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  1. 19 hours ago, df0 said:

    Sony needs to implement some sort of automated filter options so I do not have to squint my eyes to notice quality games through all this Coffee Run, Oktober Fest Run, Jumping Taco, Jumping Donut Turbo trash. Right now there's SIX carbon copy Flappy Bird games, each one the exact same game but with a different color scheme.

    They’ve tacitly acknowledged it by changing the default new games filter from ‘release date’ to ‘best selling’ but that’s a band-aid at best. Feels like the worst company this could’ve happened to as Sony are so bloody sluggish when it comes to implementing software/UI solutions. 

  2. 43 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    I don't know if I'm enjoying this. I've put about 6 hours into it and only got 2 people in my base, got the rhythm of the missions down but it feels a bit... I dunno, flat. I've got it all on medium, the ai is a bit stupid so you can just back off before the bar goes full red and they see you.


    I was hoping it was going to grab me by the knackers and not let go but it hasn't.

    It’s a very uneven game for sure. At its core it’s very simple, probably too simple, and it almost feels like the impressive graphics are an attempt to distract you from that. I was intending to go back to it when they finally fixed the issues, but am finding it difficult to do so. 

  3. This reminds me a bit of when George Lucas re-released the Star Wars films. I say a bit because obviously this is nowhere near that level of misjudgement, but watching the clips I do find myself saying ‘yep. Yep, that looks good. That looks better. What? Why change that?’ 

    Mostly it comes down to the new facial animation. It’s like Naughty Dog have gone a bit giddy with it and wiped out some of the grim stoicism of characters in the original. For example, the scene with Joel and Tess when they get to the capital building. In the original she was taut and aggressive about the way things went, but also perilously close to breaking down. Now it’s more ‘sad face.’ 

  4. On 14/08/2022 at 14:49, Monkeyboy said:

    I struggle with Neil Gaiman stuff, and I'm struggling with this. None of it really floats my boat. It should, but somehow it doesn't. I quit watching American Gods for that reason. I'm close to quitting this as well.

    Gaiman’s stuff is very hit and miss for me as well but, so far at least, Sandman feels nowhere near as insufferably self satisfied as American Gods did. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Thor said:



    This is something Bungie are acutely aware of. From Lightfall onward Bungie will have a system you can follow that takes you through all the basics step by step. It looks good from what little we saw in the reveal yesterday.


    For now, I'd say the Witch Queen campaign is a good place to start, complete that, then just do whatever tickles your fancy really.

    Someone on Reddit made the excellent point that they can no longer treat a new player as though this is the start of the war. There needs to be a briefing that brings you up to speed on what the current situation is and why. Adequately explaining game mechanics is only part of the problem. 

  6. Obviously I can’t speak with great confidence after seeing such a short clip, but Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey still feel like the wrong actors for these roles. I appreciate they’re not just trying to remake the game scene by scene, but if that’s the case then it was a bad decision to promote the show with a small re-enactment that had none of the emotional weight of the original. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

    I watched Species for the first time recently. It's astoundingly, hilariously shit (bad writing, terrible CGI and hammy action) and instantly rocketed to near the top of my 'so bad it's good' list. 

    I thought it was decent for years, until I rewatched it and realised I’d been so distracted by how beautiful Natasha Henstridge was that I pretty much gave everything else a pass. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Purin said:

    How do you even play Destiny if you are coming back since it was first out?


    I just dont know where to start!

    As a new player, I can entirely relate. The game does everything it can to drive you away. In the end, you either persevere and power through, or throw up your hands and go looking for a smoother experience. It’s apparently on their roadmap to rework the new light campaign, but not until next year. 

    I mostly have a handle on what I’m doing now but, as I’m unwilling to watch two hour long YouTube summations, only understand bits and pieces of the story. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Stigweard said:

    This is what remakes and reboots should be for. Good ideas that failed rather than constantly trying to redo the good stuff.

    While I’m not giddy about the prospect of a second RIPD film, I absolutely agree with this sentiment. It’s a crime that Hollywood ignores so many promising, half-realised stories and remakes the already great ones. Perhaps one of my favourite ever films, The Thing, is a remake. 

  10. 13 hours ago, Moz said:

    This is some real “Kojima in a K-Hole” shite lads 

    While I’m certainly no fan of the way the series has progressed, let’s not go nuts here. It’s nowhere near the levels of Kojima’s garbled and self indulgent world building. 


    That said, yeah…. 


    I’m not even sure to feel about it anymore. It’s obviously trying to raise some fundamental questions with Dolores recreating humanity - is that truly sentience? And if it is, could a non-human being ever really capture humanity, or would they end up tainting (improving?) it with aspects of themselves, even if unwittingly? 

    Thing is, I don’t really care anymore. The first season already asked the important questions, but did so in a more subtle manner, rather than bashing you over the head and saying ‘is it? Is it?’ which the last three seasons have been doing.

    I’m sure the writers will frame going back to the park (albeit a virtual version) as some sort of cyclic metaphor, but to me it just feels like they’re totally out of ideas. What are they even trying to tell us anymore? This story has been told for a good while now.  


  11. Enjoying it so far, but the casting of Patton Oswalt as the raven felt vestigial. Like at one point they’d intended for that character to be more comical before course correcting, only they’d already hired Oswalt etc etc. It’s such a jarring choice when everything else feels carefully considered. I hope he’s not in it much past episode 4. 

  12. On 12/08/2022 at 10:33, Jarik said:


    I like the interface overall so far, but one fly in the ointment is that the download speeds on PSN are just as bad as they were on the PS4.  I'd gotten used to the zippy speeds on the Xbox Series S so this is definitely a step back.


    I’ve found the PS5 download speeds to be ok thus far, but you could always try the trick of starting a download, pausing it, then immediately resuming. This often seemed to result in a faster speed on PS4, though fortunately I haven’t had to resort to it yet on the 5. 

  13. Did Westworld just borrow a plot device from Kingsman? :lol:


    So far, so mediocre for me. Oh sure, they keep trying to hang some allegory and portentous lines on it but the skeleton of this thing is very by the numbers now. It’s like someone handed a pretty generic sci-fi series to a pretentious, but not unskilled author and said ‘artsy this up will you?’ 

    ‘When do you need it ready by? Six months, like the first one?’ 

    ‘Actually, a week….no, four days should do it. Chop chop!’ 

  14. 1 hour ago, Broker said:

    Did sweet business always tank the frame rate or is that a new bug? 

    I came to Destiny 2 from Fallout 76, so thought it could only be more stable. For the most part it is, but then you hear things which make you realise its engine has become a beast of burden - such as Bungie saying that having a wheel to choose from more than four different emoticons would be too much for the game. Not quite as bad as FO76’s devs saying the game couldn’t support more hairstyles, but it’s up there. 

    Frustratingly (as I say this as someone who’s only just bought into Destiny 2) they don’t seem to have any plans for a third game in the series, and just want to keep updating D2 despite it struggling in places now. Maybe Sony can give them a kick up the arse. 

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