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  1. Yeeeeah, obviously they can’t unring this bell, but I guess one way of sort of justifying it would be….
  2. Yeah, it was a surprisingly gutless move for this show.
  3. It will be interesting to see the repercussions of….
  4. Yeah, that felt anti-climactic in the same way that…
  5. RE Engine seems a bit more flexible, having been used on Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter as well. I guess it’s not a fair comparison, though, as Dice only ever built Frostbite for the Battlefield games. It was EA that started trying to force it into other titles like Mass Effect: Andromeda.
  6. A bit disappointed to find that explosive payload is actually pretty pants on sniper rifles, due to the way damage is calculated. Gives me a good excuse to ditch them, I guess, as I just can’t get used to the quick, precision aiming required on controller.
  7. I think, in a similar way to season 2, this didn’t really stick the landing. Like the writers were pushing pieces around the board as opposed to it feeling like they’d ended up there organically, in a way that had you say ‘yeah, that makes sense.’ My biggest issue like that was: Was it still enjoyable? Of course! This show is never less than enjoyable. But season one set a high bar that it has, somewhat, struggled to hit consistently ever since.
  8. As a new player, it’s really frustrating to hear that they had a solid new light campaign but ‘vaulted’ it without a suitable replacement in mind. It hasn’t earned Bungie any community goodwill to assume that other, more accomplished players will fill in all the many details (not just lore. Though the timeline feature is pathetically insufficient. Talking basic mechanics here) for new lights that they’ve left out. I mean ffs, I found out by accident that you could upgrade your armour and your ghost. There’s a really enjoyable game under all the blundering and obfuscation, but I hesitate to recommend it to any of my friends as not only is there a hefty buy-in for all the content but I know they’re likely to bounce off it hard.
  9. That’s the one! And that picture is exactly how they still look in my memories. It remains my proudest gaming achievement that I managed to summon the cojones to complete SS2. The original was pretty fucking terrifying by itself.
  10. Yeah, the enhancements just make the rest of the game look even more dated. If there is going to be a remaster it’d have to be pretty extensive. Nice to be randomly reminded of SS2 today when I glimpsed this thread. The only game where I literally hid under a desk for about ten minutes, while a shrieking cyborg midwife clattered about outside the room.
  11. I must say, I’ve really enjoyed the way they developed Black Noir lately. With all his earlier quirks paying off.
  12. What a pleasant surprise this was. By which I mean that it even came to exist after such a long hiatus! As has been mentioned, it reuses a lot of the beats from Do America, and there’s nothing surprising. That being said, after a remarkably shitty few years, it was so nice to hang out with these two losers again. Made me laugh just as much as when I saw Do America way back when.
  13. I had the impression they were more field agents for the FBSA, hence doing all the tedious stuff like surveillance with an occasional bit of action. Plus, you have Butcher flashing his ID to get into crime scenes. As to the finale, I predict it will feature the death of…
  14. Bit confused how MM is trying to make his case that Homelander is bad to Todd but never pulls out the trump card that he’s a member of the FBSA and Todd is a school teacher. So which one of them would be more privy as to how superheroes really behave?
  15. Some great points, once again. The way Mike says he would like lightsabers to be portrayed, as hinted at in Empire, is how some EU novels have also handled them to good effect. You have a connection to the force and they’re light and feel natural, if you don’t then it’s the equivalent of someone who’s out of shape wielding a claymore.
  16. Having no real ‘introductory’ arc to the game right now is a profound failure, and one that Bungie’s acknowledged but doesn’t seem in a hurry to resolve. I guess they’re comfortable with the size of their current player base. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now, and probably grasp about 1/3 of what’s going on. There’s a chunky ‘lore’ sub-menu in which I fear to tread.
  17. Well, indeed! The fact that it was physically impossible wouldn’t stop Homelander from having a complex, though. All he’d be fixated on is being as strong as a comic book superhero but not looking like one.
  18. A small detail I enjoyed from one of the recent episodes…
  19. Once you realise that, like Trump, Homelander is a beta male’s idea of an alpha male it becomes a lot easier to understand.
  20. He was just trolling Vader, knowing he’d freak out when he saw the empty robes and from then on would be half expecting beast mode Obi-Wan to appear at any moment.
  21. The Soldier Boy we’re seeing now is still a bit guarded and confused as he adjusts to his situation. Still, he’s already established he doesn’t give a shit about collateral damage, much like Homelander, and I think the only reason the first explosion bothered him was because it was something outside his control. I guess he could surprise us, but they seem to both be cut from the same cloth.
  22. Ah yes. I clearly remember the man sized scorpions of Tattoine.
  23. Surprising that leaving a dismembered Anakin to burn to death in a lava plume didn’t turn Obi-Wan to the dark side then. After observing his surprise in this series, it’s quite clear he assumed Anakin was dead. Perhaps murder through inaction is a light side loophole.
  24. Despite him acknowledging that his friend is dead! Argh!
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