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  1. Haven’t tried any other modes yet but this game really kicked my bottom on Top player last night; it’s absolutely devastating on the counter attack at times. A lot of it was of my own (un) doing, I admit, I haven’t completely got to grips with the passing yet. There were times where, through bad habit, I would lazily play a risky pass that in previous games would not be a problem but in this would end up in no mans land and then usually intercepted by Malouda or Drogba for a clear run on goal. The A.I attacks how I want to but I don’t yet have the ability (I hope) to pull off those sweeping ‘pass and move’ one-touch counters by playing into space with perfect timing and range.

    What speed is everyone playing on?

    I’ve knocked it down to -1 and it feels a lot better. The animations, although still a bit wonky, look and flow better and the whole thing plays a bit more natural. +2 must trigger Benny Hill music instead of commentary or something. Speaking of which, Champion and Beglin keep talking over each other towards the end of games, resulting in a clusterfuck of clichéd garbage spewing from my speakers. It’s a really annoying bug.

  2. Cor, the shooting is much better than the demo.

    Played my first game as Spurs against Werder Bremen (come on, as a Spurs fan you have to) on professional difficulty, which I think is too easy and will be bumping up to top player for the next games. Went a goal down from a header delivered by a freekick really early, but pulled it back with a tight angle thunderbolt from Defoe that the keeper couldn't hold which fell nicely for Lennon to tap in. My second goal was a beautiful curling half volley by Huddlestone from just outside the box - an exquisite finish, I must say, that the replay of was saved instantly.

    Greenzone bug is definitely still present, at least on proffessional difficulty nobody wanted a piece of Bale on the wing, and this needs to be fixed A.S.A.P before they even start worrying about pink Nike boots for DLC (I'm going to play a few Top Player games to be sure so I don't prematurely start crying.) The commentary is still poor but Beglin is about a thousand times better than Mark 'SHOUTY' Lawrenson. The ball physics from ricochets and some deflections is still ridiculous. As someone else also mentioned on here, the replay camera has been broken and is worse than before.

    Passing is much better and the shooting even more dramatically so. Both feel so much tighter than the demo, there are less 'floaty' shots/passes happening all the time. Tackling is sometimes hit and miss, with that 'who won the ball, oh me, no wait, hang on, er' situation still popping up at moments you really don't want it to.

    Early days, sure, but this is the best PES on 360 and PS3 by far. That's not glowing praise given its history this generation, I know, however it is the game that PES 2008 should and could have been if they had got their shit together when their rivals did. It's not perfect by any stretch, this feels like a much needed reboot for the series and a solid base to build upon.

    Hell, I'm just glad I've got a footy game to play now. ^_^

  3. “Yeah Nan, I know I said it would be better than Wii Bowling and Eastenders is starting in a minute. But if you could change out of that Christmas jumper while I move all the furniture out of the room and whitewash the walls, that would be grand. Don’t leave it on the floor, though…”

  4. You know on Top Gear when James May did those mockingly ironic press release announcements about the Dacia Sandero for a couple of series? Well, new Game Room releases remind me of that.

    "Good news!!"


    "Game Room now has Private Eye for the Atari 2600!"


    "Moving on to the new Audi..."

  5. Why can’t Rare, a first-party developer with surely all the technical support at its disposal from the creators and designers of the hardware itself, minimize this lag? If it’s a software issue then Microsoft , a software company that should be capable of creating the best programming solutions for hardware they own, can’t find a common fix for the response problems plaguing the device. Or maybe they do have it working perfectly and Rare are too shit/lazy to make it work in their games, perhaps they didn‘t get the memo. If, however, it’s an inherent trait or limitation of the hardware itself then there is no mystery as to why these games lag and often don’t respond, as no software solution is ever going to completely fix that.

    I have only experienced Sports and Adventures, on both the lag causes a massive disconnect between what actions you are performing and the feedback you are receiving on screen; it’s really, really jarring. I wasn’t expecting Minority Report level precision, but I was hoping it would work most of the time without costing me control of the game at any point.

    Maybe they have that perfect software solution up their sleeves that makes it super responsive ready for launch or at least the second wave of games. Maybe the hardware is perfectly up to the task but the programmers so far aren’t. Or maybe Nintendo was really wise to pass this up when they first saw it because the tech doesn‘t actually work as intended.

  6. Played what must have been the finished or at least close to final version yesterday at the Eurogamer Expo. Quick match against the CPU United versus City.

    The game speed was a tad quicker than before but I forgot to go into the menu to see if had been bumped up by +1 or +2. Player movement was much more fluid in comparison to the demo, the animations still have stiffness but the effect has been reduced. There were far fewer niggly fouls going on throughout the match, which pleased me greatly. The passing was crisper and more precise although perhaps not as 'free' or loose like the demo. Shooting resulted in punchier weighty shots more often with less of that strange, floaty, balloon physics thing going on. I only managed to squeeze in one game before letting the next person in the queue try it, until I turned around and realised that there was no queue and everyone was playing Fifa.

    Pro Evo is a good game this year and about bloody time, too.

  7. Did anyone see that episode of Stephen Hawking’s Universe about time travel? One of the theoretical time machines proposed was a mega fast train which would loop around the world several times a second at close to the speed of light. As the train approaches the speed of light, but never quite hitting that velocity because the laws of the universe would not allow that to happen, time itself slows down compared to what is happening outside of the vehicle. Kinect also works in a different timescale, just like that theoretical train, as in much slower than the rest of the world around it. This is a rather convoluted and awkward way of me saying, ‘Oh my Christ! Have you seen how laggy this thing is?’

    Watching people try to negotiate the Total Wipeout style level of Kinect Adventures was amusing. One guy even gave the thing evils, a frown and threw this pose as the game failed to register his gestures time and time again:


    Also, selecting the menu is like this:


    Kinect Sports held up just as well. I didn't get to sample Joyride as I was distracted by a small child and his mother on stage performing Kanye West's Gold Digger whilst being showered with fake bank notes at the Def Jam Rapstar booth, and that was too fucking funny to miss out on.

    Overall I give it five stars, out of a hundred, and I advise you all to:

  8. Hello, you bitchy cows! I still like it but further play does reveal its problems:

    The referees are still a bit broken. They aren’t as broken as in 2010 but you will get pulled up all the time for seemingly fair challenges where the ball is won first, while mistimed slide tackles that cause the victim to perform cartoon somersaults are often unpunished. The game gets a bit stop-start with all these fair challenges racking up as free kicks.

    There is a well known bug where you can jog down the wings with the ball unchallenged. This has been promised to be fixed for the full game and it sure needs to be because it’s a game breaker against the CPU.

    When the ball ricochets off of players or between a melee of bodies, it zips away, accelerating at ridiculous speeds and often out of play.

    There are times when it will pass into space when you want it to pass to feet or vice-versa. This depends, I think, on what day of the week it is or whether there is a full moon or whether it feels like cheating you most probably. Also, if a pass overshoots its intended target and ends up closer to another team mate it won’t switch to that player even if the intended recipient is now miles away. The ball will still bounce off of heels and shins too frequently because of this.

    They have dialled back the speed of the dribbling too much. Being put clean through with ten yards between you and the nearest defender should mean a certain one-on-one with the keeper, unless you are controlling Jamie Carragher. I can see why they have done this, as for years it was all about giving the ball to the fastest player and holding sprint, but they have taken it too far. Sluggish defenders will gain ground on swift attackers with the pace of Tyson Gay.


    "And that's not all..."

    Challenging for a header from a long punted goal kick still involves two players standing motionless with no jostling.

    Whoever thought that typeface in that colour with no borders should be used for the in-match option menus needs to be killed.

    Side on penalties for fuck’s sake. Although they are easier to take this time, I’ll give them that.

    If the ball drops to Abidal on the edge of the box and he decides to shoot, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t try to execute a, flying, scissor-kick volley.

  9. I am also pleasantly surprised by this - it is a massive improvement from the previous game. It still carries some of those legacy problems that have dogged the series for years such as the stiffness and awkward, although slightly smoother this time around, animations. The response times that killed last year’s game have been massively reduced so I no longer feel I’m fighting for the players to do something as the ball bounces harmlessly off their shins.

    There is a steep learning curve with the passing because it is such a departure from what I expect from PES. Being able to play passes into space rather than just to feet or slightly ahead of a player opens up the game and takes away most of the rails you are used to. Shooting is less ‘Paul Scholes thunderbolt’ every time as you need to consider body position, angle, speed and, of course, player skill more than before. The ball is no longer a stupidly heavy marble so that helps makes the shots look realistic with *gasp* curl. The long range shooting accuracy with star players was almost game-breaking at times in 2010 but not here, thankfully.

    The reason I’ve always rated PES, until recently anyway, was because of those unique random moments that don’t get duplicated from match to match. My first goal on this was an early first time cross from Iniesta, finished with an exemplary edge-of-the-box volley from Busquets right in the top corner - it was magic. I know that I won’t score a goal even similar to that over the course of tens of games. I like every game to feel different and now that horribly predictable scenario of giving the ball to Messi to take it round half the team and the keeper from his own half is gone, my brother can suck it and prepare to start losing again.

    This game is on a hiding to nothing, Konami have fucked off most of the fans with three bad (four if you count PES 6 on 360) games this gen so I can't say I'm surprised at the lack of interest and general apathy for its release. But against all odds, 'Seabass promises PES 2011 overhaul' and for once he has, mostly, delivered.

  10. What is this PS+ thing that means you get the demo early? Sounds rubbish to me. Is that a pro evo/konami thing?

    Konami and Sony did a deal for a week's exclusivity on PS+ or Sony's attempt to get a subbed revenue stream ala Live...

    The demo will be up on regular PSN, Live and PC on the 15th.

  11. I haven't played the demo, but I do know the answer to this...You are retarded. :P (Joke)

    There is a knack to the penalties and I'd score 9/10 penalties with no trouble. You just need to get the timings right.

    I am shit at penalties, aye, but that timing window is far too small and imprecise. Factor in the A.I scripting plus the view, man, the view! It wasn't like I was letting Puyol take them either! ;)

    I never had many chances to practice them because you would hardly ever get a penalty awarded over the course of a hundred well fought games, especially against the computer.

  12. Some questions for those who have played the demo:

    1) Is the 'zombie grandad' walk still in the game? (where your player will suddenly think he on the set of Thriller when he is supposed to be running towards the ball.)

    2) Is the player movement proper 360 degrees this year, rather than the 8-16 angles they pretended it was last year?

    3) Are the referees still broken or do they actually award penalties to you if you are hacked down by your brother after being sent clean through on goal in the last minute, grrr?

    4) Are the penalties still utterly impossible to take without either blasting it wide or straight down the middle at the keeper?

    5) Seabass or chips?

    Thank you!

  13. I think this will be silently buried by Christmas. It's a tremendous embarrassment after what should have materialised into a proper, legit, M.A.M.E with Live functionality and games beyond 1983.

    At this rate, Uncle Nasty, it would take them another 300 years to get anywhere near the release of an early Sega Model 1 game.


  14. I hereby declare that Seabrooks smokey bacon crisps are the saltiest tasting foodstuff in the entire universe.

    I like Seabrooks generally and, yeah, I realise that 'smokey' and 'bacon' means lots of salt but good grief.

  15. I've heard a rumour it's gonna be a XBLA release...

    That would definitely be the smartest move for them - at 1200 points it would do really well and I'd buy it instantly. This is Sega we are talking about, though, the same Sega that would probably poop it out the same week as several massive blockbuster releases at full whack.

    Be smart, Sega, stick it on XBLA and then follow it up with Sega Racing Classic/Daytona or Sega Rally and then we can be friends again.

  16. Grunts are terrifying and deadly?

    I'm sure that must be wrong. :D

    If they are anything like the suicidal, charging, dual-plasma-grenade-wielding, sons of bitches in ODST's Firefight mode then I'm sure that's a pretty fair assessment. Drop a pack of those bastards in one go and the chain reaction of explosions can send you into orbit if you're not careful.

  17. Does anybody know what the likes of Asda and Tesco are charging for this in store at the moment? I assume they'll be the cheapest. Online Asda are wanting £38 while Tesco want £22. I'm hoping the store price will be under 30...

    Argos are doing it in store for £21.99 on both 360 and PS3.

  18. Disappointing end level to Halo 3? It was great. A proper homage to the first game, but even grander in scale.

    Why didn't you like it?

    The orange anus Flood level (was that Cortana???) and the Warthog run through the collapsing corrugated cardboard platforms were really buggy and frustrating to me. The Flood level fucked up my save and checkpoint and got to a point where it would get stuck reloading in an endless loop, so I had to start the whole level from the beginning. I got lost seemingly endlessly in the level too - hated every minute of it and have never liked The Flood. The Warthog run had moments where the vehicle would glitch and spaz out; there were at least a couple of occasions when I would fall through a solid floor for no reason (as in not one of the panels that were falling down). The technical issues definitely left a sour taste in my mouth that others may not have experienced but I also felt the level design took a nosedive towards the end regardless of that.

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