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  1. Despite him acknowledging that his friend is dead! Argh!
  2. I’ve run into a couple of gamers that were fixated on getting platinum in as many games as possible. They would bemoan a particular title then say ‘easy platinum, though.’ I think they were as bemused by my never having achieved a platinum in my life as I was by their obsession with them.
  3. I think it comes down to how much work you’re prepared to do to make things fit with the lore. For example, Obi-Wan never showed any prescience in the original movies (or the prequels IIRC.) That was Yoda’s thing due to his force mastery. When it comes to the force, Obi-Wan has always been comparatively weak. Which is why he used to train like a motherfucker and gained his reputation of being so tenacious. Given how sloppy the rest of this script has been, I refuse to believe the writer(s?) thought things through to that extent. They just knew that certain people must survive.
  4. Yeah. This last episode didn’t do much for me, I’m afraid. They were obviously hoping a climactic Vader VS Obi-Wan fight would redeem all the belly flopping it took to get there. Unfortunately that scene is ruined by.. Even if you can overlook this series’ many sloppy missteps, surely that particular one must be difficult to swallow?
  5. Ahhh ok. Have to have a go at that. I do enjoy the LFRs but have come across very few of them.
  6. Is that the Vault of Glass hand cannon? I’m just about nudging the level to do my first dungeon, so I fear that one will pass me by!
  7. I think we’ve yet to see the repercussions…
  8. Something I was wondering about Ryan in the show, is why don’t they make more use of him? I know he’s too young to fight Homelander, and putting him in a lab to be poked and prodded would just make another Homelander, but as their powers seem largely comparable you could do some pretty useful, non-invasive tests. For example, everyone always seems to be worried if Homelander can hear them when plotting, so just test the limits of Ryan’s sense of hearing. Homelander can tell if two people have been together (I know that was probably because sex was involved, but he may be able to tell regardless) so test the limits of Ryan’s sense of smell. Is there an odour that overwhelms him and leaves him unable to smell anything else? Is it something someone may naturally come into contact with? Of course, knowing the CIA they’ve probably already conducted such tests but are just sitting on the data/using it for their own potential benefit.
  9. For me, going from 1080p to seeing 4K on a friend’s set was highly impressive. For you, I imagine it’ll be like watching the moon landing live in 1969.
  10. Something better looking, like the store skin. Or was this a trick question?
  11. Me too! I’m pretty salty I didn’t preemptively get the skin when it was selling for bright dust last week, though. This is one fugly weapon without it.
  12. Bonkers, but still slightly less bonkers than my flatmate who is using a PS4 on a cheap, probably fifteen years old at this point, LCD. My family were getting rid of a quality 1080p LED which I offered but he declined, much to my bafflement.
  13. Oh yeah, there’s definitely some of that as well. I don’t think it’s so much that he wants to feel powerful though, as much as….less useless. He was doing that, or at least he was feeling that way, with Newman. But we know how that ended. Whichever way you view it, there’s a measure of pride at play.
  14. Nah, I was with Hughie on this one.
  15. Ehhh….I don’t have too much of a problem with that as you could argue that a corvette is more powerful than whatever knackered old transport the smugglers were using here. Once again it’s another thing that could’ve easily been smoothed over if the script had another pass.
  16. It’s like they can’t help themselves. Every new game has to be ‘bigger’ than the last even when, in the case of Fallout 4, the map has big stretches of absolutely nothing and the rest is ‘go here, kill this.’ Think Mass Effect 1’s copy-paste exploring for the kind of stuff I’m expecting to see here.
  17. Perhaps, but you’ve got to stick by your convictions. These clowns have put me through an emotional wringer with their clueless Trek, so I’m not about to start giving them the time of day now they’ve apparently, finally, got it right.
  18. It really pains me how these devs have a near perfect aliens shooter within their grasp but resolutely fail to take the right steps. I want to scream ‘enemy density!’ at them until my vocal chords are shredded.
  19. Benny may be taking the same stance that I am: they fucked Discovery, they fucked Picard, so I’m not inclined to give them a third chance. It may very well be the best Trek in years, but I simply cannot bring myself to reward these showrunners in any shape or form given what they’ve already done to Trek as a whole.
  20. They pulled far fewer punches in the 80s, for better or worse. It’s comical to look back and see how brutal some of the stuff with a PG label is by today’s standards.
  21. Fucking hell, three episodes in and this is already shaping up to be the grimmest season yet. I mean, I’m on board but it’s getting stressful.
  22. Bad trailer for TLOU remake. They really needed to blow our bollocks off with how good it looked, especially considering the comical price point, or show some new areas/gameplay, but as it stands it just looks a bit sharper and nicer than the original.
  23. Feels cathartic to see my guess that NPCs were always intended to be in the game to be born out over Bethesda’s bollocks ‘we listened to the fans and added them in’ narrative. I think MS would definitely improve their reputation by forgoing their ‘hands off’ approach when one of their acquisitions has real and obvious problems. Just giving Bethesda more money won’t resolve their issues, as they’re baked into the company. Howard has said before that they’re reluctant to hire more devs, which they desperately need to do, because all their current ones know how to work with the esoteric Creation Engine.
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