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  1. I tend to stay up until about 12.30-1am on a Friday and Saturday night playing, but I can't say I switch to a particular game after a certain time - I just carry on playing the game I started playing at about 9/10pm. ... Yep, that's about all I've got to contribute to this thread.
  2. And that's SK done as well, also first time! These bitches ain't shit.
  3. And now OH in 4-3. Also first time. Equipped the Thief Ring then just pelted him with arrows Without wanting to sound like I'm humble bragging, I get the feeling that I'm a bit OP after getting so far in Boletaria and now going back to these other areas. I'm sure I'll hit a wall at some point, but the bosses in this haven't caused me much trouble at all so far. The routes to them, and the lack of shortcuts, on the other hand are what present the real challenge.
  4. And that's MoA done as well. That was an odd fight.
  5. Dirty boi at the end of 5-2 is down. First time, too. Maggot gun ain't got nothing on me, yo.
  6. I think the issue is that even if I use another console to turn the TV on, if the PS5 was the last thing I used, because the TV turns into the PS5 HDMI before immediately switching to my Switch/XSX, the PS5 still turns on anyway.
  7. Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone else's HDMI CEC setting on their PS5 misbehave? If I enable it and then turn my PS5 on via the controller, it will turn the TV on and switch the source to the PS5 with no issue. The trouble is, however, if I turn the TV on to use either my Switch or XSX, the PS5 will also turn on, even if I don't want to use it. I then have to switch sources to my PS5 and turn it off, which then turns my TV off, and the whole problem starts again until I disable the CEC setting. I'm using an LG B9, if that makes a difference. The HDMI CEC stu
  8. Buy the physical version of the PS4 game then get the PS5 update for free, assuming you have the disc version. It'll be down to sub-£20 soon now it's on PS+. It was down to £22 on Amazon two days ago.
  9. I'm not really into Pokémon nowadays, but that really does look and sound a lot like BotW.
  10. It was that price for about three days at the start of the week. There was a thread about it in the bargains forum. Anyway, thanks to everyone who's contributed to the thread. It's been interesting to read your thoughts. I think, for consumers, GP and other subscription services are largely a good thing. While they can lead to a certain amount of choice paralysis, or choice apathy, for most people they seem to represent good value for money, GPU especially, and they allow people to sample games they otherwise wouldn't have played. This is the case for me, too - I've not
  11. Pfft. I actually thought you were taking the piss. Also, is it just me or does this guy look a bit out of place for some strange reason:
  12. If it's a remake of the first game then why is Aeris battling the first Scorpion boss? She doesn't appear until after the second major boss. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT, SQUARE, HUH!? #notaproperremake
  13. Jamie John


    The combat reminded me more the Arkham Batman games than anything else. Looks good!
  14. I mentioned this in its dedicated thread yesterday, but at the moment there's a game called Mortal Shell on sale at Curry's for about £13. It came out last year and I've been interested in it since it was first announced. It's a sort of dark fantasy Soulslike with a few new mechanics, and it looks gorgeous - all very much my thing. So, when I saw a few days ago that it was going very cheaply (and seeing as I'd just been paid), straightaway I went to get my wallet out. But then I thought to myself, "Actually, this has 'Very Likely to be on Game Pass at Some Point in the Near Future'
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