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  1. I think I might have just made a massive mistake getting PES 2012. I'm getting really frustrated with how hard it is to play and I don't think it's just me being shit. I was pretty decent at 2011, but this is a nightmare. Do I just need to keep practicing?

    Defending is just ridiculously hard now and the AI are just flooding through my defense. I've done the training to get the timing of the challenges right, but in a proper game it's either useless or a guarenteed free-kick. Too close to the box and they will score. More likely than them scoring a penalty.

    Up at the other end and I just can't break through. The AI always play very, very deep. There is just no getting past them with or without manual control. I always get shrugged off the ball easily, or my passes are intercepted.

    I just can't seem to make the leap to getting the hang of it. Any tips?

    It cheats on the higher difficulties, basically. I mean it always has but this year it is cranked up even more and sometimes you can do nothing about it. Your control will be compromised, your players will conveniently all be out of position or Rory Delap will manage to dribble the ball past Carrick, Fletcher, Ferdinand, Vidic and the keeper like he is Messi on Speed.

    The main tip I can give is be ultra-boringly patient. Keep the ball as much as you can, sounds obvious but when you get to the final third it's too easy to always go for the hopeful through ball when there is little else on. Speaking of through balls, you are going to need to use 'super cancel' all the time in this year's version to get any advantage and to break free of the rails your forward will be stuck on and that goes double for intercepting loose balls and deflections. Don't be afraid to go backwards if all doors are blocked or switch play to the other side with a long pass (these are almost impossible to over/under hit this year so are much less of a risk). If you get a freekick that isn't in a shooting or crossing position, don't forget to play the simple one to a picked out team mate using the right stick to retain possession - an easy one to forget after previous games' limitations. Spread the play out wide as much as you can when the centre is packed and you feel like you're playing against the Greece side of 2004 but managed by Jacques Santini. The full backs actually do overlap with your wingers this year and sometimes can be your only option going forward. The drilled low cross (tap the cross button quickly three times) is still as effective as it was in PES 2011 and should definitely be abused. Early cross (cross button and L1, I think?) is useful when your winger doesn't have the pace or space to beat a man. Sometimes going backwards will trigger other team mates to move forwards, creating extra options but leaving you hopelessly exposed on the break if you lose it.

    Despite being something that used to be (quite rightly) despised, turning on AI assistance for auto clearing and *shudder* auto tackling can be a life saver when the player switching is screwing you (see cheating on higher difficulties above). Always rush your keeper out manually when faced with a one on one situation, the CPU fluffs these more often than you would think with the keeper moving off his line to your command.

    Patch 1.03 is out soon so I'm hoping for more tweaks. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it feels like the best football game ever and then other times I want Seabass' balls served on a plate for some reality TV 'star' to eat on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

  2. I can only see 2K stepping in if Konami calls it a day.

    The NBA 2K series is on another planet compared to FIFA/PES when it comes to replicating its respected sport, though. The game engine and presentation seems almost a console generation ahead.

  3. Aye, it's good but still frustrating at times. In an attempt to ramp up the challenge this year all they have done is make the 'cheat' scripting more intrusive and obvious. The Jekyll & Hyde nature of the series never seems to go away and there are games, from the very first minute, that you know you are going to lose no matter what because the AI is doing everything in its power behind the Wizard of Oz curtain to fuck your shit right up. That same scripting, when it is working in your favour however, can produce fantastic and unique moments that make you leap out of your seat. Double edged sword indeed. The form system is utterly broken, too, as you can win five in a row, keeping clean sheets and scoring loads and then inexplicitly all of your top players are on purple arrows the next match. Also, over a hundred games in - no penalties awarded either for or against me.

    It is the best PES this generation but still only a 7.5 or 8 out of 10 game.

    The only way they can bring sales back from Fifa is:

    1. Total rebrand/reboot. COMPLETELY NEW match engine with great presentation/animations (very much like EA did for Fifa 07) and dare I say it... new series name.

    2. Get the Premier League Licence or buy the Premier League and change all the names of the clubs to 'London FC' , 'Merseyside Red', 'Middlebrook' etc (edit mode or not, to the mainstream this matters)

    3. Make the online work consistently.

    4. Sabotage EA Canada so they end up making a shocking version of Fifa, I mean like PES 2008 bad.

    I'm hoping for number 1 but I doubt it will ever happen even with a new generation of consoles.

  4. Patch 1.02 is out that fixes the 360 run bug.

    Goalkeepers seem better, ball physics are different (more curl on passes and less floaty in the air), player movement and switching feels slightly more responsive and I haven't seen the stumble animation as much but I've only played a couple of games. CPU AI doesn't sit so deep, parking the bus all the time, which was a major annoyance before. Little tweaks here and there but nothing major; it still plays a cracking game of football.

  5. This is utterly, utterly magnificent.

    Rewind back to 1996 and I was playing the crippled, bordered, 20fps, pop-in-from-hell Saturn version on a 14 inch Beko TV, yet absolutely loved it. Shaving tiny fractions off a lap time on the beginner course was arcade racing perfection and still is today. So when I loaded this up and the attract screen kicked in, I must say, new underwear was needed. If Sega had any sense - yeah I know - they would be giving the same treatment to all their best Model 2 and 3 arcade games for XBLA/PSN release (Namco, you can join in too.) If they had managed to squeeze in a split screen mode this would be perfect but ,still, it's a better than arcade version of Daytona USA for under £7. There are no excuses for not buying this, unless you hate life.

  6. I'm itching to trade Fifa 12 and get this, but so far on the strength of the PES demo, Fifa is probably the better of the two for me. I've never liked Fifa, never understood the love, but I actually think this version is not bad. My concern is trading it in and regretting it because PES is yet again below par. Comments on here suggest otherwise though, and unlike times gone by it's not just Chin who's singing it's praises :)

    Online, is it possible to waltz through whole teams with the likes of Messi, etc, or is the defending good enough to stop this? I know it's not possible against the CPU, but I fear online it could be the case, scores of 7-6 and the like :facepalm: I want to be able to hold my own playing as the likes of Norwich when I take on the Barca's of the world.

    I would have to say that if you are still unsure after sampling the demo then rent it if you can first. The full game does play differently from the demo - it is slower paced, there are many more movement animations present (including the sad reappearance of the stumble) and the passing assistance, weight, inertia and movement have been changed so it feels less lightweight but perhaps not as instant and responsive. It is, however, a more responsive and fluid PES 2011 where you can beat a man with a turn of pace but not run all the way through your opponent's half from kick off and score. The AI improvements really do make a difference to the experience, too, especially when playing single player. If you didn't like PES 2011 then I would say approach with caution as this is a refinement and improvement on that rather than a radically different game. I cannot comment on the online side as that is really not my bag at all.

  7. Very surprised this isn't getting more love here.

    I'm not surprised it's being ignored here. Most people, who aren't completely loaded, will only have time and money for one football game and that game of choice for the forum and indeed most the country is Fifa. Konami almost completely destroyed the PES name over the past five years and are still paying the price for PES 2008-2010. Last year's game was good and this year's release is by far the best this generation and with further play may even become considered one of the best versions of Pro Evo ever. They have had to play catch up though, PES 2011 is what we should have had in 2007 and this game is a refinement of that.

    It's a slow burn this one, at first I was under whelmed and slightly disappointed. The more games I play though the more I see the glimpses of magic that used to be in the PS2 games. It feels like the PS2/PC versions of PES 6 mixed with the previous game and a sprinkling of elements from Fifa. Sure, there are bugs and there are faults but it is so much fun in single and local multi player sessions that it glosses over them (run bug aside if you can't work around it - that is completely unacceptable). The shooting is a mixed bag and far too heavily automated in some situations, however, the satisfaction of scoring a screamer or a completely unique one-of-a-kind goal remains and that is one the key things that makes me such a Pro Evo fanboy.

  8. Some great tense games. I really need to learn how to defend in this though, as I struggled a bit with that. Time to hit the training camp for that.

    I'm also struggling with the defending, it's not Fifa 12's 'lunge at nothing but thin air for 90 minutes' tactical defending but it isn't as locked in to the tackle as last year's. There were times when the most average of attackers would be doing mazy dribbles past two or three of my defenders to be in on goal, almost going straight through them as if they didn't exist. Vedran Ćorluka, though, is a brick wall, thou shalt not pass when he is in my control.

  9. Shopto are quick, aren't they?

    Played about half a dozen games after wrestling with my options to avoid the run bug. It came down to either playing in 1080p which looks soft downscaled on my budget 720p plasma or performing trial and error combinations of trying to load the main profile while using joypad 2. Eventually I settled on the latter after finally getting my head around how the 360's profiles work (I'm already signed in at the dash but because I'm using a second pad the game assumes it's a different profile and I have to sign in again or it won't default to my main load and will create a new one instead and arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh.) Fix your shit Konami; it's embarrassing.

    To the game proper, it feels a lot more like last year's game than the demo did. The pace is definitely slower but not to the point where speedy players are nerfed and the passing is looser. I'm not even sure what the power bar does at the moment as it feels really inconsistent. Keepers still go from saving the most sublime top corner efforts to conceding the weakest scuffed shot that's right at them. After all the effort put into the AI this year the goalies really stick out as the weakest link. This needs another patch on top of the day one patch and sooner rather than later.

    It is a hell of a lot of fun though.

  10. Has anyone managed to download the dlc on 360?

    It's nowhere to be found.

    Another Konami fuck up. :facepalm:

    Shouldn't you be in the Fifa 12 thread spreading joy, sunshine and happiness with Dinobot? ;)

    Speaking of fuck ups though, the 360 version is shipping with the run bug and there is no patch to fix it as of yet. If the work arounds don't work - plug in extra joypads and set to 1080p but only at 50hz/60hz depending on your model of 360 and TV on a Tuesday while singing My Sharona by The Knack - then the game will be completely broken on release.

    Which is nice.

  11. Shit.

    Without the Sumo touch, this could be a complete balls-up.

    Somebody hold me... :unsure:

    I don't know, man, it's not like Sega is going to release a port of the Saturn version running at 20fps, are they?

    That would be silly, right?

    I mean, they wouldn't do that with one of their most loved arcade racers ever, would they?

    I mean, how can anyone fuck up a port of a seventeen year old arcade game?

    This is Sega we are talking about here...

    Oh God.

  12. I am sorry but how can you do that? When I connect a second controller I can't just switch off the first one. :unsure:

    Hmm, well I was using a wired controller and a wireless one that was also plugged in because the battery is knackered, so I just used number 2 to select a side before a game. You can turn off a wireless controller by holding down the guide button until a menu pops up and then select turn off controller. I've had a 360 for five years and I only learned of this a few days ago.

  13. Is the 360 demo the same as the first PS3 demo?

    That stutter bug was in the first PS3 build, but I've not seen it at all in the ten-ish games I've played in the second demo.

    No. The 360 demo is the second demo, the first one was blocked by Microsoft and never saw release.

    I don't think the bug is in the second PS3 demo.

  14. A workaround has been found for the horrible 'running bug' that makes the player stutter while sprinting in the 360 demo. If you connect two controllers and make sure you use the second one, the bug disappears. Weird but it works.

    The game is so much better without that needless hindrance.

  15. Pes 2010 was a very arcadey game and while I did have some fun with it the flaws eventually made me rage and spit nails. The lack of responsiveness in player movement and button presses made the whole thing feel terribly clunky. The game breaking superstar players with Usain Bolt's turn of speed ruined nearly every multiplayer session and the AI was as dumb as George Bush and cost you games. These were the same flaws for three years running and simply inexcusable. I do think it looked great though (although moved awfully) and that vibrancy of image would be most welcome in the recent versions.

    Last year's game, while not without fault, was the turning point for Pro Evo. It ditched the arcade gameplay for something more realistic, measured (arguably too much so with the addition of the 'catch up' bug) and refined. Without the changes started in PES 2011 I doubt we would even have seen a PES 2012 or 2013 as the series would be almost certainly dead or at least drawing its final breath. It had already become a sorry looking thing for the most ardent of PES fans and an object of ridicule for those who played Fifa. The legacy of those bad games nearly destroyed the series and still affects its image as some are reluctant to even bother with this demo or dismiss it as 'arcadey' without giving it a chance. It's sad that it took a dramatic drop in sales before Konami started to fix things but I'm glad the series is back on track and improving.

  16. Okay, I’ve played a few games now and I must say that it is really, really good this year. It’s like the best bits of PES 2011 with a fluidity and responsiveness of control that last year’s game was lacking. The A.I is so much better, you have options and support from team mates whereas before they were absolute zombies. Every goalkeeper is a liability, though, which is a major concern.

    The graphics aren’t as crisp as 2011 and seem blurry and murky. The animations are still clunky but the game is so much more fluid than before and that makes it look less… stiff.

    There are a couple of major bugs in the demo (360 version):

    There is micro pausing throughout the game particularly before the ball goes in the net or out of play.

    There is a bug with sprinting with the ball where the player will suddenly check back and spaz out for no reason, sometimes leaving the ball behind.

    Overall it feels so alive and responsive. Players with pace actually have an impact on the game again after being nerfed last year. Robben is a nightmare to stop, as he should be, but also a joy to be in control of when you demolish a defence with a cutting run and finish. If they can sort out those wretched goalkeepers, this is going to be one hell of a great football game.

  17. Only played one game and now I'm off to bed.

    The graphics are blurry and there is bug where the player sometimes leaves the ball behind when dribbling, which is annoying. The keepers seem terrible.

    It is a million times more responsive than last year's game.

    That is all for now.

  18. I was all ready to spend 800 points on the MK Arcade Kollection but, damn, what a shoddy and lazy job.

    Emulation is off and the speed of the games is all over the place. Things like the window for inputting a Fatality seems to go by too quickly in comparison to arcade roms running at the correct speed. Speech samples cut out and some other sounds are an incorrect pitch or using different samples or something. The screen being off centre is quite ridiculous and not adjustable, plus the brightness/gamma is too high and you can't adjust that either. There is bonus screen tearing, too! Pause is on the back/select buttons and there is delay in input control after you un-pause. The online problems are well reported, which I don't care about, but will concede is absolutely vital to get right for a fighting game in this day and age.

    People bitch about Backbone's ports but NetherRealm Studios and Other Ocean have just lowered the bar.

    Rating: Hold your breath for a patch and try not to die from lack of oxygen out of ten.

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