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  1. Is Bootcamp in danger due to lack of usage then? I'll definitely be utilizing it from now on, as whenever I choose to log on everyone in my friends list is in a game. Had a few okay games tonight, played against some people who took the game entirely too seriously ( effing and blinding when one of our tactics didn't come off, and it was a free game ) and some who were out for points with cheap methods ( playing extraction on Vertigo Plaza, they had set it so we were Mercs both of the times, and after they'd earned their points and we returned to the lobby they kicked us before we could moan about it ). Teamed up with Manicman for a short period, but there was no-one else about so we had a brief, comedy game versus one another then called it quits. Afterwards I ran into the Texan on my Friends list who, although he's a nice chap I can't understand a bloody word he's saying, it's like the stereotypical Sheriff drawl x 100 + chewing toffee, nightmarish. Also pared up with an amusing level1 who was leaking testosterone, after killing a spy he would bellow 'wooo, fuck yeah! Fucking killed the fucker! How do you fucking like that!' and became indignant when I burst out laughing at his macho spiel.
  2. Thanks to recent redesigns both IGN and Gamespot's frontpages and menus have been bastardised to a confusing mish-mash which causes Mozilla to jerk uncontrollably ( hur-hur ) when either is loaded - I find both changes hard to justify as they only further clutter the layout and suspect that it was merely some 'web design' chap they had who had been sitting about for half a year and not earning his crust that they wanted to force into action. Plus IGN's standards continue to go down, down, deeper and down, I'm no prude but 'bitch' on the frontpage? Please.... Hadn't even heard of Gamerfeed before, but I'll be sure to check it out as Gamespot now piss me off as much as IGN.
  3. Those were great games the other night with Manicman and Stroker ( oo-er ), I've pretty much discovered that if I play every night on this title my skills, rather than improving, go downhill faster than a very fast thing. 'Cooling off' periods allow me to approach multiplayer with a relaxed and rational frame of mind, whereas before I was getting tense, losing, getting more tense as a result, losing again - and in the end eskewing stealth and just trying to kill all Mercs out of frustrated rage. So I shan't be on as much, but anyone sided with me in future should benefit as a result of this.
  4. I shall join ye all around 10:30ish to dazzle with my competent Merc ability and mediocre Spy flailings.
  5. I used to be extremely frustrated with sniping on Plaza too, but the key is to keep using cover as you move across the rooftops, the spy's 'diving forward' move comes in very handy here. Just avoid any route which would make you a slow moving target for even a second, in my case it's; roll down to the walkway roof, shelter behind the vent on top for a second, then instead of trying to clamber up the spike in the middle of the roof, launch yourself down onto the main walkway and move to the end using pillars as cover, when there you can decide whether you want to hack your way in or clamber back up to the walkway roof as you'll be out of the Merc's line of sight by then. All sounded very confident and professional there, makes me wonder why my loss:win ratio is still so lousy.
  6. Sure, I'll be around, have any specific time in mind?
  7. Sorry about repeatedly turning down your invites Syntax, I was getting my arse whupped in ranking games ( now back down to a level 2 ) so wouldn't have been able to get there in time, but if you're on tommorow or at the weekend then I'll def be about if you give me a rough idea of the time.
  8. Sorry I missed you earlier Stroker, I was in a game when I recieved your invite and by the time I'd accepted it......eh......you know the rest I'm sure. Had some entertaining games with two rather good players and was paired with an American chap who sounded like he was perpetually chewing toffee ( or rather he sounded like that Charlie cat from the 'Charlie says' ads........chewing toffee ), either way it was not inductive to a good team experience although I did understand him a little better as time drew on. I'm definitely falling into preferring to play as a Merc now, I just can't get the hang of playing to the Spy's strengths; there are bloody alarms all over every single level that you have to constantly worry about, and a grenade only need catch you on the outer rim of splash damage and you're finished, plus my interaction with NDs and hack terminals is becoming increasingly skittish ( I usually end up pressing my back to the wall rather than doing anything constructive ). Still, that hyper adrenalised run you do when very low on health is pretty cool.
  9. This game is fast becoming an exercise in frustration for me; I always almost defuse an ND, and almost take out a Merc, but never manage to pull it off entirely, argh.... Much as I enjoyed our games, Syntax was carrying me for most of them, the number of times I had to watch that poor chap go it alone once I'd run out of lives wasn't even funny. I think I actually bit my joypad at one point, so comical was my rage. Love to become someone's regular partner but just aren't up to it yet, ah well 'practise practise practise' as the old ( hated ) adage goes.
  10. Great games indeed, the spawn-camping did leave a bad taste in my mouth but it increasingly seems to be the way with this game - the good players are skilful, but they also suppliment that with a few cheaper tactics to guarantee victory 90% of the time, in a way it's more irritating than bad players using cheap techniques as you just can't see a reason for it. Also sorry to all I refused invites from, notably Syntax Error, I tried to sneak ( arf ) into one of your games later on but all spots were taken, hopefully we'll be able to co-operate/kill each other next time I'm on.
  11. Oh man, that was a lesson in humility I will not soon forget. I would like to issue a general apology to anyone who was, at any point, on my team, as it wasn't a pretty sight. Just watching others play on after my untimely ( or timely, perhaps ) deaths showed me I still have a lot to learn about the different maps, watching Carerra on Vertigo Plaza demonstrated several routes I had no idea even existed. Good fun playing with you chaps, and thanks for the games, although I think my ego will need a little time to heal before we meet again.
  12. What time were you thinking of? I think I'm level 3 ability ( most of the games I play are free games )
  13. Hehe, that's a relief, I always feel that when I go 'okay, I'll check these areas and you patrol here' the other person will go 'who made you the frickin commander?', fortunatly it never seems to go that way. I was pretty mortified with the concept of talking over a headset initially, I kept putting off my first Live game because of it. Then when I finally did log on and heard someone using the 'robot' voice mask I more or less stop worrying about it, even if I had the most ridiculous sounding voice imaginable it couldn't be any worse than those terrible voice masks. The only thing that bothers me about that headset now is how bloody uncomfortable it gets after just 20 minutes.
  14. Yeah, wasn't he a level3 or something? You'd think that people on higher levels would communicate more, must just have enjoyed going after his own objectives I guess. The other guy I play with quite a bit and, while he's still getting to know the maps, he always replies when you speak and makes an effort to work as a team which, even if he was a terrible player ( which he isn't, heh....just covering myself there ) would still make for an enjoyable game. Sorry that you were paired with the silent chap so much, I guess it's difficult to let the host know that one of the players just isn't talking without it turning into a slanging match in the lobby area, maybe the promised MSN feature can do something to alleviate this.
  15. Apologies for turning down your invite last night Syntax, but I was already in an on-going game ( which, at times, included the sporadically connecting Rockboy ). Few curious matches last night, in some I did really well and in others unspeakably badly, I think the Museum map is fast becoming my favourite though. Interesting tip I picked up last night, is that if you're on a ladder or pipe and hold down 'A' whilst pushing down your Spy just slides down at great speed, which can be quite handy in a pinch.
  16. The best action figures ever? I'm inclined to think so........
  17. True, I find you have to be dangerously close to use the Tazer though, I used it from about five feet away and it didn't seem to connect.
  18. I'll be hosting a game tonight at 22:00 ( see, even got the military 24 hour clock and everything ), one other player is already invited but we're going to have two slots to fill if anyone is interested. On a slighty unrelated note, if anyone finds Phosphor grenades a bit pointless ( why tag a Spy after all? Just makes more sense to shoot them ), they can be used as a trick substitute for frag grenades. The sight of a bouncing frag grenade is likely to send any Spy scarpering from his hiding place, so if you suspect one is hiding but don't want to waste a frag, use a Phosphor - they look and sound exactly the same, and even if the spy doesn't flee then he's marked with the phosphor.
  19. Thanks for the games Syntax Error, I can only apologize for my occasional naffness such as that hairy moment protecting you in the subway car, and.....er.....landing on your head in the ventilation duct. 'Twas damn good fun though, I was surprised to see myself finally reach level 2, plus I learnt a lot more about some things I'd taken for granted in the game ( such as assuming I couldn't be seen when I peeked around a corner, a headshot neatly nullified my thoughts there ). I do need to brush up on my maps though, the subway and cinema in particular.
  20. Sounds good, I'll check out the site. I wouldn't class myself as adept by any stretch but ( I like to think ) I'm not painfully crap either, so perhaps I can be of help to someone.
  21. I don't think it is in the guide, no doubt one of the things Ubisoft left for players to discover for themselves, thanks to the internet however I did nothing of the sort. Basically you have to tap the control stick either left or right twice, very quickly, and your Merc will do a 180 degree spin which is far faster than a regular turn - it takes a bit of practise but once you get it down it can be immensely satisfying. As to split jumping, there are only a few places you can use it where it actually gives you a tactical advantage ( such as the Museum part Kaisu mentioned, which was precisely the location I did it ), the best way to find these spots is to have a good nose around the maps in tutorial mode, which can be boring but will pay dividends in regular play if you discover some great, lesser known spots.
  22. A good way to avoid getting grabbed is to either jump or duck when a Spy is in close proximity and, inevitably, trying to get behind you - they can't neck grab you if you do either of these things. I also find the Merc's quick turn to be quite invaluable in catching them out, although it can be tricky to pull off in a tight spot.
  23. Well, the online community over at Ntsc-Uk is pretty much flatline atm, so I think I shall take more of a part in this spiffing PT group if you'll tolerate me. Had a marvellous session on this last night, hosted my own game so I could set the mode to 'revenge', it was either that or go into someone else's game and squabble over who gets to be a Spy ( this was my fifth game so far, and I had yet to play a Spy at all, it would be amusing if it wasn't so irritating ). Was fortunate enough to have my server attended by a good group of folk, got some decent communications going and, despite my team-mate not really knowing the map, we did suprisingly well. I tried to mix it up with the Mercs as a Spy and abruptly realised how fragile I was when a frag grenade threw me halfway across the room, so after that it was stick to the shadows time. One great moment was hacking an NDA and, realising this would alert the Merc in the nearby vicinity, running out after about three seconds and doing a split-jump in a dark corner. I must have done this about three times, he was getting frantic, it never once occured to him to shine his light upwards. The two classes just compliment each other so well; the spy's increased mobility to the merc's brute force, and while on some occasions I felt at a disadvantage I always knew this was down to my skill-level rather than limitations of my character - which is precisely the way multiplayer should feel. I will probably be on tonight, and shall add a good few of you to my friends list.
  24. If nobody minds I'm eager to add a few of the regular players here to my Friends list, I thought I'd try to keep it to just a few people I knew well but those I chose are either playing PGR2 all the time or hardly ever online at all. Haven't really had any 'real' matches yet, but have spent a fair bit of time going round the maps and getting a feel for them as well as reading up on tactics online, so hopefully I shouldn't suck too badly.
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