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  1. I'm glad at least someone appreciated it
  2. What video? I'm not sure I've seen it.
  3. Ha, as if I'm good at Rocket League
  4. I find it very difficult to get a feel for a game's controls simply through watching a video of it, and how a game controls is the most important aspect of it to me.
  5. Like a drunk Miner Willy
  6. As someone with mod powers, I'm going to edit those parenthesis out when you're not looking (Will buy Gone Girl!)
  7. The problem is that developers can't even finish the actual game for release date, let alone dedicate resources to making a demo.
  8. Gone Girl is in the 99p sale today. Is that any good or is it one of those hyped things which is actually a bit shit? Also Fifty Shades of Grey, if you've always been curious but never wanted anyone to know; now you can read it on the bus while pretending that you're reading Tolstoy or something.
  9. toythatkills


    Poor performance, Sean. Richie's joke was not only better but came over three and a half hours earlier than your effort.
  10. toythatkills


    It's a good thing we were prepared for this before the transfer window closed.
  11. Stardust by Neil Gaiman is in the 99p sale today. Anything else worth checking out?
  12. Got it! This sale might be worth keeping an eye on; http://www.amazon.co.uk/b/ref=br_imp_ara-1?_encoding=UTF8&node=7388649031&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=desktop-hero-kindle-B&pf_rd_r=0JK2Z6YZAJ22GK1KPTSP&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=686891567&pf_rd_i=desktop Ten books a day reduced to 99p, each of the five days having a selection from a different year that Kindle has been around. Nothing catches the eye on day one, One Day is the only one I've read and it's horrific, but there might be better stuff on the way.
  13. Haha, yeah, that's my favourite part of Club Nintendo. Even though the codes are all in capitals, if you enter them in lower-case it just absolutely cannot work out what you possibly could have meant.
  14. He posted in bradigor's duplicate thread which I've just merged, so those posts weren't there at the time!
  15. There's plenty of variety, though, even within the "2D platformer" genre if we're pretending that every 2D game on PSN has been a platformer.
  16. He's not going to do that in the Championship, though. It's not like Chelsea are going to buy him in the summer if he puts 3 past Preston.
  17. Super Time Force Ultra and La-Mulana are both "2D platformers" but if you think they're alike then you're mental. Just because a game's 2D doesn't mean it's the same as all the other 2D games. But hey, you've got Twisted Metal to play.
  18. toythatkills


    He promises to be an amazing number 10.
  19. The Color Purple is £1.49. Bad Science by Ben Goldacre is £1.99. I can't really remember what this is but it's been in my wishlist for years so I assume at some point I was told it was good.
  20. toythatkills


    I'm sure Cavani's paperwork is all tied up, we're just delaying the announcement while we take photos and stuff.
  21. I hope you did this on purpose to show Real they can't mess you around. I'd take back everything I said.
  22. Yeah, whoever got the upper hand I guess it's done either way. Maybe it's time to look to the future and talk about how good Navas is. Is he?
  23. That's where you have to have stronger negotiators.
  24. Of course they had a choice. They only had to wait four months and they could sign him for fuck all. What they've done instead is mess you around all summer and fob you off with a goalkeeper that neither of you actually really want and way less money than you wanted as well. Your negotiators have done a pretty rubbish job here. Like, they tried to call Real's bluff all summer with this "we're not selling him" stuff but it was so transparent that even the reporters at Metro saw through it. You were never keeping De Gea, everyone knew it, so you should have got it done months ago instead of letting Madrid take the piss with £12m offers so you're all like "wow, such business, very good" when you get £20m+ and Navas, who I can't imagine would have been your top goalkeeping target this summer had you actually not let them fuck you around for so long. You've got as good a deal as you probably could have got on deadline day, but it shouldn't have come to that, and you could have had a better deal almost every step of the way if you'd been stronger.
  25. Ray Bradbury's Farenheit 451 is 99p. Fear and Loathing, and Fight Club are two quid each.
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