequels for some reason, though.
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