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  1. Boringly predictable. Waste loads of chances, finally score and then drop two points because of some woeful defending right at the end of the game. Bring on Norwich.

  2. I think the last time we won our opening fixture was in 2009, so not at all shocked at today's result.

    If we don't sort out another striker or two by the end of the transfer window, then I'll start to worry, but Levy is proving to be tighter than a crab's arse recently. Still not happy with AVB in charge but I'm willing to give him a chance at least until the jokes about triangles run for weeks. I do, however, have a feeling we will go backwards this season because, well, it's Spurs and we can't have progress and consistency because, well, it's Spurs.

  3. Finally got round to playing this.

    It's the smoothest and least clunky Pro Evo this gen, which I'm sure I've said two years in a row now so at least they are on the right track. Doesn't have that same fluidity that Fifa has but everything links together animation wise much better than before. It feels much freer in movement like the early demo versions of the previous two games did. The worry is, of course, they bottle it like they did for the 'finished' 2011/2012 games and strangle the final version by slipping back into their old restrictive ways. I hope that doesn't happen again because if they can refine and polish what they have it will be a cracking game.

    The good:

    Some of the biggest problems from 2012 seem to have been addressed in the shooting, tackling and AI. Shooting is punchy, powerful and most importantly the shots go in the direction you want them to. You now have more control in standing tackles with the double tap to commit to a challenge, so it is more about timing on your part rather than blind luck and scripting like last year. The AI presses higher up the pitch, thankfully, which opens the game up and gives greater variety of play.

    The bad:

    Keepers still look awful, I wonder if Konami are ever going to sort them out. The graphics have hardly changed apart from the animations, the night games in particular look even more washed out than before. A simple change in colour saturation and contrast would go a long way to making it look as good as 2010 did. Player switching and micro-stuttering is always a problem in these early demos and this one is no different.

    This impressed me more than I thought it would. From all the videos it looked identical to last year's game but after playing it is clear that the improvements were to the feel of the gameplay instead of its presentation. I'm willing to accept that compromise as long as the other game modes aren't left stagnant. This is supposedly the last game on this tired engine, hopefully they mean it this time.

  4. ... but it still feels quite scripted - which I thought Konami said they were removing last year(?).

    2012 was really heavy handed with the scripting to make the game harder. And by harder I mean cheat.

    If it's as bad as that again I fear for my TV.

  5. Got a real craving to play this but didn't have it on my 360 any more :( So, got a copy of Xbox Outrun 2 for a few quid on amazon and have been playing it this evening :D Such a good game.

    If you go into your download history, you can download it again.

  6. Is there any talk of a revised 360 any time soon?

    A few rumours regarding an 'Xbox 361' that was in the leaked 5 year road plan from Microsoft but nothing definite. If this is Sony's plan to match the price of the cheaper 4GB 360, then you would expect they would counter with a price drop of their own. 360 RRP has been static for four years, I think, which is crazy compared to previous generations.


  7. I don't think you can underestimate the impact of really shiny, sometimes mindblowing, graphics of some launch games. Having something to show off the power of your expensive new console goes a long way to paper over the gameplay cracks. I've been suckered into the eye candy illusion a few times, especially this generation when there was very little HD content to show off on a new HD TV at the start.

  8. Went online a few days ago hoping to pick up Streets of Rage 1 on the cheap (we've been playing a lot of 2) and correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore? There's only the trilogy, which is more expensive than SoR1 used to be, and contains a game I own (2) and a game I don't want (3). Did I just miss 1 somewhere or is it really not there anymore?

    Streets of Rage 1 was never released on its own, only the sequel.

  9. I didn't think the 360 launch was that bad. PGR 3 lacked the depth and content of PGR 2 but looked amazing for the time. COD 2 was fantastic and Condemned was solid but, yeah, they were obviously banking on PDZ to be a Halo equivalent and we know how that turned out. There were a lot of average games and upscaled PS2 ports there just to cover every genre on the checklist. I think MS made a mistake launching Halo 2 a year earlier on the original Xbox, it should have been a 360 launch title with a proper ending.

  10. Redknapp will somehow end up back at West Ham by Christmas and then drag them out of relegation so he can then bang on about a 'Triffic season 'cause when I got here we only had 3 points and were bottom of the league, so you never know, you never know. Top, top player. Weeeel give it a go, y'know'

  11. I prefer to rent games that I know I will only play through once. That way I can spend a mere £3 to enjoy a game through to the finish but it also encourages me to play the hell out of them before my Lovefilm 'credits' for the month tick over. If I get bored before it is completed I can send it back and have not wasted money on a disc that dwindles in value from the moment you remove the shrink wrap. The only games I buy are XBLA titles (usually at a discount) and multiplayer sports/fighting/racing games (once again when they have been reduced). The days of buying day one at full price, unless it is Pro Evo because I'm an idiot, are over for me.

  12. Really impressed with this; it feels much more fluid than the original. Fights flow really well with less of that rigid animation I always felt held the series back visually. It's a shame some the sound effects are really low fidelity and distorted, no doubt concessions had to be made to fit the XBLA file size limit. The original definitely looked sharper, too, something about the temporal AA method used makes everything a little blurry in motion.

    It is, however, the VF5FS arcade in my home for about a tenner.

    Fantastic fighter but I suck so badly at it.

  13. Virtua-on is still 1200 for me. Is it a gold only offer?

    Yeah, Gold members only. The dash has been doing £1 and £2 Gold offers lately which would still allow you to pick it up at a discount, abeit not as big a saving.

  14. Crysis 2 was one the better FPS games from last year but I hope they sort out the AI for this one. Sneaking around cloaked while picking off enemies was great fun until you found the last one in an area doing the running man against a wall.

    Also, one of the best first achievements in any game.

  15. The share price will likely gap down on Monday on this news, if Rick still thinks he's getting out with only a £200 loss he will be in for a nasty suprise in the morning.

    He has just posted on NeoGaf that the price is now 1.5p, ouch.

    Actually, no wait, it's worse:

    The Game Group PLC

    1.38p -2.12 (-60.54%)

    EDIT: Make that 0.98p

    EDIT 2: Make that 0.75p


  16. According to HotUKDeals these are the prices for pre-owned hardware tomorrow:


    BASE MODEL: £29.99

    2000: £39.99

    PSP GO AND 3003: £49.99


    WHITE: £39.99

    BLACK: £49.99




    40GB, 80GB AND 60GB: £99.99

    120GB AND 160GB: £129.99

    250GB AND 320GB: £149.99

    XBOX 360:

    20GB AND 60GB; £69.99

    250GB SLIM: £129.99


    ORIGINAL: £19.99


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