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  1. I would probably add a few more midfielders that can tackle to that list, like, seven of them.

    Anyway, Scott Parker is a done deal by the looks of things.

    Bring on Lassana Diarra next, I say.

  2. Both Pro Evo and FIFA need improvments in key areas but the AI is bottom of the pile for me.

    See I certainly don’t agree. The AI affects how the game plays regardless of whether you are playing the CPU, an online opponent or your best mate sitting next to you. In any team sports games you are almost totally reliant on the team AI to make the game fun and for it to simulate any semblance of a real match - without it the game is nothing in single or multi player. Think of a time when you wished the AI controlled player would make that overlapping run into acres of space instead of standing there like a lemon so you could get a cross or shot in. The times a keeper will spill a shot right back in to the mixer for a cheap tap in (a PES special). I could go on and on but you get the point.

    Improvements in AI will be massively important to the quality of future PES and Fifa releases.

  3. We're in 2011, who really enjoys single-player football games anymore?

    I'm not being an ass, serious question this.

    The single player experience is probably one of the main reasons why Pro Evo hasn't been completely buried by Fifa during its fall from grace. Master League, even after all these years, still provides a deep and satisfying football RPG like experince that you cannot replicate the same quality anywhere else (despite what EA may claim). Also I'm not a big online player at all, most of my multiplayer fun comes from local 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 set ups. The A.I improvements being touted are getting huge praise even by some of the most cynical and skeptical of people. It may be hyperbole but next week when the demo hits we will see if it truly is the shake up that football games desperately need.

  4. Gold members get first week access to demos so this will definitely be the case. I'm not sure if those 48 hour trials are a way around this (they certainly don't allow you the 'Deal of the week' offers.)

    Back to the game, the recent gameplay videos from Gamescom have brought up a big issue with every player making a forward run after they release a pass. Defenders are bombing foward all the time resulting in chaotic looking end to end matches. I hope this isn't going to be an issue like the green zone thing or the never fixed catch up bug in 2011. The fan sites are denying there is an issue but I wouldn't trust Adam from WENB any further than I could shot put a rhino. Early demo for all, though, so let's complain about it next week...

  5. Well, I've changed the links but I don't know how long those will stay up.

    The set piece option of having control of who you pass to from a free kick or goal kick is one of the things I've wanted for ages. The free kicks before felt useless because of the lack of passing options if you had no chance of a worthwhile shot at goal. Being able to play the ball out of defence from the keeper without being closed down in milliseconds should add plenty of variety too.

    It looks more fluid and responsive (clunky animations aside) which, at times, 2011 was not. I'm hoping the game isn't as Jekyll and Hyde as last year's, a lack of consistent gameplay match to match was what stopped a good game becoming a great one.

  6. I had some really good (local) multiplayer games yesterday, it is definitely one the best Pro Evos for years. It’s a flawed gem, riddled with niggling problems, though. Let me moan about some of them here!

    The animations still need sorting. I saw the comedy front somersault dive nearly every time a slide tackle connected and it’s utterly bizarre looking. Goalkeepers do not dive properly and this has massive consequences on how they perform. It takes an age for some players to get the ball under control after receiving a pass and this can make the game feel really unresponsive as you jam buttons and nothing happens. The amount of throw ins conceded every match because of this is stupid and unrealistic.

    AI scripting, or as I like to call it, “This fucking game just does what it likes” is still really annoying and ever present. Crippling my player control does not even things up, it is just plain unfair. When the CPU wants a goal or wants to level a match you can see it from space. Your players will lose every 50/50 challenge, top strikers will hit the post and crossbar even in open goal situations and a simple 10 feet pass will be made by someone who now resembles the asthma kid who smelled of the green paper towels at school. Opposition players will move on fast forward, unnaturally sped up animations and all, as they play Harlem Globetrotters around you as you go, ‘Herp-derp’. I know this has been in every Pro Evo ever but, Christ, could they at least disguise it and try to fool me for once?

    Good luck getting decent shot away under pressure, too. Moon physics seem to switch on at random moments like with defensive clearances (for some reason usually when players are facing their own goal) or tight angled shots.

    What was the other really annoying thing?

    Oh yeah.


    But despite these faults and many other things it’s still loads of fun. The sweeping counter-attacking play, the space on the pitch that allows a more considered build up and the goals you can score, oh my. A Rooney effort yesterday was an incredible shot from a teed up free kick that stayed about a foot high off the ground, travelling at about 80mph with the slightest of spin until it hit the back of the net. It was so good I nearly ripped my top off and span it around my head like Ryan Giggs in 1999 against Arsenal, but there were children in the room and, well, y'know.

  7. Hello?


    Anybody in here?

    Remember the January transfer window? Y'know, that exciting time when Torres joined Chelsea and Liverpool paid too much for the talented but Boyzone loving, Andy Carroll? Well, Konami are on the ball with an update with those transfers from a month and a half ago. Better late than never, eh?

    This announcement is for the two other people on here who bought this surprisingly decent version of Pro Evo.

    I found the player stuttering +1 speed bug the other day, I thought my controller was busted.

    Who am I talking to?

  8. Creative director Todd Batty says everyone who sees SSX Tricky and SSX 3 thinks they are Wii games. He says that there are 10 "gamer types" for video games including "Explorers" who love big open worlds, "Managers" who love bartering and trading goods, and "Monsters" who mess people up. He says World of Warcraft hits nine of these types, and SSX DD currently hits 8, which is 2 more than SSX 3.

    What's the word I'm looking for here? Something like, er, um, hang on, more of a disgusted sound, oh yeah, I got it...


  9. I would love to see a Ridge Racer release for XBLA and PSN - a mash up of all the classic Ridge tracks with a Type 4 aesthetic at 60 fps, obviously. I would buy it in a nanosecond.

    Also, if the Sega Rally XBLA game turns into some crappy, 30fps, slimmed down port of the 2007 release, I may... cry.

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