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  1. *Tries desperatly to determine whether this thread is a biting satire or if opinions contained herein are actually serious* Best not comment till I figure this one out.
  2. I only played the demo of this but it failed to grab me, all the scares seemed too orchestrated and, as a result, not really frightening at all. When something blurred past my cell in the beginning and ripped the door from it's hinges I was ready for an involving and tense experience, but all of that pretty much dissolved once you got your hands on the first firearm. All just felt really generic to me, particularly the monsters ( blades for arms and legs? Zzzzzz.... ), and while games like Silent Hill try to get under your skin this one just grabs you, shakes you back and forth while blaring 'be scared, damnit!', which doesn't really work for me. I appreciate the final game may be different, but I didn't feel compelled to play it on the basis of the demo.
  3. Had some good games with Manicman tonight, we were whipped consistently by a lvl1 and lvl0, so organized were their tactics we suspected they made a habit of quiting games or playing just free games most of the time - this reasoning spared the larger part of our dignity. It was a frightening glimpse at what random games will be like once the ranking system is reset, is that level 1 actually a level 11 uber Ninja? You won't know until he starts pwning you in a most emasculating fashion. I'm really hoping Ubi introduce a penalty for snapping necks soon, as although I favour the use of this when I'm running out of time, and there's no other way of getting a Merc to shift from the ND, more and more people seem to just go straight for the Mercs and engage in a neck-snapping frenzy. The Merc's tazer is good for detering them, and has saved my life more than a few times, but as Manicman observed it is reaching the point now where Mercs are afraid to go after Spies rather than the other way round.
  4. Sounds good to me, is the win/loss record deleted as well, as mine is pretty hideous right now? As for my games with Manicman, they were most satisfying ( not that ours weren't Stroker, but you must admit we were having a pretty bad night ), you only realise how important great teamwork is, and how it's been missing from the majority of your games, when you play with someone who volunteers to cover you while you defuse the MD - as opposed to someone who just mumbles a response when you ask where they're headed ( the vast majority of Live players, if they talk at all ), it's like playing two entirely different games. Yeah, the update does seem to have screwed things up a little, I did enjoy the microphone symbol in the lobby though, plus the bitch in me gave an evil cackle when it became evident Syntax Error had abruptly lost two levels ( he'd been pwning me so consistently I became most vindictive ).
  5. Another vote for Keanu Reeves; an actor needs to be flexible by definition to become a different character for every one of his current and future roles, but Reeves plays the same bloody character in every movie - I could easily mistake his Johnathan Harker for Neo.
  6. Garibaldi


    Now buy Splinter Cell damn your eyes! Or possibly Rainbow Six, you can be almost guaranteed a victory against me as I don't even know how to throw grenades.
  7. But then again Penny Arcade didn't like Halo, either. I have a sneaking suspicion they're comparing Killzone's multiplayer to Halo2's masterful effort, which would pretty much be a forgone conclusion as KZ's MP at the moment is reported as being 'very basic'. The game itself looks alright, the visuals are impressive but I find them somewhat drab ( I appreciate a warzone doesn't usually have lots of bright colours though ), and the gameplay looks to be very scripted ala Medal of Honour, they'd do themselves more of a favour if Sony didn't keep hyping it as a Halo killer.
  8. Ah, it was false after all, although it may be useful to keep this going just to see how many people would pay such a fee if it were confirmed. I'm only really just getting into online gaming so why the negative views of Clans, Kapowza? Some form of elitism from the members ( just throwing things out here )?
  9. I look forward to the rumoured '2 second recovery time when getting up after being knocked out' for a Merc, as the number of times I've had a spy knock me out, wait until I got back up then knock me out again or break my neck before I could do....well...anything isn't even funny.
  10. http://microsoft.gamerfeed.com/gf/news/6638/ $50 a year to be a member of a Clan? If true I honestly don't think people are that mad for Halo2, and it shows a pretty blood-thirsty desire to suck any and all cash out of fans of the series. Nasty rumour or quite possible, what do you think?
  11. http://microsoft.gamerfeed.com/gf/news/6638/ Just spotted this on Gamerfeed. It seems you may have to pay up to $50 a year to be a member of a Clan, seeing as how reasonable the ammount for a 12 month subscription is to XBox Live as a whole this makes little sense ( or a lot of sense from a money-grabbing perspective off the back of Halo2 ) if true.
  12. Yep, this mission is a complete bastard. I tried every strategy I could think of; errr......hanging back or attacking, but neither worked, if I rushed in I got wiped out by the superior forces, if I stayed put and tried to build my own forces I got pounded by 'meteor strikes'. I never did complete it either.
  13. A thousand poxes on you both! Eh, no problem, not sure I was really up for playing tonight anyway.
  14. I have the first game and like it a great deal, although having about 40 missiles on a fighter jet always struck me as slightly odd. Nice trailer, would have been good to have some cockpit views though, I know that the action shown is using the in-game engine but it would be nice to have access to footage of someone actually playing.
  15. It makes it a lot harder sure, but I found that knocking on walls then legging it round when the enemies go to check the noise works well enough - although doing this all the time can get pretty tiresome.
  16. About the only thing you absolutly cannot do without sunlight is defeat an end of level boss, as Sprite Machine says the Pile Driver won't work without it. Playing without sun requires you to be more stealthy in the dungeons ( whereas before you could refill your 'gun del sol' by conveniently played sunbeams ), and makes Boktai far more tense/difficult as a result. 'Buying sun' from the shops doesn't really become available until a dungeon or two in, so until then you need to make shrewd use of the solar containers in each dungeon ( storing solar energy when you have a surplus of it for future, emergency use etc ). I reviewed this a little while back and it wasn't that sun mechanic that did it in for me but rather the repetitive nature of the gameplay. It is very polished, but by the time we'd got to the dreaded 'ice and lava' worlds I decided to chuck it in, which was a shame as there's genuine innovation in that there cartridge.
  17. The main focus of ROTK ( for me, anyway ) was the tremendous battle scenes, so until I can afford a home-cinema setup I see little point in owning it on DVD, I can't think of anything worse than watching those epic clashes on a tinny little set with no 5.1. Works out quite well really, by the time I can afford such an elaborate system all 'special editions' of this will probably have burnt out, allowing me to pick up all three flicks without fearing that more new features will make themselves known on yet another release.
  18. It's a slow burner, focussing on tensions between the Military and Scientific teams who find themselves cut off in a converted nuclear bunker, but IMO is no worse off for that. Dr Logan is an oddly compelling character, you can never really tell whether he's gone off the deep end or if he's the only one that really understands the gravity of their situation and the methods needed to solve it - his interactions with the tamed zombie "Bob" are one of the film's highlights. Acting is a bit hammy in parts, but the same criticism could be levelled at DOTD, it only stands out here more because the zombies take a back-seat to the main action ( although the threat of them is always there ).
  19. I'm hosting a game at 10:30 tonight ( for anyone else who can't askew catching one of the last few eps of Angel for U-1's session ), and have just put it up on the bootcamp.
  20. Looks like it's time to cherish the childhood memories of Star Wars and bow out of watching anything else to do with the franchise, even the films I remember which have now been tinkered with to destruction. I know! Let's replace the Alec Guiness ghost with Ewan McGregor too, I wouldn't rule it out happening......
  21. I think he meant the multiplayer on Killzone sucked, which would seem to be in tune with other previews I read which stated it as, currently, 'very basic'.
  22. Mmm, case closed I think. Any explanation then for why you brought up in casual conversation the same I.P not necessarily meaning the same user at an ntsc-uk meet? I could go on all day. I have railed against you because since my throwing in the towel at ntsc-uk I am now free of the 'higher-up's' decision to save you embarassment by deleting that very thread, I knew I wouldn't have to wait long for you to claim how unfair the label of 'unbalanced' was so I could dredge up that little gem. Please stop with claiming Shevek really is another user, it's embarassing, precisely the same I.Ps in both Tokyo and the U.K can't be explained away and you know it. Even after wasting my time debating with a false user in the 'Cacophanus' thread I watched with amazement as you PMed Marcus 'as' Shevek still trying to extend the ruse, unbelievable. I certainly can be vindictive, especially against people who use the internet in all the wrong ways, but my point here is made.
  23. Here are the Tokyo IPs: Shevek pl051.nas314.matsusaka.nttpc.ne.jp [ 3 Posts ] ... [ 3 Posts ] pl057.nas314.matsusaka.nttpc.ne.jp [ 1 Post ] .... [ 1 Post ] pl048.nas314.matsusaka.nttpc.ne.jp [ 1 Post ] .... [ 1 Post ] Cacky pl048.nas314.matsusaka.nttpc.ne.jp [ 4 Posts ] ... [ 4 Posts ] pl057.nas314.matsusaka.nttpc.ne.jp [ 3 Posts ] ... [ 3 Posts ] pl051.nas314.matsusaka.nttpc.ne.jp [ 3 Posts ] ... [ 3 Post ] A thread starring Shevek highlighting said IPs: http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/viewtopic.php?t=7112 On dissection of IP info it reveals that Shevek and Caco both live in Guildford, both have NTL internet access over cable and they both have had a domestic cable connection in Japan, more specifically Tokyo. Plus given that identical IPs were also identified when he posted on RllMuk........is that all good enough for you Alex W? Or am I just being 'paranoid'? Also watch out for damondil, he was using that one too.
  24. Hmm, let's see. Matching I.P Addresses for both Shevek and Cacophanus in the U.K and Tokyo, there's more info over on ntsc-uk but as that forum is up and down like a yo-yo I don't have access to it atm. Watch this space!
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