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  1. Hmm. I'm just not sure about this game. My experience of 2 hours play this evening: - Following on from yesterday, I finished my first Alexis run after getting two slabs (from killing him and Juliana) and a load of trinkets, and exploring the party house. I go to leave via the tunnels, get to the menu and encounter a bug where I can't sacrifice any stuff, then just get stuck on a screen saying 'Press X to continue'. I have to restart the game. Luckily, it saves my slabs and trinkets so I spend some time sorting them out before closing the loop. - Start a new loop. I don't seem to have too much to do in the morning slot so I decide to stop the firework shop from burning down. Half-way through the level on the way there, however, I get a random hard crash and am booted back to the PS home screen. Reloading the game, this time my progress wasn't saved so I have to start the day again. I destroy all of the electricity stations supplying power to the firework shop, get a pop up to say come back later, fight my way back to the tunnels and leave. - I return to Updaam immediately for the noon slot, again, because I don't have anything else to do at this time. Before heading to the firework shop once more I stop by the library and open a safe I got a code for somewhere else, only to find that there's a talking wolf doll inside who doesn't tell me anything and is literally there to be annoying. I also find a rigged machine for a smoking contest, apparently, but I've got no idea what that's about. Anyway, I make my way to the firework shop again, expecting to find a new message on the computer terminal so I can continue Frank's story, only to find that it's burnt down. I look this up and discover it's another known bug: apparently, the shop sometimes just burns down anyway, even if you've taken steps in the morning to stop it from doing so. Hmm. - While I'm in Updaam, I decide to kill Charlie again to upgrade my shift slab. I creep through his game, stealthing through windows and so on, but then happen to get caught. As soon as I do this everyone is on me immediately. I die once, get rewound to the outside of the building where the game drops me down the cliff and I die once more. Luckily, after that, I'm rewound somewhere safer, make my way back inside and kill Charlie, nab his slab upgrade and try to make my escape, but now I've got very low health and everyone shooting me. I manage to get outside, only to step near a mine which I couldn't see, so then it's goodbye Colt, game over screen, and the loop begins again. It was a bit shit, and not much fun. I really want to like this, but I'm wondering whether I should wait for the Xbox version next year instead. The bugs are a massive pain, and I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing.
  2. It definitely takes a while to click with at the start, partly because it's pretty overwhelming and starts in media res in a fantasy world with lots of proper nouns flying about that you won't recognise. Don't worry about the sidequest stuff for now; just focus on the main mystery of the hanged body.
  3. Am I right in thinking he's entirely
  4. That's true. Although, I imagine by the end of the game, once you're trying to get all of them in one loop, you'll just be wanting to take them down as quickly as possible, not setting up all the elaborate traps and so on. I'll find out, I guess. I'm looking forward to a longer session on it later.
  5. Nnnnnnnngh. I've got £8 credit because I haven't used my Oculus in a while, but I've already bought two games this month and have about ten Oculus games I haven't even touched yet. Must stay strong! I'm glad it's doing so well, though.
  6. I'm still playing this, and still waiting for it to reveal its greatness to me, if I'm honest. It's intriguing and I want to keep playing it, so it must be doing something right, but at the moment it's lacking a particular something that's stopping it from being special. I can't say I like the environments that much compared with earlier Arkane games, and due to the very nature of this game they lose a lot of their initial novelty on repeated visits, to the point where you just want to get from A to B quickly and don't really pay attention to where you are anyway. And I'm still not sure about the game's entirely non-linear approach. I know that this is kind of the point of immersive sim games, but it still feels like I'm missing out on the best the game has to offer because the game doesn't require you to take that approach. Last night, for example, I went to take down the wolf guy for the first time. It was obvious as soon as I arrived in the level that I'd need some kind of item (I'm presuming a wolf mask) to get into the party, but I didn't have one and I didn't find one from the journey from the tunnel exit to the party entrance. When I got there I noticed the bouncers outside and a turret, and seeing as there was seemingly only one way in, I just remote controlled the turret from behind a rock, which immediately killed the two bouncers. Once inside I got the pop up to say that I needed to figure out which of the wolves was my mark, but instead of doing that I just set up the three turrets that were in the little room immediately to the right as you come into the party, then I started shooting people and lobbing grenades. About thirty seconds later, the real wolf guy appeared, immediately got shot, and that was that. It was only once he was dead that I explored his area and noticed the various things I could have done, but ultimately I didn't need to. I like that the game doesn't hold your hand too much, but at the same time I think it would be cool if it forced you to kill each visionary in the Hitman way first time, then let you experiment later. At the moment I feel like I'm missing out.
  7. Have you tried watching YT vids? That'll probably be more effective than a guide. And if I'm stuck on a boss in any game I'llg ive it a few runs where I just try to survive for as long as possible without attacking whatsoever. It's a good way to learn the moveset and the tells. Then, once you're confident, you can start slowly, patiently attacking once more. That's what got me through Hollow Knight, Sekiro and Cuphead.
  8. Possibly. Didn't get the invasion message, however. I'm not sure where his invisible control panel is, either.
  9. Yeah, it was very odd. Seemed like a bug, to be honest. I hacked one of the turrets, so maybe that killed him but the game wasn't ready for me to do that yet, which is why nothing reacted.
  10. In the Complex area: Similar to the Dishonored games, I find this pretty damn confusing at times. Still enjoying it, though, but it often feels like there's a bit too much to keep track of at once. There are a lot of proper nouns to keep track of. Is there a way to re-read the summarised versions of the notes you find? I often find these more useful than the notes themselves, but they don't stay on the screen for very long.
  11. Thanks for this. Does residium disappear at the end of each time period, or the end of each day? There was a tool-tip about it, but I can't remember, probably because it was one of ten different tooltips I was being shown in quick succession.
  12. I'm a few hours into this now and enjoying it, but definitely finding it all overwhelming. I've got my head around infusions, just about (though I never seem to have enough residium), but I get the feeling that I'm not really playing the game the way it's meant to be played: instead of killing the visionaries in elaborately nefarious, Hitman-like ways, for example, I'm mostly just sneaking up behind them and shooting them in the back of the head, which is effective, but a bit boring. Like with Charlie Montague, for example - I read a note suggesting there was something I could do with his computer AI robot thing, but I wasn't sure what, really, so in the end I just ended up shooting him. The time before that I shot Harriet through a window, and that was her done. Same with the scientist woman (or women) before her - there was something about depressurising one of the rooms, I think, but I just ended up brute-forcing my way through with turrets and grenades. It feels like I'm missing opportunities to do cool things, but then I guess I'll be killing these same targets over and over again before the end of the game, so I'll have lots of opportunities to experiment. Anyway, I've picked up and infused two slabs so far. Is the general idea just to get all the slabs you can at this point, then figure out ways to kill two visionaries at once per time period? I'm guessing that's what the game will get you to do, anyway, seeing as there are eight visionaries and four time slots throughout each loop. I also made the mistake of turning off subtitles originally, but they're all but required, really, if you're going to be able to figure out what's going on. Oh, and I'm loving the Dualsense feedback in this!
  13. I'm very tempted to pick up this EXCELLENT FUCKING VIDEOGAME for my shiny new Switch OLED, but the £36 price tag is making me hesitate, especially as I already own it on PC (where I paid about £9 for it, or something). I know it's the same price on Xbox and PS5, but still... Are pre-orders for the physical Switch version live anywhere? It's due 'Early 2022', apparently, but I can't find anywhere to pre-order it from.
  14. I've not played it myself, but I've been hearing lots of good things about Grime, which is a Soulslike Metroidvania. The Bonfireside Chat guys really like it. It's on my list, anyway.
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