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  1. Yep, that art style is too gorgeous to be denied. Plus, any game with a train going through shallow water, Spirited Away style, is a must have for me. Lovely.
  2. A Short Hike is great and everything, but Bloodborne is, well, Bloodborne. Get it played @Calashnikov, ya mad bastard.
  3. I agree - even though there are lots of games coming out, it still doesn't really feel like much of a blockbuster Q4. Sony hasn't got much in the way of big hitters now that Deathloop is out and Horizon is delayed. Nintendo has Dread, but that's a 2D game in a series which previously was seen as handheld fare; it's not exactly Mario Odyssey. Microsoft are probably best placed with Forza and Infinite, but I feel like the hype for Forza hasn't quite had enough time to brew, and I'm not sure what sort of state to expect Halo to be in at launch. All of this is to be expected, of course - I think the industry is feeling the fallout of the pandemic a lot more this year than in 2020, as lots of people predicted we would.
  4. Metroid Dread is the only game I've got pre-ordered between now and the end of the year, mainly to go with the Switch OLED. I'll play Halo Infinite's campaign and maybe some rllmuk multiplayer matches, and I'll give Forza Horizon 5 a whirl. Apart from that, I'll wait for reviews for Solar Ash, Eastward, the Outer Wilds DLC and Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I'm still waiting in vain for Silksong, too. () Otherwise, there's still Deathloop, Psychonauts 2, The Artful Escape, Hitman 3, Overboard, Ace Attorney Chronicles, Tales of Arise, Wildermyth, The Forgotten City and Ender Lilies from this year I want to play, as well as the DLC for FFVII: R. Plus, the backlog, including Ghost of Tsushima, Doom Eternal, Kentucky Route Zero, Little Nightmares 2, and about sixty other games. Last, there are several games I've been meaning to replay on my PS5, such The Last of Us Part 2, Bloodborne and The Last Guardian. I'm quite happy Q4 isn't that busy this year.
  5. I can wait (for a couple of months, anyway). Glad to see it's done well, though! The abundance of trailers over the last few months turned me off it a little bit, for some reason.
  6. Bah. I'm annoyed this is getting such glowing reviews. I thought I'd be able to hold off until next year.
  7. Still no Bloodborne remaster, even on a list of fake games
  8. Jamie John


    Well her parents are Romanian and Chinese, apparently, so, handily for the gammons, that still makes her immigrant filth. Anyway. To do it all without dropping a set, and at the age of eighteen. Incredible.
  9. Jamie John


    Bit ironic that she was actually born in Canada.
  10. Jamie John


    That was edge-of-the-seat, heart-in-your-mouth stuff from the very first point. Feel sorry for Fernandez, but Raducanu always looked the winner.
  11. Silly question, but you haven't activated it already and not realised, have you? If it is a bug, contact the devs on Twitter with a screenshot - they're pretty responsive. Where did you get to?
  12. I knocked her down to easy in the end - you still get the trophy. I could have done her on normal, but I couldn't be arsed with learning all her moves, and by that point I just wanted the platinum.
  13. I bloody love some good funk, me. Post your favourite funky tracks. I wants to get funked up.
  14. I imagine the PS5's extra grunt will manifest itself in more technical ways - 60fps, ray-tracing, particle effects, improved draw distances, and so on. Can't wait
  15. Yep, magnificent trailer and game of the showcase for me. I'm going on blackout as soon as a release date is announced as I don't want anything else spoiled. I'm really hoping they make the platinum accessible in this, like they did in the first game, because that was great fun to 100%. I've got to say, I'm not sure about big belly Thor. The makes him look a bit like a tubby LotR dwarf. Having said that, Baldur in the first game was a skinny little bloke compared with Kratos, and he was still badass. Good on them for breaking the mould when it comes to homogenised representations of men's bodies. I should probably stop being so shallow. Anyway. Looking forward to it, but wouldn't be surprised if it's at least a year away.
  16. While technically not as impressive as it would be in a film, I thought the one cut thing in GOW was excellent because of how it added to the immersion - at no point did you ever feel taken out of the game for a cutscene break or loading screen. It was all just wonderfully seamless. Half-Life 2 did something similar, of course, but there were definitely loading screens in that game.
  17. That Bayonetta-alike they opened with looked quite cool, actually. Shame about the embarrassing butt wiggling, though.
  18. I just want Vegas 3. Ubisoft no longer seem capable of making relatively linear games nowadays that can be completed in 12 hours or less. It's all huge open worlds with endless busywork and monetisation, or GaaS games. I can't think of another developer whose output bores me more.
  19. I don't remember this puzzle.
  20. That was a pretty 6/10 for me. God of War 2 is day one - the original was one of the best games on the PS4, and that trailer looked awesome. Disappointed at the lack of a date, though. Wolverine looked interesting, but God alone knows when we'll see that if Insomniac are also doing Spider-Man. I thought the original Spider-Man game was good, but overrated, and I got fed up with Miles Morales, so a straight sequel to the first game is only mildly interesting to me. I didn't really like what they'd done to Forspoken. When it was first teased it looked like an epic fantasy, but the modern day stuff and Conversed protagonist turned me off. Ghostwire Tokyo actually looked quite unusual and might be spooky in a jump scare kind of way, although I'm not convinced by the first-person combat. Alan Wake Remaster is meh. KOTOR remake is somewhat intriguing, but then I never played the original game. It's a big Bioware RPG, right? Pre-Mass Effect? What was the MMO called? Deathloop is out next week, so that didn't count. Guardians of the Galaxy looks a bit irritating, as did Tiny Tina, or whatever it's called - the Borderlands thing. Gran Turismo Horizon seems pretty pointless when actual Horizon will be coming out first. I can't see anyone who also has a GamePass buying that for £70. Eh, it was ok. Needed more Ueda, Silent Hills and Bloodborne Remastered.
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