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  1. Feels cathartic to see my guess that NPCs were always intended to be in the game to be born out over Bethesda’s bollocks ‘we listened to the fans and added them in’ narrative. I think MS would definitely improve their reputation by forgoing their ‘hands off’ approach when one of their acquisitions has real and obvious problems. Just giving Bethesda more money won’t resolve their issues, as they’re baked into the company. Howard has said before that they’re reluctant to hire more devs, which they desperately need to do, because all their current ones know how to work with the esoteric Creation Engine.
  2. Predators would’ve been decent (or, at the very least, less shit) if not for its long train of slavish homages to the original film. I just hope Prey avoids that tiresome misstep.
  3. I must confess, this entire series is probably worth it now just for Obi-Wan’s bulging trench coat ruse.
  4. Ah yes, I’ve heard about that. Been procrastinating on downloading it as I’m somewhat resentful that they’re letting an app do the work of what should be in-game systems.
  5. Just finished the Beyond Light campaign and lolled when I saw the grind for stasis fragments. As a titan it’s an appealing class, but how much of that I can tolerate remains to be seen! Still having fun. Playing around with my build, experimenting with solar, void etc, trying all the different weapons. Hit a couple of stumbling blocks in my search for certain exotics as it’s content that can’t be done solo, and the matchmaking in Destiny 2 seems frustratingly limited (I can understand limiting it in raids, but why nothing for dungeons and most of the strikes?) but not sure I’m at the point of asking to team up with anyone.
  6. As as far as merchandising goes, it’s an inspired idea. I would quite enthusiastically wipe my shoes on Baby Yoda’s face.
  7. A bit like how ED-209 can’t handle stairs?
  8. Loved RE4 but it’s just been re-released so many fucking times at this point. If this was the first one since the original I’d be all over it, but even hearing the name now brings me out in hives.
  9. Wondered how long it would be before this old chestnut was trotted out. Obviously I can’t speak for others, but for me it’s tiring and dispiriting to point out the flaws in this series. At no point have I chuckled gleefully at the latest misstep, eagerly noting it down onto an already crammed sheet of A4. If you’re enjoying it, great, but attempting to shame those who critique is bad for conversation and the health of the franchise as a whole. I’m referring to valid critique here, of course, and not that of racist imbeciles online. Onward, then. This still feels like a first draft series. Like they had the skeleton down, but before they could refine it Disney were banging on at them to start filming already. There are nice moments that show what could’ve been, but overall it’s pretty clumsy. Plus we’ve reached the point where characters are starting to serve plot, as opposed to vice versa, which is never a good sign.
  10. Ju Sure, but you would have thought they’d teach her to be a bit more reserved with it. She’s already thought of as the odd one out in the extended family, piling ‘freaky psychic’ atop that doesn’t seem the best idea for flying below the radar.
  11. It’s a notable contrast how cagey Luke’s foster parents are about his potential abilities, whereas Leia’s parents are just ‘she’s so precocious, lol!’ as she walks round dishing out psychological insights she could have no possible way of discerning at her age. Hopefully the series ends with Obi-Wan saying ‘guys, take this seriously, yeah?’
  12. It’s a bit baffling how much unintentionally funny stuff was in the first episode. You would’ve thought when watching the dailies, the director would’ve gone ‘yeah, that doesn’t work.’ The trailer made it seem like a series in search of a point, and the first episode just reinforced that for me. Hopefully it finds its feet, but doesn’t have long to do so.
  13. After doing some looking up, it seems to be some kind of memory issue. A quick and easy (but apparently temporary) fix was to change your fov to a new setting then change it back. Did that and now everything is fast again and loading as it should. Rebuilding the database also fixes it, but is also temporary. Shall have to see how long it lasts.
  14. Anyone else finding the game to be buggy since the last update? I’m routinely not getting weapon or character previews images appearing on menus, and more than a few times I’ve arrived somewhere for it to just display sound effects and a black screen. Was running perfectly fine before the patch.
  15. Having done so myself, I can confirm it’s really pretty good. Having ditched Lost mercifully early on, I am intensely wary of series’ that use the mystery box style of storytelling, but so far this one is providing just enough little answers to keep me placated. A welcome surprise.
  16. I’ll have a look for that then. I do rather fear how much catching up I have to do.
  17. It’s such a bonkers approach to make the game F2P, but have it’s narrative be so impenetrable if you’re a newcomer. Aren’t we the ones that F2P is aimed at? Thanks for the recommendations, however. I am enjoying it despite only understanding 1/3 of what’s going on. May invest a bit deeper. I’d say that’s an absolute must if they’re intent on continuing with this model of ‘vaulting’ older content.
  18. Having just started Destiny 2, as I noticed it was now free to play, it’s intriguing to me how polished the combat feels next to what a garbled mess the story is. Seriously, there’s next to no effort spent on telling you wtf is going on. It’s just like ‘Here’s the slimmest background, now go kill some mans, yeah?’ I don’t know if it’s because I’m locked out of portions of the story or what. I might be tempted to do some background reading, but from what I’ve heard the lore is so dense at this point that’s it’s inadvisable to even try.
  19. I’ll take ‘damned with faint praise’ for 100, please Bob.
  20. Is their mediocrity not seared into your brain already?
  21. Over the course of TNG and DS9 it’s shown to be, mostly, just Worf. He tries to over compensate for his human upbringing so ends up being more Klingon than the vast majority of Klingons. It’s actually pointed out to him later that the Klingon empire is rotten to the core and, despite all the shit said empire put him through in TNG, he still looks genuinely shaken by the realisation.
  22. Yikes. I feel like it’s better not to release a trailer at all when the CGI is at that stage, but as demonstrated by the replies here it’s obviously a YMMV situation. Other than that, looks quirky and interesting so hope they can polish things up in time.
  23. Please tell me we’re not going to have a predator hunting tribesmen and using weapons like a plasma caster? A single predator took on an elite military unit of six, who were using modern firearms, in the original film because it considered that fair odds. Unless this predator is planning to fight an entire tribe single-handedly then there’s a comical imbalance here.
  24. The moment where Picard’s speech almost became Mike’s overwrought gibberish from the last video was beautiful to behold.
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