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  1. I think this is the 'game', in essence - it's a virtual dolls' house-cum-village builder-cum-Lego set. It doesn't really have any traditional gaming mechanics whatsoever. After playing Stardew Valley I thought it would be similar to that but it's not, really - it isn't even a farming game in that sort of way. Personally, though, I am entirely addicted to this and have been 100% hooked since launch. No other game has got a look in. I keep thinking I'll get to the point where I only need to 'check in' for half an hour or so each day while I play other games, but so far not a day has gone by where I haven't put at least three hours into it.
  2. I'm glad the reviews of this are so positive. I was going to wait for a sale but might have to get this now.
  3. Despite saying in the eshop thread that I wouldn't buy anything in this sale, Civilisation VI at £20-odd is tempting me. The only other Civ game I've played is IV, years and years ago, which I remember entirely consumed me for about a month before I suddenly lost interest. What's the Switch port of VI like? Reviews I've read vary in theirr reports of its performance, but I imagine I'll mostly be playing docked anyway. And how gently does it ease you into everything for someone with a limited attention span, like me? Is it accessible to newbies?
  4. Is there any way to increase your chances of getting a particular island or is it all entirely random? Most of the time I just get an island with my native fruit and flowers.
  5. Do counters even exist? I reckon they're a myth.
  6. @Alan Stock I'm online if you want me to collect those roses I bought from you earlier, or you can send in the post if that's easier?
  7. WTF is a ? Actually, don't tell me.
  8. I'm interested in Kine after it's Edge 9 but I've read it gets bastard hard later on and that was enough to put me off Baba is You. I'd be interested to hear your experiences. Has anyone here finished it?
  9. Same! I just made a begging post on the trading thread. I have a recipe for an iron and wood kitchen sink/counter combi but it requires other furniture items I don't own to create. Apart from the 1x1 end tables you get as part of the basic DIY book, that's it.
  10. Forum name: Jamie John Friend code: 2649-7243-6308 Switch username: Jamie AC Name: Jamie AC Island: Dewey Dell Has anyone got any kitchen cupboards and/or counters? I've got lots of kitchenware but nothing to put it on. Also, a tall bookcase would be nice. I'm happy to pay bells and a half. Cheers
  11. That's ok. Just send me something cool. I'll sort the desk for you.
  12. I've got a 2x1 writing desk I can order for you, but only if you give me a surprise treat in return (Preferably a kitchen countertop or standing lamp, please).
  13. According to my resident gorilla, you get more wood from palm trees than the regular trees. He also tells me that small bugs whisper recipe ideas in his ear, however, so I'm not sure if I trust him.
  14. Why don't you just go on his profile when he's in bed?
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