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  1. Do either of the Metro games do anything particularly interesting to warrant a purchase from someone who doesn't like the average FPS? They're about a fiver each on US PSN at the moment so wondered if either of them was worth checking out.

  2. Now that we're going round and round in circles I'm pretty sure it's best we stop. I'll leave the posts there that are there so everyone can see what a despicable cunt I am for not buying games when I had no money, but anything after this will be removed. If you want to continue the discussion (why?) then PM me and I'll gladly respond as best I can to whatever you have to say without spoiling the launch of a new Mario game.

    Just want to keep this on topic now.

    Super Mario Maker is almost out. People will be making Mario games tomorrow. Let's talk about that.

  3. Toythatkills, you really should just admit that you made a booboo, it's so much easier than all this. I've definitely bought a game before with £300 in my account and bills to pay, working under the assumption that they wouldn't charge me 7 times for no reason.

    You're showing angel levels of pig-headed stubborness, here.

    I've been unemployed, £1800 into a £2000 overdraft, avoiding repeated calls daily from my credit card company because I haven't paid off any of my maxed-out card in the last six months, throwing the resulting debt collection letters in the bin because it was easier than opening them. At this point I wasn't thinking about buying video games. I appreciate that not everyone will ever find themselves in that situation and with a job it's pretty easy to buy stuff because you know you've got more money coming next month even if you go over this month a bit. It's not about being charged seven times for a game, it's about being charged one time.

    If you or anyone else can genuinely tell me that if you were in the situation I was in above, that you'd spend £40 on a video game, I would be really surprised, but obviously that's your choice and fuck all to do with me. I did what I did, you'd do what you'd do.

    But yeah, there's no need to answer that, let's leave it. The box-arts are way prettier than this conversation is!

  4. Hypothetically:

    I had £500 in my account on Sunday and I get paid on Friday. Out of this I had budgeted whatever this game costs (it's game so £49.99?)

    My rent or whatever is £300 and due today. That's fine I would have had £150 left to see me till payday.

    Game took £300+ from my account yesterday. I now have < £200 left.

    Bank declines to pay the mortgage due to lack of funds and charges me for the privilege - I AM NOW OUT OF POCKET.

    Mortgage company isn't happy and potentially make a late payment charge against me - I AM MORE OUT OF POCKET.

    Any other potential direct debits such as council tax due between now & Friday for any amount over what I have left will be declined by bank and I'll be charged - MORE OUT OF POCKET.

    Games stance as far as I'm reading is "it's cool cos your copy of Mario Maker is in the post". I'm not sure "Sorry Mr Mortgage/Utilities company but Game overcharged me for that cool new Mario making game it was just a blip" will fly very far in recovering said charges. The bank will see what happened once the funds are back but they won't lift a finger - these charges are how they make money - they'll tell you to take it up with Game and good luck with that. Maybe another Watchdog appearance will help - worked wonders with the Sony debacle :coffee:

    If you don't get these charges back, I would be amazed.

    Bet you're one of them cunts who fumes about the poors having them flatscreen TVs and the like. "How dare they try to alleviate the depression and horrors of having no way out of their hellish lives?!?" That's you that is, without the self-awareness.

    In the nicest possible way, fuck off. If you want to call me a cunt I really don't care but don't put words in my mouth and then call me a cunt based on shit I didn't even say.

    If people are poor but they budget to afford that stuff then why wouldn't that be cool? That's not the person I'm talking about in the very specific example to which I referred, though.

  5. Adoring the chance to defend myself again, everyone has their own slightly different take on what I said in order to take maximum outrage from it :(

    In no way am I trying to say that people should only buy things if they have 10x the money in their account just in case the vendor fucks it up. That would be mental. I was referring to that one specific situation outlined by John above in which someone has been charged £300 so they lose their house and starve to death. Completely irrespective of GAME, now, I said that if I had £300 in my account and literally no money coming from anywhere else, I'd spend that money on food and rent before I spend it on videogames. That's not a £300 "buffer," that's literally £300. If you'd spend it on videogames, that's cool, but I wouldn't. It's not about whether you're accidentally going to be overcharged, it's about what you're going to do with the last £300 you have in the whole world. Even assuming I would only be charged once, I still wouldn't be spending £40 of my last £300 on a game. That's a pretty significant sum when all you've got is £300.

    But then to go back to John's point:

    Bollocks. Not having a £300 buffer doesn't mean you can't afford videogames. There will be people who can't afford their rent/mortgage/food because of this.

    Not only is it not about a "buffer," but you just deleted my second point so that you could be angry at my first. People will be able to afford their mortgage, food, etc, because GAME are not keeping this money. They will get it back. People will be inconvenienced and that's really annoying but no one will be out of pocket.

    Anyway, people can buy what they like with their money and I was wrong to say people shouldn't buy videogames if all they had in their bank account was £300, but I'm not going to say I was wrong to do what I did when I was in that situation, which was to spend money on the stuff that kept me alive first. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but yeah, I wouldn't do anything differently if I had to go back and live like that again.

  6. Bollocks. Not having a £300 buffer doesn't mean you can't afford videogames. There will be people who can't afford their rent/mortgage/food because of this.

    Yeah I've already had this discussion, John.

  7. Some bloke with the same username as you is being a right dick in that thread!

    I've really only made two statements in that thread:

    - People who can't afford to buy videogames shouldn't buy videogames.

    - People who are affected by GAME's system error will be refunded and no one will be out of pocket.

    I'm honestly not sure why either is so controversial but GAF is GAF.

  8. Would have been great if I hadn't have choked massively in the first half of that game. Watching the video back is embarrassing. I cost us all 3 of the first goals. One back doesn't compensate. Sorry to pinseeker and John for my awful performance. For those that want to watch it, the full Vod is on my twitch account linked earlier.

    It has recorded my audio which I wasn't expecting so expect lots of grunts and groans.

    I don't think this was the cause of any of the goals, but one thing I saw in one of those Kronovi et al tips videos (I think) was that you want to be goalkeeping side-on, it makes it much easier to cover the goal.

    I could never quite master it myself but I can see the logic behind it and I know I'd be a better player if I could manage it. Anyway, I just mention it because I noticed you were covering the goal a few times facing out towards the ball, so yeah, saving to the left and right would have been more difficult.

    When's the other semi-final happening? We're so close to the end now!

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