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  1. Troublegum

    FIFA 10

    Online gaming isn't really my bag, so the single player component is quite important to me. If only I could get my brother to try Fifa for more than five minutes, the closed minded fool.
  2. Troublegum

    FIFA 10

    I did. Although it does sharpen them up in defence and midfield, they still don't score from open play often enough and it isn't like they aren't getting the chances. And I'm rubbish. The passing in this is sweet as, though, they really have nailed it this year.
  3. Troublegum

    FIFA 10

    I'm rubbish at Fifa but I'm scoring loads of goals. It is definitely easier for me to score than in 08 or 09 and not just with Barca. At the other end, the AI doesn't seem to know where my goal is for some reason.
  4. Troublegum

    FIFA 10

    It definitely feels more responsive than 09. Passing in the midfield is now a joy, it seems far more open and less restrictive than before. Lofted balls have eliminated the last bit of 'beach ball-ness' that always used to annoy me. Crosses have a faster pace so you can really drive a peach of one into the box. Heading the ball is much improved. Seems a bit easier against the CPU than before or is it just me? Frame rate seems to be worse in the arena bit for some reason. I don't like the depth of field effect in the cut scenes and replays, it makes the players look like Subbuteo models subject to extreme tilt shift photography. Overall, it isn''t as big a jump that 08 to 09 was, but more of the same with lots of smaller tweaks and improvements. Impressed.
  5. Brilliant, that's my Mum that is! My friends never wanted to stay for tea, hell, even I didn't want to stay for tea most of time. Frozen Tesco cottage pie in those foil dishes with baked beans, yeesh. Y'know the bit in This is England where he wants the Doc Martens but his Mum is trying to fob him off with some cheap rubbish? That kid was me except it was Nike trainers and I always ended up leaving with a pair of Head or Nicks instead(can you still get them on the market along with Benson's crisps?). I never knew anyone with a NES, all my experience of it was playing this demo unit upstairs in Boots... A few kids had Master Systems, but it was mainly a split between the 8-bit trifecta of Amstrad/Speccy/C64 and the Amiga/Atari ST kids who had the luxury of drinking Yop instead of squash.
  6. It would be ever so rude of me not to pick up Puzzle Quest for 400pts, I have had the demo sat there for ages but never bought it.
  7. Have you tried any other HDMI feeds to make sure that it isn't the TV itself?
  8. Troublegum

    Halo 3: ODST

    Yay! That means that there isn't a level as bad as Cortana, hopefully. Please tell me there are no levels as bad as that glistening orange, disorientating, rectal examination of an atrocity.
  9. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    Good news for England, though.
  10. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    It's a little hard not to get carried away with the terrific form we have started the season with, but there can't be any teams who would want to play us right now. Such a turn around from this time last year. Defoe looks absolutely lethal in front of goal at the moment. We look like a much more physical and balanced team this season.
  11. Tinned marrowfat peas. Stuffed vine leaves. Any raw fish. What a delightfully eclectic and disgusting meal that would all make. Bluuuuuuuurghhhhh.
  12. 'Repaired' console has suffered its second RRoD. I think it is way past the original 3 year warranty now. Fucking wretched thing, it's enough to make you want to buy a PS3 instead. Do Microsoft have a warranty period for their pathetic attempts at repair work?
  13. Virtua Fighter 2 for the Saturn was an amazing port, nobody thought it would get so close to the Model 2 original (3D backgrounds notwithstanding).
  14. Empire Interactive has bitten the dust so Double Dragon and Speedball 2 have both been delisted. It sucks that nobody else has picked up the rights to publish these (maybe even Microsoft themselves could have?).
  15. That is one of the most bone-crushing knockouts I have ever seen. From the first bell Hatton didn't look confident or composed. His shots were wild compared to Pacquiao's precise, powerful and speedy combinations. Too good.
  16. Troublegum


    It was originally a Taito game, but Taito have since been acquired by Square Enix. The Taito name/brand still exists, though. Not sure if the Chase HQ name was sold to anyone else...
  17. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    It sure has been one of the more eventful seasons so far. I was certain we would be fighting against relegation until the last kick of the season. Fair play to Levy in realising the severity of the situation and getting Harry in, though. We need stability again and some consistency. We gained that through Martin Jol and then a bad start and a change brought us back to square one again. I'm hoping next season Harry doesn't replicate the bloody awful starts we have had the last couple of seasons. Still, TWO cup finals in succession with one trophy to place in the dusty cabinet, that's like Christmas, Easter, a lottery win and a blowjob from Scarlett Johansson all rolled into one for us. I'm thinking that Harry is probably going to bring in a few more stronger, direct, physical players in the mould of the team he built at Pompy. We’re still lacking some steel after all to give the team the right balance.
  18. Better for whom? The families that buy Wiis or the person on here who has played thousands of Halo 3 matches and quit half of them? There’s a reason you don’t see the Redknapp family sitting on different white sofas, in different houses, playing each other in the adverts. “Get in Luigi, come ‘ere you pair of mugs”, says Harry, looking down at the empty seat beside him, desperate to give his son a playful headlock.
  19. Ramone is right. Xbox Live, by its very design, is not encompassing or family friendly regardless if You‘re In The Movies or Scene It are available for it or not. It is competitive, insular, anti-social and darn right intimidating for most normal people. If the Wii had the 360’s online structure and implementation as standard, its image and popularity would be tainted and your Mum and Nan wouldn‘t want to go anywhere near it.
  20. Troublegum

    Cheap AI

    Every single Pro Evo ever. A hidden switch is often flicked on the AI to decide that you *will* lose no matter how well you play. Every opposing player becomes Messi and all your players turn into Titus Bramble. On every corner or set piece to defend you will concede a goal if you are ahead, not to mention shots going through your poltergeist keeper. As you are chasing the game, your star forward is now Ronnie Rosenthal circa 1992 when he hit the bar in front of an open goal from about 8 yards. Seabass is such a shithead.
  21. Well, at least I know what the next generation of consoles will be capable of in a racing game now.
  22. "Please, please, please don't buy a PS3 - we can do pretty graphics, too! Woof!"
  23. Wow, what an unexpected choice of game to port. I loved the Saturn version of Virtual On even though I never had the twinsticks. Great music, too, from what I can remember. Never got to play the sequels, so I'm really looking forward to this. Don't let me down, Sega...
  24. Nick Suttner was on the Listen Up podcast and pimped the game Groov. It's brilliant. It's Geometry Wars meets Rez with rubbish graphics. That doesn't matter because it's all about the sound, as your shots make the main tune and the death of your enemies provides the backing track. It's less of a game and more a musical toy. Damn addictive, too.
  25. Troublegum

    The Spurs Thread

    Oh well, kind of expected that sort of result before the match judging by the team selection but, I must say, up until the goal I thought we defended quite well. Dawson was great and Campbell worked his socks off for very little change. I wonder if Gomes will ever play for us again? Still, the Uefa cup is waaaay down the list of priorities this year, below avoiding relegation and preventing the seemingly invincible Manchester 'Harlem Globetrotters' from destroying us in the Carling Cup final.
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