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  1. Considering the show’s creator was quite involved with Fringe, it’s shocking to see how much of a mis-step this show is. Not only does it feel like the first episode is beginning part ways into a show, thereby squandering a far more effective way to handle the concept, but there’s absolutely no sense of momentum. I wasn’t expecting the mad-cap pace of Fringe, but every episode is so plodding and anaemic that they don’t even feel like first-drafts, just outlines. The seed of the show is promising enough, it’s just that everything which sprouted from it is so inept as to be baffling.
  2. Is it still following the escape>get captured>escape>get captured>escape>get captured pattern?
  3. I died a couple of times in the castle demo and it just sends you back to the start, as long as there’s still time left you can keep playing.
  4. A good finale. I agree that the gore is forever in danger of becoming eye-rolling/absurd (why the hell would anyone live in a city in this universe?) but I also don’t think it’s there simply for novelty or shock value. It reminds me of Superman’s ‘world of cardboard’ speech, where he talks about the fragility of everything and everyone around him, and the frustration of having to control his every action. The level of tolerance and patience needed for a super-human to live his life on tip-toes is immense, so it’s effective to show that a lot of these heroes are pretty shit and get people killed/wreck the place.
  5. Pleased with Stranded Deep. Always wanted to give it a try but suspected it was a game I might bounce off hard.
  6. It was fine. But only fine. The first twenty or so minutes promise a film we don’t actually get, which was disappointing as it could’ve been a great one, and the structure is fragmented with too many characters but I’ve certainly seen far worse. If they really want to go the multiple film route (and apparently they do) then fleshing out two or three characters only would’ve been a better approach. Of course, that would’ve required better writing, so maybe the ‘throw everything at the wall’ approach here was just the path of least resistance.
  7. Time Trap may have been low budget, but it wasn’t junky! A fine film in its own right.
  8. I bet there’s some epic hand-waving to address time travellers not going back to a more pivotal time before the aliens arrive, as opposed to just getting fresh meat for the grinder.
  9. He has the best serum that Hydra were able to muddle up, so he’s likely not as strong as the new super soldiers but is able to kick their arses due to being very well trained. The vibranium arm certainly doesn’t hurt either.
  10. True, but a large portion of Black Widow’s life was spent training to be an elite assassin, to a level which has inflicted permanent damage on her psyche. You could argue Hawkeye as well, of course, but I’ll never be convinced that guy is entirely human. I think he’s just meta on a level which isn’t easily detectable. Nobody is that accurate with an arrow. I do agree that they’ll steer away from ever having Sam fight anyone too powerful.
  11. His suit levels the playing field a bit, but I certainly see your point. He was still unable to decisively beat Batroc, who hasn’t had the serum (though Batroc is exceptionally well trained, and even made Steve break a little sweat.) You get the feeling that if you dropped Sam into the Battle for New York he’d put on a good show but still end up as paste. The message of ‘you don’t need some super juice to be a hero!’ is a laudable one, of course, but there’s still a part of me saying ‘don’t you, though?’
  12. It’s been a randomly occurring bug on Amazon Prime for over a year now. They don’t seem to give a shit about definitively fixing it.
  13. Probably still needs some polish.
  14. Must admit I was surprised to see how many people online seem to hate Walker with a passion. He was always going to fail as Captain America because he was only chosen for the role due to optics. A highly decorated soldier who scores off the charts. Driven. Focussed. Successful. Sure, a bit conceited, but given his achievements he has cause to be. Taking a man like that and putting him into the same sphere as meta-humans is like taking a flyweight boxer and throwing them into the heavyweight league. Utterly ruinous for the psyche. That this outcome is so inevitable leads me to think that Walker was expected to fail, so that the military could have more support/funding in researching the super soldier serum. ‘Look, we did things your way. Chose an exceptional, unaltered human. But it wasn’t enough. We need more.’ As he said in his speech, he dedicated his life to the military, gave them everything he had, and they left him high and dry. Expressing disbelief when a soldier under enormous psychological stress was ill equipped to be a peacekeeper, ‘stop the terrorists. Wait, no! Not like that!’ Saying he was ‘a twat from the start’ strikes me as leapfrogging over a fair bit of nuance to reach a comforting black/white conclusion.
  15. Yeah, that was my main problem with the idea of Sam being Captain America. He’s a good man, and a good soldier, but it was being a good man, a good soldier, and having the serum that made Steve Rogers exceptional. I think the writers are aware of this and will make efforts to address it with....
  16. I’m eager to see what threatening text the Power Broker sends next. Perhaps they’ll graduate to angry emoticons.
  17. That is great news. I just hope they can afford to hold off filming for a while, much like Better Call Saul and Ozark, so they don’t compromise their vision for the new season with Covid restrictions.
  18. The new serum getting stolen from Howard Stark was covered in Civil War, but Bucky’s status has always been a bit more vague. All we knew for sure was that he was experimented on by Hydra scientist Arnim Zola for quite a while, but in TWS it wasn’t really clear if all his enhancements were cybernetic but less obvious than the arm.
  19. The Russos confirmed that he got a ‘bootleg’ version of the serum, which was the best Hydra was able to come up with before they stole the new formula from Howard Stark. So, he’s supposedly a bit weaker than someone with the pure serum (backed up by both Cap and Isiah beating him), but that gets muddied when you throw in his powerful arm and extensive training. As we just saw, he can wipe the floor with people who have a stronger serum but no real training.
  20. Good news! Also confusingly says it ‘adds more voiceover.’ Was some being left out due to a bug?
  21. The Days Gone 2 news is galling. Surely it would’ve been faster to make the sequel with a lot of the hard work like horde behaviour etc already done?
  22. Much the same here. My experience was bug-free until I reached the fishing village, then I encountered two fairly major ones in a row. The latest patch has resolved one but not the other, so reckon I’ll be forced to wait for a fix as well.
  23. Was amused/horrified when my tactic of not committing, or speaking in largely inoffensive generalisations, to any personal or political inquiry (I am a policeman after all) earned me the ‘Centrist’ trophy. Well played. Console jankiness aside, this is an awful lot of fun, and it’s to my chagrin (and relief, as the voice acting adds a lot) that it passed me by the first time. Reminds me of Planescape: Torment, in that you’re always receiving unsavoury clues as to what kind of man your previous self was, and it’s up to you if you want to embrace that identity or fight to be something ‘better.’ I’m consistently impressed by both the wittiness and eloquence of the writing, which is the best I’ve seen in an RPG in quite a while. Just when you think it’s all a bit too zany, there’s a moment of genuine pathos. Having no voice for your character is essential, I think, because some of the funniest lines are as likely to be the ramblings of a drunk as they are droll self-mockery. So the lack of clarifying inflection makes every laugh very slightly uncomfortable.
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