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  1. On 12/08/2022 at 10:33, Jarik said:


    I like the interface overall so far, but one fly in the ointment is that the download speeds on PSN are just as bad as they were on the PS4.  I'd gotten used to the zippy speeds on the Xbox Series S so this is definitely a step back.


    I’ve found the PS5 download speeds to be ok thus far, but you could always try the trick of starting a download, pausing it, then immediately resuming. This often seemed to result in a faster speed on PS4, though fortunately I haven’t had to resort to it yet on the 5. 

  2. Did Westworld just borrow a plot device from Kingsman? :lol:


    So far, so mediocre for me. Oh sure, they keep trying to hang some allegory and portentous lines on it but the skeleton of this thing is very by the numbers now. It’s like someone handed a pretty generic sci-fi series to a pretentious, but not unskilled author and said ‘artsy this up will you?’ 

    ‘When do you need it ready by? Six months, like the first one?’ 

    ‘Actually, a week….no, four days should do it. Chop chop!’ 

  3. 1 hour ago, Broker said:

    Did sweet business always tank the frame rate or is that a new bug? 

    I came to Destiny 2 from Fallout 76, so thought it could only be more stable. For the most part it is, but then you hear things which make you realise its engine has become a beast of burden - such as Bungie saying that having a wheel to choose from more than four different emoticons would be too much for the game. Not quite as bad as FO76’s devs saying the game couldn’t support more hairstyles, but it’s up there. 

    Frustratingly (as I say this as someone who’s only just bought into Destiny 2) they don’t seem to have any plans for a third game in the series, and just want to keep updating D2 despite it struggling in places now. Maybe Sony can give them a kick up the arse. 

  4. Do Americans have the same fascination with energy drinks that they do with fast food? 

    While I’ve always enjoyed Gerstmann’s dry wit, I can’t imagine listening to anyone doing a solo podcast for three hours. Best of luck to him, though. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Nobuo's Organ said:

    The destiny LFG Discord has a channel specifically for exotic quests, people will jump on and help you if you post your join code in there.

    I keep meaning to join, but the last time I tried, after registering with Discord, it said ‘now go to this website, sign in your Bungie account, face in a south-westerly direction then..:’ and I backed out with an apathetic noise. 

    I’m sure it’s great once you’re in there, but getting it all up and running is a bit of a pain in the arse. I’ve stayed away from Discord for years just for such reasons, but now there’s always some game trying to nudge me in there. 

    Plus hearing that Drifter’s gun is actually gently awful hasn’t helped me commit. :lol:

  6. 1 hour ago, Broker said:

    Jesus Christ the mission version of the corrupted strike for the maleficent quest is absolutely impossible. I guess it might be easier with a team but solo I’m just getting blasted off the map over and over again. Maybe I’ll have to give up on the gambit title. 

    The one to get the Drifter’s gun? Yeah, it’s pretty horrible. I gave up on trying to do it solo, even after I’d beefed up a bit. 

  7. There’s a trial of this this weekend (on PlayStation, probably other platforms too) so if you can get the 90GB downloaded in time then it’s free to wander about in. 

    After ten minutes, I was bored already. I’ve pushed through and given it another couple of hours but that feeling hasn’t really subsided. After three previous games in the same mould, the formula just feels so fucking tired now. Sticking health bars and levels on the enemies isn’t going to change that one bit, in fact it just waters down what is still good. 

    Plus points? The island looks gorgeous. To the point where I might go back just to have a walk around and enjoy it. It’s a shame there’s been such obvious hard work poured into parts of this game, only for them to be ham-strung by its garbled, overall vision. Ubisoft need to step back and have a good, long think about where to take Far Cry next. Because the series is in need of, at least, as big a reinvention as there was from Far Cry 2 to 3. 

  8. Shame. Seems like a missed opportunity, but I can see why shooting scenes in two languages might’ve been a bit ambitious - considering the scale of production. 

    Appears my worries about the predator’s tech being too advanced were (mostly) unfounded judging by some recent footage. It’s the same level of ‘kind of the same, but ultimately unfair,’ that was in the original film. 


    Instead of arrows, it uses wrist projectiles that are fired with magnetic field technology, rather like a tiny rail gun. This is still targeted by the laser, though. So yeah, it’s pretty unfair. :lol:

    Surprised and delighted this has such a good reception so far. I really didn’t want The Predator to be the last entry in this series. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Hexx said:

    DARES OF ETERNITY and the Grasp Dungeon I think. 

    Dares of Eternity is free, though some emotes, shaders and armor sets that are part of the 30th anniversary pack (and which they try to push on Xur’s menu screen) are not. 



    1 hour ago, moosegrinder said:

    Do people still do the Dares? I should imagine the playlist is pretty dead by now?

    As a fairly new player, I do it pretty regularly. Some decent guns to be had, though the RNG for doing so can be punishing. It doesn’t take long to get a random group together, so it’s still reasonably popular. 

  10. Is it me or are there very few stasis mods compared to the other classes? Admittedly, it’s difficult to tell given the absurd system where Ava sells four random ones a day from any class. 

    Also, as I’m here (and as the game never explains it) can I just mix and match the class of my armour pieces to make use of different class mods, or is there some kind of bonus for having them the same class as my own? 

  11. 21 hours ago, Quest said:

    Probably a question that no one can really answer, but do we think Sony will announce a revision of the hardware any time soon? Thinking more along the lines of a slim than a pro version.


    Should I just buy one now?

    Doubt it. From what I can see, the PS5 is so stupendously huge (largely, ho-ho) because of its massive fan. Barring some new internals that produce a lot less heat, there seems to be little they could do with the design right now. 

  12. On 28/07/2022 at 16:31, Festoon said:

    Great to start with absolutely shit sound that's hard to hear and delibrately indistinct dialogue.


    Nolan is a cunt.

    Nolan’s audio mixing is a subject of some interest to me now. Filmmakers wrote a collective letter to him pointing out the issue, but he framed it as just not understanding his artistic choices rather than them actually saying ‘your films are either too quiet or too loud.’

    Some have speculated he has low frequency hearing loss, and is either oblivious to the problem or too stubborn to have it treated. Personally I feel bad for his sound crew, who must know they’re crafting a mess but are beholden to his ‘vision.’ 

  13. 23 hours ago, Capwn said:

    How did this turn into WalkingDead?! When the first season was airing this was the biggest and most acclaimed show, it was a highly praised piece of work.

    Much like the original Matrix, the writers of Westworld will never convince me they had concrete plans beyond season one. That season was so perfectly disciplined and contained that what has followed feels very much like ‘oh shit! They want more? What did we scrawl on those napkins?’ 

  14. 14 hours ago, yakumo said:

    I'm gutted we will never see a second season of Archive 81 which Netflix in their wisdom decided to cancel. While this abomination gets made and will probably get another season. 

    It’s often the way. I have a long list of favourite shows that were cut short prematurely, whereas crap like Smallville was given ten whole seasons to bumble to its conclusion. 

  15. 9 hours ago, Alan Stock said:

    I was rewatching Season 2 and I wonder if they'll ever bring back


      Hide contents

    Cindy, the girl with superpowers that they released from the testing facility who could explode people with her mind. They focussed a lot on her escaping and then never came back to her. Probably not, but you never know.


    Probably not, I think she was just included to act as a red herring for Neuman. 

  16. On 13/07/2022 at 20:39, dave7g said:

    Rockstar were in the process of remastering IV as well as RDR but moved all hands to work on GTA6 instead. A shame for sure. Gay Tony is also still fantastic and surely the only time you'll hear Hue and Cry in a video game.

    Probably not a great shame, as they likely cancelled because they hadn’t been planning to give those remasters any more effort than the GTA Trilogy. 

  17. I’m horrified, yet also mildly intrigued, after a YouTube channel I trust called this a ‘CW version of Resident Evil.’ 

    The one reviewer who had never played the games quite enjoyed the absurdity of it all, and the fairly frequent surprises. Whereas the reviewer who was familiar with the games was annoyed by this being so different, yet still trying to lazily appeal to that audience with a slew of ‘eh? Eh?’ easter-eggs thrown in even when they made zero sense in context.  

    Must admit, I think that sort of thing would drive me low-key bonkers as well. 

  18. 1 hour ago, skondo said:

    Also, I didn’t get the fuss over the Herogasm episode, although I did laugh a lot when Termite sneezed.

    I think it’s because it was a big thing in the comics so fans of those were determined to have it be a big thing no matter what, as opposed to the mildly amusing/diverting side note it actually was. 

    Plus it featured a fight a lot of people had been waiting for, which did a fair amount to redeem the episode. 

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