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  1. The save file for Xeodrifter is 3.15MB. I was under the impression that the minimum save file size the PS4 allowed was 10.49MB, since every other game I've played has been at least that, and usually a multiple of it. All these years people have been struggling with online storage and developers have just been bullshitting them! Now Sony have upped the online storage limit it turns out it could have been a non-issue all along.
  2. There is a small clue on the previous page of this thread, it is subtle though, blink and you'll miss it
  3. I was referring to the fact that it appears to be about five shirts all sewn together, who thought that looked good?
  4. I liked Chris Moyles when I was a sixteen-year-old boy because I was a sixteen-year-old boy. I can't imagine listening to him now unless his sense of humour has matured somewhat, or unless he just brings Viaduct back.
  5. It'd sell a few new3DSs if it was exclusive to that. And there's never been a handheld Pikmin, which feels like an oversight. Anyway, I find it hard to be excited by this. I dearly want to be excited but I've played Pikmin 3 for about an hour so I really have no excuse to be excited by another one. I'm a terrible person, basically. Will definitely buy it if it comes out on something I own though, naturally.
  6. Presumably where he would have played music before there will now be adverts.
  7. I already said, less game shit. Like if you're going to have a shoot-out, do it somewhere unexpected. If you're going to hide treasure, hide it somewhere unexpected. Maybe have some periods where you're not just moving from one gunfight to the next, like, maybe see where that takes the story. Increase the tension in the game by having corners that don't have enemies around them. When you know there's an enemy coming, it doesn't scare you. It's not knowing whether there's an enemy that builds tension - in The Last of Us there are always enemies (because it's a game so they figured there has to be), and if there aren't enemies you know exactly where there are going to be some (you've just entered an area with low walls) so there's no tension at all. It's like if a horror movie just had the scary thing on screen at all times so you always knew where it was - it ceases to be scary. It's the not knowing that scares you. It's totally good as a game, but I just don't think it's special as a game is all, or at least it's not special because of its gameplay. I definitely enjoyed playing it (though as I say, I liked Left Behind so so much more).
  8. I've put a [NSFW] tag on this thread even though LOOK AT THE BLOODY TITLE OF COURSE IT'S NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I know someone would come in and complain anyway. "It sounds so innocent," they'd say, as if it sounds innocent at all. Anyway, PENIS: Basically how it works is that you are a child and you have to shower with your dad. But there are so many dads!! WHAT TO DO?!?! Here's a trailer which explains everything. It costs 79p and it might be Frog Fractions 2 or it might be a misdirection but it's actually really good. It has dad jokes. I laughed the whole time I played it. Just buy it. Read literally nothing more about it and just buy it. It gets weird.
  9. If you're going to keep trying to reduce my argument to shit like this, I don't see what the point is in discussing it. All I expect from the best game ever is for it to do something I've never seen before, or do something better than any game has ever done it before. The Last of Us is very good but I don't think it hits either of those criteria, certainly not through its gameplay, but I can't see either of us changing our opinion of it. Which is fine really since we both think it's good, it's a weird argument to be having.
  10. How are you in so much trouble? Qualifying for this expanded tournament is so easy, it was basically impossible for a major nation to fuck it up!
  11. So your counterpoint is "no, you're wrong, but I won't tell you why." That makes a response pretty difficult. If you ever find yourself in a position to discuss this, I'll periodically check this thread. That's an example of my argument, yes, though I don't remember claiming it to be my whole argument. There's loads of game shit in The Last of Us. Block-pushing puzzles. Stupid circular pools of blood. Locked rooms full of treasure. Forced combat situations. I'm sure there's more too but it's been a while since I played it and I can't remember it all. The whole game feels like a game, and on one hand that's fine because fuck it, it's a game. My issue comes from the way it so badly wants to be more than just a game, and the way people always hail it as the "best game ever," which is bollocks, because as gameplay goes it's not any better or worse than many other examples of the genre. It excels in other areas, and if they'd have been braver with the gameplay then it could genuinely have been the best game ever, but I'd seen it all before and I don't even play that many third-person shooters, that's how standard the gameplay was. I like The Last of Us a lot, it's just I like it for different reasons than you, is all.
  12. If that's the point you think I'm trying to make then maybe read my posts again with your brain engaged.
  13. That's exactly my point. The Last of Us suffers simply by the fact that it's a game. It finds it difficult to be its own thing because it has to do "game stuff." That's why it has to constantly have you shooting stuff, because games do that. The story it tells is great but imagine what they could have done if they hadn't tied themselves into this game shit, or had the confidence to put the story first. But no, it includes all these tropes and so I found myself constantly reminded that I was playing a game. Seriously, the first time I went into that little square in The Last of Us where the combat tutorial was and there was low walls everywhere so you know it was going to happen, I burst out laughing. That wasn't exactly the tone the game was going for. As for your comment on difficulty, it's bollocks really. A shit player playing on easy will have the same experience as a good player playing on survivor or grounded or whatever the hardest one is. Claiming otherwise is rubbish and if it were in fact true, then the fault lies with the game's design.
  14. There's nothing quite like The Last of Us in how much it suffers simply from being a game. There must be fifty times when all sense of tension is just ruined because you walk into an open area with hundreds of low walls and, well, it's not like there's not going to be a shootout now, is it? As far as gameplay goes you always know what's coming, it's predictable and as a result it can be really dull. If they'd just removed about 50% of the shooting sequences and replaced them with a genuine threat of peril, it'd be a much better game. Knowing that something might be around every corner is much scarier than knowing it'll definitely be there because videogames, then crouching behind a conveniently placed low wall and taking pot-shots at swarms of identical dudes. And it's full of fucking box-pushing and switch puzzles! Everything aside from the gameplay is pretty amazing and overall it's a great thing to play because all that other stuff is good enough that it being not that good a game doesn't even matter. I think my opinion of it is coloured slightly by the fact that before I played it, everything I heard about it implied that it was the most revolutionary videogame ever, so when I played it and it was full of stupid game tropes I was more disappointed than I'd maybe have been if it wasn't built up that way. Left Behind is also infinitely better than The Last of Us, that thing is fucking brilliant.
  15. I think the thing with FFVII is that it's everyone's first Final Fantasy. Obviously not everyone, really, but it came out at the right time and on the right console. Half the people on rllmuk were in their mid-teens to mid-twenties and we all had PlayStations, so it was just in the right place at the right time. Being the first Final Fantasy game for a lot of people, and maybe the introduction to the genre as a whole for many too, it will always be looked on fondly by people even though Final Fantasy XII is actually the best Final Fantasy and that's a verified fact so don't anyone even bother arguing with me
  16. You know what's really good to help with a cocaine addiction? Heroin!
  17. There are rumours that this controller is a one-time deal. Well, two times if you count the console. It won't be restocked after the initial allocation is sold. If you ever want it, probably buy it while you can. (Again, it's a rumour at this stage)
  18. What the fuck is going on with this shirt?
  19. Beat Xeodrifter now, great little game. As mentioned, it's only a couple of hours long but it feels like the perfect length for it. You're never far away from another upgrade so the pace is really quick. It's really bloody harsh with its checkpoints and there's a pretty annoying bug where you can get attacked by an invisible threat but I enjoyed it a lot. Still haven't been brave enough to start La-Mulana EX so at the moment Xeodrifter is my pick of the bunch this month.
  20. Gave Super Time Force Ultra another go, having tried the demo on Xbox 360 way back. It's still not clicking and I'm enjoying it about as little as I did back then. My feelings haven't really changed at all, it still feels like a game which was amazing until they added all these stupid layers of complexity onto it and now it's too busy and complicated for me to enjoy. The Hell-a-deck levels sound interesting, sound like a game I'd actually enjoy, but since I have no idea how to access them I just watched the last one on Youtube to see what they build to - they build to a total mess which looks about as much fun as I had with the main game. It's also overwritten as fuck, man, I just wanted the intro to end so badly and it goes on forever. Anyway, it's a shame. There's a PSP game which does this time-travel-clone thing so well, and it should work brilliantly in a 2D side-scroller but it's such a mess of needless mechanics that it's too awkward and hard to follow the action.
  21. Ha, I'll stick with it. It's more fun than I just had with Grow Home. Those controls are not fun at all, the camera is shit and combined with how erratic BUD is I constantly fell down and when you fall down really far and have to climb back up again oh my God just kill me. It's so slow. Then I grabbed onto one of the red fruits and the game just threw me off it for no reason (what the fuck is grab meant to be doing if not grabbing?!) and sent me to the bottom again and I really can't be bothered to climb up there again. I'm sure it's a fine game really but I have such a low tolerance for annoying shit and this game is immediately really annoying. I like games where failure feels like my fault, but in this the constant falling down never feels like my fault. It was the camera, or BUD being dumb, or the controls, or some stupid bug that stopped me grabbing on, or whatever else happens. It feels like a game where if I got to the end it'd be because I had to brute force my way there, rather than through any skill of my own. Don't like it.
  22. Haven't played La-Mulana EX yet, but Xeodrifter doesn't fuck around does it? Got to the first boss and was convinced I'd gone the wrong way so explored all the other planets, before realising that I really hadn't gone the wrong way. Beat it in the end without getting hit, which felt pretty good. Then I went to the second planet, and was convinced I'd gone the wrong way... So yeah, if this is hard I fully expect L-MEX to ruin me.
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