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  1. Nothing like that in the games, no. After doing some brief reading on Kansas City, my guess would be that..
  2. First time it's felt like changes to the game were missteps rather than the shrewd decisions they've been thusfar. Still, there were some nice character moments between Joel and Ellie, but so far it was definitely the weakest episode for me.
  3. While this season is going swimmingly so far, I was disappointed to hear that season 2 onwards will be, apparently, following the LOU part 2’s plot. Then again, with the tweaks to Bill, the show runners have already shown they’re not averse to putting a more hopeful spin on the original storyline. As they’ll need a shitload of said spin to counter the coal black nihilism of part 2.
  4. I think Takashi Mochizuki is the source, yeah. He’s made some inaccurate claims in the past, regarding PS5 production numbers, which he then had to revise in the face of reality. But I guess it’s one hell of a click bait article, and is already being discussed on lots of different gaming sites/channels, so Bloomberg probably don’t care either way.
  5. Yeah, the build up does feel oddly subdued. By all accounts it’s a great bit of kit, but Sony seem to want to release it as quietly as possible. Even obvious open goals like including a demo disc of short VR experiences, as they did with PSVR1, are seemingly being ignored. That one I really can’t wrap my head around.
  6. True. I hope that season 1 spans the entirety of Joel and Ellie’s story, and future seasons are entirely new stories and characters. Much like what I hoped TellTale would do with their Walking Dead series, but they kept following one specific character.
  7. Excellent return to form from BOTW there. It is irritating seeing some of my favourite channels (such as this and Double Toasted) now either self censoring themselves or doing it after the fact when it comes to swearing. YouTube’s new policy is absolutely barmy.
  8. Apparently a lot of the issues with tracking etc were down to there being so many units working beside each other at CES, and therefore creating interference.
  9. Are you quite mad? Getting exotic catalysts has never been fun! Though, admitedly, this seems less egregious than the usual 'kill x number of enemies until you never want to see the weapon again.' The Seraph mission was enjoyable enough but I don't really want to play it three more times just to boost a weapon that's 'eh.' Especially due to Bungie's steadfast refusal to implement legendary match making.
  10. Having an exotic pulse rifle as part of the season but not buffing pulse rifles was quite a bold move. Given how underpowered they are right now, why the hell would I grind to upgrade this thing?
  11. Wondered why I was getting so many disconnects in the past few weeks!
  12. Does annoy me that there are so few options for changing the look of exotic armour. I appreciate they want to sell different looks, but if none of them are to your taste then you’re pretty much buggered. Plus, you cannot ever wear a full, matching set. I use HOIL as a Titan but the look of it has been gradually irritating me to the point that I may change armour just because of it.
  13. That sounds ok. I did hear that dungeons and raids used to be more straightforward before Bungie took them on a puzzle slant. No idea how true that is as still pretty new to the game.
  14. Feeling a bit of trepidation hearing about this Seraph mission, as I’ve only attempted dungeons and raids once because the puzzle elements really got on my nerves!
  15. Very interested to see how this goes. Not so much the movie itself, but the writing. Will Kojima admit that he's incapable of writing a two hour screenplay, after years of sprawling self-indulgence, and pass it to some other poor soul? Or will this be his first real experience of working with an aggressive (I mean, they'd have to be) editor?
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