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  1. I've bought INSIDE, because it's a masterpiece and I haven't been through it since 2016 on the PS4. I also got Botanicula, as I loved Machinarium and it's by the same company.
  2. I still think it's a bit cheeky how they sold it at the time as being real gameplay, though. I guess you always have to take these things with a pinch of salt. It looks a lot smoother than the actual game, too, as if it's at a higher FPS. 1440p @60 FPS for the PS5 version, if there is one, would be great.
  3. To appear on Game Pass? Yes, I think so.
  4. Great Thanks both. I'm sure I read that on the forum somewhere, but perhaps it was a different game.
  5. I've just watched the gameplay reveal from E3 in 2018 again. It's the bit from the first time you meet the Scars as Ellie: It's interesting to see which parts are representative of the gameplay in the actual game and what has clearly been added later. To be fair, a lot of the stuff that happens in this footage you can do in the actual game, but there's definitely little bits here and there that are scripted: towards the end, one of the enemies dropping her quiver of bows, for example, and then Ellie picking them up in a bunch, and then the way she takes down the big guy with the hammer - you can't really do that stuff in the game, although it does come pretty damn close. I remember thinking at the time when this trailer was first shown 'This can't be real gameplay', although the majority of it is.
  6. Is the version of Forza Horizon 4 on Game Pass still worth playing for single-player? I've read a couple of comments saying stuff along the lines of it's a mess without the DLC, which I'm assuming doesn't come with the GP version.
  7. 20. The Gardens Between (PC Game Pass) This was quite nice, if very slight, both in terms of its runtime (less than two hours) and its mechanics. The diorama-like levels put me in mind of Captain Toad, while the time control being tied to the movement of the characters was reminiscent of Braid, although it lacks the depth of either game. It looks pretty in motion, though, and the soundtrack was quite chill. A nice palate cleanser after the intensity of TLOU2. I can think of worse ways to spend a couple of hours if you've got Game Pass, just don't expect anything that you haven't seen before. 6/10 Previous:
  8. Nice post @Robo_1. I'd be interested to hear which sections you thought were difficulty spikes; the only part I got frustrated by, playing on hard, was the rat king and his instakills, although I think a lot of this was from not being able to see where to go more than anything else.
  9. Mate, that way lies madness. Don't wste your time. I really think that Metacritic and the like should be obliged to not show user reviews for games that have obviously been targeted by idiots, or at least put it behind a banner or something that says 'We have reason to believe these reviews are not based on users who have actually played the game', or words to that effect, at least.
  10. I don't think that's true. Isn't it the fastest selling PS4 exclusive ever, and one of the most acclaimed? Twats are twats, sure, but they don't seem to have done anything to stem the success of the game.
  11. I mentioned this in another thread, but did the end of the game really remind anyone else of the final episode of Breaking Bad? (BB spoilers)
  12. Yeah, you're right. Let's not generate any conversation about it at all
  13. The conversation Ellie and Joel have must have taken place on the same night as when he pushed Seth, though, because when she wakes up the next day, and you assume control of her, she goes to see Seth, who apologises about his behaviour the night before, then goes off with Dina. Ellie doesn't return to Jackson again until after Joel has died and we see her by his grave. I guess she must have gone to see Joel after storming out of the dance with Dina. That's the last time she saw him. When she wakes up the next day she's under the player's control.
  14. What even is Fallout 76? Is it single-player, an MMO or what? I remember reading all the negative press about it when it first came out and I've just ignored it since then.
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