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  1. I got this for free with Amazon Games a while ago and randomly booted it up for 15 minutes this evening. Is it worth sticking with? It seems very much like a kids' game. I know you can say the same thing about DK, Yoshi or whatever, but I get the impression that there's not much here for a bloke in his 30s to play through by himself. Am I wrong?
  2. He's just a complete dork, Captain Obvious in extremis. 'Its dark down here'. 'Take that!' 'You'll have to go through me first!" 'M-m-my hand!?' What a twat. He's like an awkward dad meme personified. All the personality and nuance of a paper bag. I can't say
  3. And done. 11.00 hours according to the game, but 13 according to the PlayStation profile timer. I'm going to try to write up a proper review of it for MHG, but, in short, I thought it was good, expensive, polished fun, though the castle at the beginning is far and away the best part of the game and things take a gentle decline from there until the end. I liked it more than Resi 7, but it's not a patch on RE2make. I'd probably score it on the cusp between 7 and 8 out of 10. Ethan is a complete bell-end. I've stuck my copy in Trading if anyone wants a go.
  4. This is definitely on my list. I enjoyed the first game a lot, even if it did tail off towards the end. I've never played anything quite like it. Does this give you the option to ignore thirst and hunger, like in the first game? I started playing with them turned on and then regretted it about 5 hours later, but then the only way to turn them off again was to restart.
  5. @Moz - That vid makes it look like an entirely different game from the one I'm playing!
  6. Aye, I've just been reading about it. Pro is £15 per month (or cheaper from CD Keys, and the like) and lets you play the Legendary Edition, but only on PC, not Xbox. I'm trying to weigh up whether to buy two months of Pro for about £25, and hope that's enough time to get through all three games, or to just wait for it to come to Game Pass (or go on sale).
  7. Really? The EA website says it is:
  8. Apologies if this has been asked before, but what's the deal with this if you want to play it via EA Play? From what I can make out, you can buy a month of EA Play for £4, but only play the game for 10 hours, or you can pay £15 for a month of EA Play Pro.and play it as much as you want. Is that right? What about the EA Play games on Game Pass Ultimate? Is there a cheaper way to play this through that? I'd prefer to play it on my Xbox than PC.
  9. I think there's a bug which is preventing me from getting the final treasure chest, which is annoying. The one beneath the
  10. Has ME1 been improved to make it more like the later games? I remember abandoning it back in the day after getting bored, but I loved 2 and enjoyed 3.
  11. I think the problem is exacerbated in the particular fight I refer to above because the arena is so small, and the game chucks other enemies into the mix. I could definitely have done with a sidestep or dodge when he was doing the big overhead hammer slams.
  12. I don't think I'd enjoy hardcore. Enemies are bullet spongy enough as it is (my stupidity notwithstanding) and Ethan just isn't mobile enough compared with the enemies. I did the fight with the last night and it was a complete clusterfuck. Felt like I was wading through treacle most of the time, getting caught on the scenery and constantly hit in the back by things I couldn't see. I only survived by chucking grenades around willy-nilly. Wouldn't have liked to have done that on a harder difficultly.
  13. Want to know something cool? I'm into the game's final act now and unlocked the second pistol and second shotgun hours ago. Since then I've been merrily upgrading these two weapons the entire time, completely ignoring the now far weaker handgun and shotgun you initially find. Of course, at the end of the three hour session I spent on this tonight, during which I defeated about three more bosses, a handful of mini-bosses and several enemy hordes, I realised that I'd completely forgotten to update my weapon shortcuts with the new, better, upgraded pistol and handgun, and that, therefore, I've be
  14. Over a month later, my Xbox Series X controller is no closer to being returned to me by Microsoft, so in a moment of weakness this evening, following a few beers, I've ordered an Elite Series 2 from Argos for £160. That'll show 'em!
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