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  1. So, how long do folks think the PSP Go has got until Sony pull the plug? It's one of those proper disasters isn't it, and I think you can rule out any future DD only console for a good long while.

    From a sales figures perspective, yes, it is a disaster. They must, however, be making a tidy profit on the hardware despite that, especially considering how old the tech is is now and the ludicrously high price they charge for it.

  2. More proper football games is a good thing. The 2 we have at the moment are pretty drab and too bloated with crap.

    As a sidenote. did anyone ever import/play Football Kingdom? It's a Namco game, released back in 2004 on PS2 and I think 360 a few years later. Here's a video

    It's looks pretty nice, if a little too much like PES.

    I've seen lots of videos of that floating around but never played it. It's (not that) amazing to see that the animations on it are still far beyond what PES can do.

    As for the Ubisoft game, I'm willing to give it a go. I seem to remember enjoying one of the Fifa Street games on Xbox despite the awful reviews.

  3. Old men, this is the anti-Hawx (Ugh!) and thank the nonexistent Lord for that.

    This is a arcade perfect conversion of a silky smooth, 60 frames per second and quite frankly bonkers jet fighter game that, all things being well, should be priced under a tenner. Under a tenner! This would have cost £40 on the Dreamcast! If that doesn't make you jump for joy and start high fiving everyone in sight then there will be no more joy for you here.

  4. Update!


    Mario Kart Wii - £34.99 (I know I could have saved a tenner online, but it was an urgent purchase for a family gathering)

    Halo 3 ODST - £18.99

    2100 Microsoft Space Bucks - £15

    Poundland Wii Wheel - I can't remember.

    Total £69.98

    I buckled; it was there as I walked past the stacks of Toffifee, packs of 18 leaky AA batteries and a surprising selection of Sinatra and Elvis DVDs.

  5. Hmm, you could easily stick a few more card-holders in the mould of your average DS game box; how about a Phoenix Wright collection? I was going to suggest a full-blown Ace Attorney collection, but there's no telling whether there will be further Apollo Justice games, and then there's the Ace Attorney Investigations series to consider...

    Wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to put them on one card or is there a size limit on DS cards?

  6. Fifa.

    All the parts are there now but it just doesn't do it for me and I don't know why. Every time I try a demo, for the last few versions anyway, I think, 'this is bloody great!' then the full game comes and I can't get into it or persevere with it. A shame because PES has had a few shocking years to say the least (2010 shows signs of a recovery but still creaks) and yet there are no football games out there other than the big two.

    In other news, I'm in the 'wish I could like Zelda' camp as well.

  7. There were those Help charity game compilations on PS1 and PS2 and I saw re-branded 'double packs' of Playstation 2 games a couple of years ago. Nothing on the scale of the old Imagine or Ocean boxes in recent years, though.

  8. Online gaming is one thing that has passed me by; I just don't get it. I sometimes watch my 15 year old brother play Call of Duty and it's mesmerising the sheer skill displayed but it has obviously come at the price of not going outside for months. I see a lot of myself in him when I was that age - the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to a new big title from day one.

    I have to play games in small chunks, bite-size pieces that are sometimes a mere level at a time, before my interest wanes and I have to do something else. If it weren't for XBLA games and the Wii I might have not even bothered with this generation.

  9. My Halo 3 save fucked up on that GHASTLY, orange, Flood level. It would take forever to load and then it would come up with a message on the screen as it started like, 'Cannot *something* *something*', booting me right back to the title screen. I hated every minute of that level which is a shame because, up until that point, the game had been great.

    Why do the all the Halo games (only just started ODST, so can't include that yet) fall apart so badly at the end?

    Oh, and I want bots in Reach, Bungie.

  10. Is it me or has the 360/ps3 gap narrowed by 2million since the 360 passed 27m? genuine question, I'm not sure

    I think that it has narrowed 2 million since the launch of the PS3 Slim (September???) The release of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan has given it an extra boost on top of that as well.

    The battle for second place is still on!

  11. Sega have always, ALWAYS been a company that does the opposite of what they should do. I remember reading Sega Power magazine around 93-96 and even then Sega were a joke with the ideas they came up with. They never do what they should, which i guess makes us lucky the DC was soo good. A fluke perhaps.

    Aye, too right.

    I was there with the Saturn and if it weren't for the quite frankly brilliant (most of the time, considering the technical limitations) home conversions of those Model 2 arcade classics, I would have regretted my purchase. I sure as hell didn't buy the fucking thing for Clockwork Knight and Bug, that's for sure. The DC was the only time they realised their strength - amazing arcade games - and thus it was the arcade in the home I had always dreamed of.

    I don't hold any hope of them releasing this for consoles to be honest, as mentioned above they seem too preoccupied making terrible Sonic games and trying to be a limited version of Gametap with http://www.playsega.co.uk/

    Man, browsing the Sega bit of the System16 site makes me want to cry.

  12. might mean we can get an emulated port for XBLA/PSN too...

    If Sega don't do this they are the biggest spackers in the world. Oh wait, they already are. Seriously, though, if they can release a port of a niche game like Virtua On Oratorio Tangram on XBLA then surely Dayton, er, I mean Sega Racing Whatever is an open goal.

    And Sega Rally.

    And Virtua Fighter (2).

    And Virtua Racing.

    And Crazy Taxi.

    And Jambo Safari.

    And Fighting Vipers.

    And Motor Raid.

    And Manx TT.

    And Virtua Cop.

    And Planet Harriers.

    And Cosmic Smash.

    And F355 Challenge.

    And Wild Riders.

    And Scud Race.

    And After Burner Climax.

    And Sega Race TV.

    And and and and and probably hundreds more from their 3D arcade history I want but can't remember right now.

  13. I haven't seen any ice skating, when does that happen for you?

    It happens usually when a zombie has just climbed down from something and starts charging, but also occasionally after a melee attack or when it becomes aware of you after shuffling or standing around. Like giant frying pan said, it is probably just a case of certain animations being unfinished before the full release.

  14. Y'know, twatting zombies around the head with a frying pan in a Reeves and Mortimer style is never going to get old.

    I do hope the ice skating animations get fixed, though - some of the zombies look like extras from Breakdance: The Movie.

  15. Is there going to be a PES demo? I try the new Pro Evo more for old time's sake than anything else, but it's always nice to have a look.

    The unconfirmed rumour is that it's coming 23rd September.

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