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  1. The second episode was an improvement, but I’m not convinced the lead is a strong enough actor to carry a show. In every scene with Connelly, he does not stack up well. Some nice foreshadowing of dialogue in the film, though. With certain animals on the train becoming extinct.
  2. The Plinkett review lost me early on when he’d been waffling about possible, alternate plot lines for around three minutes, and they were becoming less funny with each one.
  3. Better than the flowery tedium of Insurrection? Now there’s a high bar! I think people hate it so much for a few reasons. One is that it was another Data and Picard focussed film. The rest of the crew seem to play perpetual second fiddle to those two in the TNG films, so it was disappointing to see that rolled out again. B-4 only existed to give an out for Data’s death to future writers, similar to Spock’s ‘remember’ at the end of Wrath of Khan. Shinzon’s motivations made no sense. He kills the Romulan senate, which is fair enough as some of them may well have been responsible for scrapping the cloning program and his subsequent fate. Then he tries to destroy Earth because he’s made at Picard for...what? Being the reason he was created? Why did we get that measured dinner scene, where he can see Picard is a reasonable, albeit cautious man, and there’s a high likelihood he would’ve just helped Shinzon if he’d asked? It’s nonsensical. As a lesser point, it presents a hilariously dumbed down idea of cloning to the audience as well. Shinzon is bald because Picard is bald as an older man? Wtf. Then we have the action scenes. You will never convince me that the first brick for Nu-Trek was not laid with Nemesis, and it’s eagerness to embrace shooty-bang. The Scimitar makes no sense as a plot point. It’s far too big and destructive to have been assembled in secret, and uses advanced cloaking technology from...somewhere, I guess? All so there can be a huge fight involving multiple ships at the end of the film. Then there’s Data’s death. It was unearned for a character we’d known for so long. Not only that, it felt weightless because of the existence of B-4 and that ending. Also a clumsy copy of Spock’s sacrifice in Wrath of Khan (though certainly not as ham-fisted and garbled a copy as Into Darkness. Oh boy.) And lastly, it’s because this marked the end of the TNG films. If it had been followed up, and surpassed, by some new films, then fans wouldn’t be quite so sore. But it was the swan-song for TNG, and as such a mediocre conclusion that left a bad taste in the mouth. I actually have more problems with it, but these are just off the top of my head.
  4. Elton John was amazing. I wonder how long he’s wanted to sing in the club style for? Cunk’s parts were funny but I literally couldn’t watch them with my eyes open. Cringe comedy makes me profoundly uncomfortable for some reason!
  5. I enjoyed Wastelanders, but given the road map for the rest of the year they've just laid out, it's looking increasingly like a spoonful of sugar before we take our medicine. So Bethesda has realised that they're giving away atoms faster than people are spending them. Rather than look at changing the uninspiring content they have in the atomic store, they've taken the route of you needing atoms for other things in the near future. They're removing daily and weekly challenges, and replacing them with 'seasons', the first of which will be summer. The idea is that you progress through these seasons, like a board game, and when you hit certain milestones you're rewarded with a camp item, cosmetic skin etc. You can also accelerate your progress across the board using atoms. So, in all likelihood, this will be an insane grind if you want to get the good stuff without buying some atoms. That alone would be pretty bad, but the bit that has the sub-reddit in a kerfuffle is the wording they used in that 'the first season, summer, will be free.' Implying that future ones won't, and you'll need to buy into them with atoms, or as part of the Fallout 1st membership. Some say this is just miscommunication, but disquiet is growing as Bethesda still haven't issued any kind of clarification. Personally, I think the wording is vague so they can measure the push-back. If there's an uproar, they'll say 'no, no. We meant all seasons would be free!' but if people mostly accept it then the plan goes ahead. In short, it's starting to look like a mobile game on a big screen.
  6. As do I, which makes it all the more irritating that he’s being wasted on this.
  7. I was one of those who thought season 2 largely disappeared up its own arse, with the timelines stuff feeling self-indulgent and overused, but season 3 has swung a bit too far in the opposite direction. Really, as we get further in, it feels more and more like Westworld should’ve been a series with a single classic season. The very beginning of the host rebellion being the last thing we see would’ve felt pretty fitting. There’s been moments of brilliance since, certainly, but mostly it’s felt like a show in search of a further point.
  8. Yeah, I totally get that. Wastelanders has helped it, but there’s still a lot wrong with FO76. When I stand it next to a free to play game like The Division 2 it feels like comparing a finger painting to a Van Gogh. Certainly a guilty pleasure!
  9. Lead is always a problem. There are three farming spots I know of for it. At the top of the monorail elevator, the fire department, and the motel on the outskirts of Flatwoods. Those places have sets of weights which supply a lot of lead, but they are also very heavy so plan your waddle to the nearest crafting bench accordingly. Oftentimes they’ve already been nabbed, but if you want to get a bit cheesy about it you can stay in the same place and server hop until you find some that haven’t been.
  10. Like Fallout 4, you need to get into the habit of just hoovering up every resource you come across. Adhesive is often a problem early on, but you can farm your own once you learn the plans for corn, mutfruit, and tatos. Combine those three with purified water at a cooking station and you create vegetable starch, which can be scrapped to make adhesive. Really, you’re just limited early on by how many plans you have to learn to make your base more than a box hut. @moosegrinder if there’s any stuff you’re desperate for, and am on PS4, I may well have a spare plan for it. I’m not one of those players who runs round handing out tons of free shit, but am not averse to helping out a fellow RllMuker.
  11. Don’t think this one has been linked to yet.
  12. A lot of the weapon balance in the game is still quite bad. Shotguns are unfortunately rather crap atm. Though with perks like shotgun surgeon you can disable the legs of tougher enemies, which is pretty useful. Other perks will also help with your damage, and higher level weapons are always the best option. If you go big guns don’t bother with the fat man or missile launcher as they’re terrible. Mini-gun and Gatling guns are good. But the former eats ammo like nobody’s business. Similarly, laser and plasma weapons are largely rubbish, but good against some robotic enemies. I really hope a weapon rebalance is the next thing on the cards after Wastelanders. Because they’ve been putting it off for way too long.
  13. Mostly it is just the perk cards, yeah. There are some nebulous definitions of what different stat levels do. Strength lets you hit harder in melee, endurance run a bit further, intelligence helps you gain more exp, etc. None of it really tilts the scales much.
  14. Wastelanders is actually pretty good. There’s a hefty portion of fetch quests in there, but also some much needed flavour from NPCs. It’s welcome to see stat checks return, but as a result of how the new SPECIAL system functions all skills are comically crammed under each stat. As an example, a high intelligence means you can be astute, but you’re also a scientist and a robotocist (and I’m sure others that I haven’t seen yet), likewise perception means you’re a doctor, agility that you’re good with guns. It’s Bethesda’s ‘you da man!’ approach to RPGs in a nutshell. You know everything so nothing means anything. I’m at a high enough level that I can pretty much breeze through every strength/perception/intelligence/luck test with ease. But I’m a person, not a fucking Swiss Army knife. I want to specialise.This was a big problem with FO76 and Wastelanders just brings it into starker focus.
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