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  1. I want Bruce Campbell to return as the pompous usher from Spider-Man 2, preventing Tony Maguire’s Peter Parker from attending the Illuminati meeting.
  2. Yeah, the gunplay feels way off to me in both modes. I’m either aiming in slow motion or jerking about the place. Very difficult to draw a bead on anything. Plus ramping up vertical and horizontal sensitivity by even a little ramps them up a lot. The options seem to be there to nail it all down, but if anything they’re a little too comprehensive. I look at things like dead zone sensitivity and am totally lost.
  3. I think it’s a combination of things. The game has had a pretty troubled development, which at times made cancellation seem likely. Most notably, it lost lead writer Chris Avellone due to sexual harassment claims. I’m sure that loss was felt, as he’s a talented guy (I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been fired.) Then, not too long after, it lost writer and art director Pawel Selinger. On reflection, it was foolishly optimistic of me to think the game would have a good, or just passable, narrative. There’s also the fear of what consumers say they want VS what they actually want. So if you release more of the same, it’s met with tepid ambivalence. Lots of sequels have fallen into that trap.
  4. In the case of PSVR titles, yes I do. In the ‘your collection’ tab, the options you have are sort by name, installed date, genre or size. Oh, and PS3, PS4 or PS5. Unless I delete all my PS4 titles but PSVR games then folders was a much more straightforward system.
  5. Disappointed to hear the narrative has gone so far downhill. Certainly Dying Light was no masterpiece, but Kyle Crane had his moments of dry humour amongst the earnest heroism and I didn’t actively dislike any of its characters. Also ditching the iconic score, wtf? Ah well, at least we still have the next-gen update to look forward to. Hopefully they don’t half arse it.
  6. I saw a load of guff about social features coming in the new firmware update, so I guess it’s a futile hope that they’ve implemented something as simple and needed as ‘folders’ were on the PS4?
  7. Fan-fiction. That was what kept springing to mind as I watched this series. The uneven tone; old, popular characters thrown in when things are in danger of slowing down; illogical to non-existent characterisation; idiotic tactics from supposedly hardened gun-fighters; last-minute saves; Rancor steed; the author’s own creations being amusingly ill judged… It genuinely felt like something that was written week to week with no real plan of where the hell anything was going, or how it would all work together. Of course, after the narrative tug-o-war between Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker, that’s not too surprising to me.
  8. I knew Willis was doing a lot of easy films, but didn’t think it was up to the rate of eleven over two years! I have a little sympathy for actors who are a bit twattish during press junkets, as it must be the most demoralising part of the job to answer the same questions over and over for weeks on end, but do agree that he’s been losing interest for a long while now. Obviously it’s gotten progressively worse, but the last film I saw in which he seemed genuinely engaged with the role was The Sixth Sense - which was over twenty years ago. Perhaps Willis was tired of being pigeonholed in action movies, but he’s at the point where, surely, he could take roles that interested him over a simple payday. Instead he just seems bored and resentful while he wallows in a filmic hell of his own making.
  9. I do remember a section in one of the EU books, where a Jedi is cut off from the force and trying to use their light sabre but find it far heavier and more unwieldy than they remember.
  10. I’m actually a bit upset after watching the latest trailer. Thinking that this deeply mediocre series will be Stewart’s last outing as a character that made his career, and is so beloved by Star Trek fans. It feels like witnessing the horror that was the recent GTA remasters - a cynical, charmless mess that leaves boot-treads in your fond memories as it’s dumped into your lap as though you should be happy about it. Going back to present day ala The Voyage Home just proves to me, if it were ever in doubt, how devoid of ideas and ambition the show runners are. ‘Time is broken?’ Nah, Star Trek is broken, and it’s because of pricks like Kurtzman, Chabon, and Goldsman.
  11. I’m on PS5 and yes, they are. At least, they were the last time I played. Even though that was a few months ago, I feel confident to say it hasn’t changed as 4A Games don’t exactly update their stuff at light speed, if at all. Odd to me, really, as they made such a fuss over the next-gen update you’d think a fix like that would be a point of pride.
  12. Yeah, some of those are fair. The gunplay can be a bit clumsy, though I think I avoided the worst of it as my default approach in FPS games is often stealth and silent kills. The game doesn’t hand hold and it’s entirely possible to miss cool weapons or handy upgrades as a result, which can either be quite refreshing or a huge pain. The map kinda worked for me as it triggered a sense of ‘I wonder wtf that place is?’ Curiosity which was sometimes rewarded and sometimes not. You certainly need to keep some sense of where everything is in your own head as well. I would turn off HDR before playing this game tbh. It just doesn’t work and makes some parts unintentionally comical (played without, there’s an area that’s a dark space filled with skittering sounds, played with and it’s so bright you can literally see all the spiders just chilling, waiting for you.) I certainly agree on the dialogue. You think it’s over and are wandering off when the guy you’ve been speaking to starts blabbering again, triggering that awkward real-life feeling of ‘sorry, I really need to….yeah, I can’t stay for…’ Don’t be afraid to just walk away when you think you’ve heard enough. Outside of main character discussions, it’s mostly all flavour anyway.
  13. An entertaining round-up. Their feelings on Boba Fett and (most) of the marvel shows pretty much mirror my own. Funniest part was discussing Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell awkwardly going for maximum Jewishness.
  14. I know next to nothing about the character, apart from once being told that he’s like a more murdery Batman. Which obviously had me intrigued.
  15. Friend said to me ‘All of us are dead on January 28th,’ yesterday, and I just nodded like this was no surprise before they clarified they were talking about a TV series. Looking forward to it.
  16. Have it your way. I tried to meet you in the middle but if you’d rather respond with smugness and sarcasm then have at it.
  17. Sarcasm aside, we’re just not going to see eye to eye on this one. As I say, it was not ineptly written, but while you see a masterful and fulfilling tapestry of timelines I see a circling of events that never had any meaningful pay off. I was quietly impressed with some of the intermingling, I will admit, but that didn’t stop the novel’s conclusion feeling like a ‘pencils down, please’ moment rather than a poignant conclusion. Such as the way the novel’s antagonist is dispatched. Realistic? No doubt. Satisfying? God no. If you can fully invest in these characters then I could see it being a great novel. To me, however, they were only ever of mild interest, and mild interest didn’t justify all the time spent stitching their lives together.
  18. The PS4/5 player base is severely depleted by now, unlike XBox which will have seen a significant boost from gamespass, so you’re only likely to get matched on difficulties from intense and above. Is there any particular reason why you’re playing on casual? I only ask because casual and normal can feel quite slow and predictable, as the game only really comes into its own on intense. Feel free to add me if you ever want to experiment with higher difficulties.
  19. Obviously every story has a plot, even if it only consists of someone waking up, drinking tea, then going back to bed. Everyone understands that, but it’s also true that ‘there was no plot’ is shorthand for someone finding a book or a film boring or aimless. Hence my use of quotation marks. Station Eleven followed the trend of most literary novels I’ve read in that it was all about the journey without any particular destination. It felt realistic in a lot of places, but realism on the page can result in ‘oh, ok. And?’ at least as often as it does a moment of reflection or pathos. I can understand why people may find it effecting, however, as though I have issues with the pace and throughline it certainly wasn’t ineptly written.
  20. Yeah, I felt much the same. Kept waiting for it to build to something but the author was content to meander in circles. I guess it’s one of those books where if you love the writing, the lack of any real ‘plot’ doesn’t matter. Have to say, I never would’ve expected anyone reading it and saying ‘this would make a great TV show.’
  21. Really not a fan of extreme and insane on this game. Increasing the damage the aliens can take was the wrong move, and turns it into a bullet sponge exstravaganza. Don’t make them tougher, just up the number of spawns, so you’re fighting more of them! Hopefully the devs reconsider their approach there, but they’ve seemed oddly stubborn on certain points with this game so I’m not holding out too much hope.
  22. As long as there are no more appearances of the unsettling, muppet faced child version of Aloy I think we’ll be ok.
  23. Hopefully they keep going and bring out some more shells. As others have said, perhaps some limited edition ones. Not like the PS4 faceplates which Sony released a handful of then forgot about entirely.
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