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  1. Certainly sounds like he’s having a ball here. I can’t wait for him to call one of his henchmen a ‘bumbling boob’ or a ‘nincompoop.’
  2. I did really enjoy the 2003 prison series ‘Buried’ with Lennie James, so shall have to check this one out. Sounds like a similar premise.
  3. If it makes him feel fulfilled then I’m all for it. That and me not being able to fathom why he would do it are not mutually exclusive, however.
  4. I just hope they bring some of the QOL changes from Below Zero over to the original Subnautica. I’ve learned to tolerate the oddities, but having them finally removed would be blissful. Apparently the devs say there are plans to do so, but they’ve yet to fix errors with the PS5 upgrade so this could be a while coming.
  5. Sad to see such restoration effort being expended on a colossal turkey like this.
  6. After watching this film I never want Snyder anywhere near a script again. It hits the familiar markers, and cliches, so consistently that the only elements which show it wasn’t written by computer are a couple of unintentionally amusing moments of pretension (character you don’t care about being killed by zombies, in slow motion, while somber classical music plays.) Is it all bad? No. Snyder is a capable action director. The beginning montage of Vegas falling was pretty well realised. There was one good scene where a character is fighting zombies in close quarters and it felt flu
  7. Ah ok. Apparently a few people are disappointed in the PS5 update, saying it doesn’t run properly (stuck at 1080p no matter which mode you choose) so shall have to see if there’s an update. I love the game but it is a bit of a dog on base PS4. I yearn to zip around in the Seamoth but often end up slamming my face into still materialising scenery!
  8. That sounds a bit worrying about the saves. I’m now so far into my hardcore run that I couldn’t countenance starting over! Regarding playing it on PS5, how’s the pop-in? As it seems the more higher my hours invested get, the worse it becomes. Gets to the point where I’ve followed a scanner location to a certain mineral and have to stand there for ten seconds before it appears. Immersion takes a bit of a hit, sorry to say.
  9. Enjoyable, but definitely released at the wrong time and feels painfully earnest next to shows like Invincible and The Boys. That said, in a way it was refreshing to watch after the intensity of those two shows, as you’re not tensed up waiting for the next narrative gut-punch. I can see why people felt the finale was lackadaisical, but for me it did the job well enough. Hopefully it gets a second series, and a chance to improve, as there’s definitely some potential.
  10. Largely correct up until the very last part. Nowhere in the games does it have you assaulting people/factions who are just trying to secure basic supplies or medicine. The factions have either gone off the deep-end and are burning people alive to stop the infection, terrorising civilians, exploiting settlements, or attempting to consolidate their power in a myriad of dangerous ways. As I said in the other thread, it’s also underlined that Division agents do at least as much harm as good. An alarming percentage of them end up going rogue and turning their training against the innocent
  11. Considering the show’s creator was quite involved with Fringe, it’s shocking to see how much of a mis-step this show is. Not only does it feel like the first episode is beginning part ways into a show, thereby squandering a far more effective way to handle the concept, but there’s absolutely no sense of momentum. I wasn’t expecting the mad-cap pace of Fringe, but every episode is so plodding and anaemic that they don’t even feel like first-drafts, just outlines. The seed of the show is promising enough, it’s just that everything which sprouted from it is so inept as to be baffling.
  12. Is it still following the escape>get captured>escape>get captured>escape>get captured pattern?
  13. I died a couple of times in the castle demo and it just sends you back to the start, as long as there’s still time left you can keep playing.
  14. A good finale. I agree that the gore is forever in danger of becoming eye-rolling/absurd (why the hell would anyone live in a city in this universe?) but I also don’t think it’s there simply for novelty or shock value. It reminds me of Superman’s ‘world of cardboard’ speech, where he talks about the fragility of everything and everyone around him, and the frustration of having to control his every action. The level of tolerance and patience needed for a super-human to live his life on tip-toes is immense, so it’s effective to show that a lot of these heroes are pretty shit and get people kille
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