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  1. That's shit. Have you tried making a fuss on Twitter? I logged a refund request for Tetris Effect on Sunday and haven't heard anything yet, but obviously that's nowhere near as bad as having the console effectively turned into an expensive paperweight
  2. Yep, I'll do this. First year I've actually got a PC that I'll be able to use for it
  3. Ok, I'll give it a go and see how I get on, but seeing as Moss hangs for half a second every now and again when I'm connected over wireless even when I'm sat next to the PC, I imagine performance in Alyx will be worse still. My PC is connected to the router through ethernet but via a powerline adapter, and even though VD says I've got a 5Ghz connection, it still says that I'm not connected via ethernet, so that might have something to do with it. I take it that once you've set up VD to work with your OC wirelessly, it does so via the WiFi, not via Bluetooth, right?
  4. Yep, I've got Alyx already - managed to get it on the last day of the sale, I think. I'm playing through Moss first to get my VR legs, then I'll be straight in. I wanted to know the best way to play it first, but I think it'll have to be wired.
  5. Is the idea with this to buy PC-exclusive games so that you avoid buying a game for someone that they might already own on console? What about if they own it on the Epic Store (or another PC storefront) already?
  6. Do you have to play Steam VR games via the Virtual Desktop when using a cable, or can you access them from the Rift app on the Oculus?
  7. Is the Oculus Store the only place to buy Oculus games? Because they're not exactly cheap, especially now I've missed the sale.
  8. Is Saints and Sinners the Walking Dead one? Not sure how I'd deal with that, ha. I've not heard of the other one you mention but I'll check it out. Performance in Moss over wireless via the Virtual Desktop is pretty good, but it still chugs in places, even when I'm sat less than 2m from my PC. I think I might just play the majority of games using the cable.
  9. I wasn't, no, but I'll check that out. There's one called The Climb that looks pretty sketchy, but seeing as I'm terrified of heights, I'm not sure I should buy it. I just did a level in Moss where a deer suddenly raises its head in the background. Nearly shat myself.
  10. Is it possible to extend the borders of the boundary while sitting down? Leaning forward and then seeing a big blue grid pop up when you get close is a bit jarring.
  11. Right, all sorted now. I've just been playing Moss as my first ever VR experience. Fuck me, it's amazing! Like, it feels like you're actually there, in the sky looking at this little mouse you're controlling! I keep on finding myself trying to use the sticks to move the camera, then I remember that I can just lean forward or move my head instead. Incredible. Nintendo need to get on VR properly immediately.
  12. I've enabled developer mode but will try the other things you've suggested. Cheers.
  13. You have to do it from the initial menu, I believe, before you load your save. Bear in mind that even though you'll keep all of the items you discover in another person's world, your progress in their world won't be replicated in yours. If you're just starting out then it might be an idea to let other people come to you, at least initially, so you can make some progress. At the beginning of the game you unlock lots of traits that you can put your skill point into, and it might be that you want to focus on the ones you unlock later.
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