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  1. Yes. http://gamrreview.vgchartz.com/sales/45608/kinect-adventures/
  2. I found this in my bookmarks today, I think it's maintained by a NeoGaf user but I'm not sure... https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AhgRT6je5eOcdG16cFZTV2JHQTVoTndocnhlNlpVX0E&hl=en&single=true&gid=0&output=html Either way, it's a handy reference of monthly NPD numbers starting from the launches of Wii and PS3.
  4. Picked this up before Christmas but only just got round to playing it yesterday. I’m surprised that it isn’t grabbing me at all, especially as I enjoyed what I played at the Eurogamer Expo. I don’t play online multiplayer (a racing game without split screen when we all have screens the size of family cars now and consoles powerful enough to do it justice, what‘s up with that Seinfeld?) and the Autolog stuff I couldn’t care less about. It left a bad first impression last night, I admit, with that advert and the *swoosh, clunk, swoosh, clunk* tutorial and unlockable reward bits that you cannot skip. I’m prepared to give it a chance, though, before I make my money back at CEX.
  5. I was about to rattle off a post like everybody else listing all the classics they could cram on this collection. Then I remembered that this is Sega, sobered up a bit and repeatedly punched myself in the balls instead. Crazy Taxi Rez Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram Soul Calibur (Edit! Hang on, this one is Namco fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuu) Sega Bass Fishing Space Channel 5 Part 2 Sonic Adventure ...is what the collection will be, at best, won't it? Prove me wrong, Sega, my testicles are sore.
  6. Troublegum


    What a odd choice of style/design for an SSX game; it looks like some focus group tested nightmare. Where's the outrageous character(s) and exploding neon confetti?
  7. I wholeheartedly recommend the Xbox Indie game Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight and the Christmas skins in Lumines.
  8. Post patch the default speed is even faster, in fact, it looks ridiculous at times. I've have to bump it down to -1 because it was just too fast and hectic. The biggest improvement is the closing down of wing play by the AI. The jog bug is now gone from what I played of the two games last night and the CPU is very aggresssive in tackling and blocking the cross, so it now really pays to get early first-time balls in to the box. The player switching I'm still not sure of , I *think* it has improved some but I need more games with it to see if those 'for fuck's SAKE' moments of conceding a goal because you lost control of a player at the vital time still happen. The game did feel more responsive, though, tighter with less button lag. All in all, it's still a scatty game, it will be cruising along just fine and then have two minutes of absolute out-of-control madness where nothing works or makes sense. I still like it. The penalties can suck a dick though.
  9. Bungie aren't owned by Activision; it's a publishing deal.
  10. I was going to try and do something more detailed and obscure but, alas, even the simple pic above took far too long for some reason.
  11. It freezes for about 5 seconds every time I exit my game library folder, that's not annoying. I learnt how to use a controller today, though, so thanks.
  12. A reminder to all that today is the last day of the 'spend 2400 points and get 800 back' promotion - http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Press/archive/2010/0930-thankyougift I'm so picking up Crazy Taxi (minus Bad Religion and Offspring *sigh*) with those free points next month.
  13. They are preparing some of the Kinect/new dashboard updates and this is playing havoc with Live, apparently.
  14. Pinball FX2 is awesome and great example of how to do a sequel properly. As a 'free' upgrade to the first game it's a steal already but the pack of new tables are a massive improvement compared to the previous ones. That Pasha table is high score crack mixed with crystal meth.
  15. I remember playing Sega Bass Fishing with mates whilst drunk some ten years ago. It was so funny that the lager came out of my nose. "Enjwoy your fwishing" "Chooooose your bait" "Select a casting point" *waggle* "Bite it..." "Fish!!" *Terrible guitar music* "LOWER THE ROD!" "LOWER THE ROD!" "LOWER THE ROD!" "Be careful!" "Nooooooo" "Small one..."
  16. Was listening to this at work and thought it was very average. Only By The Night , which I liked, was sometimes right at the tipping point of turning into that commercial MOR sound. The new album plays it too safe and lacks dynamism, energy and bite, almost like their hearts weren't really into it. Too many similar sounding songs that are hard to distinguish from one another makes it a bland listen. Really liked the first song, though.
  17. Well, obviously. It is completely impossible to calculate precisely how many of anything that has been sold is still actively used or functioning, unless it’s a device or product that must be hooked up online to work and can be tracked somehow. Fuzzy logic and dodgy maths is the only way to do it but a sales figure at least gives you a starting point of reference, even it is all downhill from there. I agree with the comments so far of about 5% market penetration. The only way I can see it going up from there is if they bundle it with every 360 sold.
  18. It was 40 million worldwide as of April when they released their financials. Edit link - http://www.next-gen.biz/news/xbox-360-clears-40-million-sales
  19. I didn't and they haven't; it's a funny trolling video, mon. Like everyone else I'm more interested in the potential of the device, really. Just imagine what Treyarch or Bungie could do... Until we get a Call of Duty: Immobile Ops or a Halo: Cannot Walk Around This Pillar (Of Autumn) Collector's Edition, we really don't know how an FPS would work on the thing - nobody does. Not that it needs one, of course.
  20. Well, boy, is their luck in because they have to wait no longer... By which I mean, herp derp, herp derp, derp, derp, derp.
  21. Winning Eleven Blog have one (split into two downloads, I believe) for PS3 http://winningelevenblog.com/blog/uk-wenb-of-released/ It may be worth downloading and installing the official DLC that was released today before you install this option file. Patches have, in the past, reset or broken installed option files to the dismay and frustration of many. I don't know if this is still the case. I cannot vouch for the quality of the file because I only have a 360.
  22. I always miss it if it’s not there, even if the delivery and repetition is awful, as it adds to the atmosphere as background noise, I guess. It also serves as a delivery vehicle for most of the in-jokes with friends when playing local multiplayer. My favourite from PES 2010 was, “He’s slotted it away” just after a defender has hoofed it 50 yards up the pitch.
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