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  1. Sell him last summer for twice what you'd get for him now, since you're resigned to losing him anyway. Or deal with it earlier this summer instead of stringing it along for so long that you find yourself in a position where you have no choice but to accept whatever Real offer because you've only got a couple of hours left to shift him - which is exactly what Real have been waiting for all summer. They've totally played you.
  2. They could have earned some points against Swansea if they'd just done that two months ago.
  3. I was gonna ask, too, how does spectating work? Is there a limit on people or the matches you can watch? It'd be cool if a bunch of us could all sit in and watch the final! Failing that, someone stream it on Twitch or something.
  4. I think my favourite participant is Kieran Gibbs, a man who's probably played about 20 minutes of league football in 2015.
  5. Not sure anyone really cares but here's the England squad: An incredible front-line with a combined total of two league goals between them this season. And the guy that scored them will sit on the bench all through both games.
  6. Swansea 2, Man Utd 1 is getting a bit familiar. Chelsea, United and Liverpool all with quite a lot of thinking to do going into the break! Lots of time to dwell on things.
  7. Divide By Sheep is a puzzle game available on iOS (currently on sale for 79p!) and Steam (currently £3.99), and look how cutesy it looks: Stupid cutesy mobile game! Except it's not cutesy at all. To solve these puzzles you have to feed sheep to wolves, slice them in half, sellotape them back together, drown them, and all kinds of other horrific things. Just like in your maths GCSE! It's also not bloody easy. I mean, it's bloody, but it's not easy. So to go back to the above image, your goal is on the left hand side. To get three stars in this level you have to save exactly four sheep at once by getting them to the raft, then five sheep, then six sheep. You do this by hopping them between adjacent islands - whenever you swipe, all the sheep from one island will jump to where you swiped. If you swipe three sheep and there's only one vacant space on an island, two of them will drown. If you swipe the two sheep you see above through the lasers, they will be sliced in half and take up four spaces on the middle island. If you swipe four half-sheep onto the raft, they'll be revived and you will be on two sheep saved! But you need two more. So basically you have to keep killing sheep and moving them around until you work out how to meet all three criteria without running out of sheep to save... the above level is the 16th of 150 and I'm already starting to struggle to get all three stars! Anyway, it's really good. And look, so cute! Errrrmmm...
  8. I guess not? Game 5 (SF1) Team 7 vs. Team 9 Game 6 (SF2) Team 3 (bye) vs. Team 13 Game 7 (Final) Winner 5 vs. Winner 6
  9. Are there any plans for 8v3, or are we sending Team 3 into the semis by default?
  10. toythatkills


    Yeah I'm not sure that it would ultimately weaken the team really, I just like Ozil and wouldn't want him to go.
  11. toythatkills


    Let's get Benzema while getting rid of the player who could provide Benzema with 20 goals a season.
  12. Yeah like 15 games came out on PS4 the other week. (13 of them were probably shit). If there's one thing the PS+ threads at NeoGAF have taught me, though, it's that people specifically do value quantity over quality.
  13. Well I bought a PS4 at launch for N++ and The Witness. One of them only just came out and one of them still hasn't. Maybe I'm just more patient than most people. I bought the console which (I believed) would have the most games I wanted to play on it, and when they come out is irrelevant as long as they come out. For the last two years I'd probably rather have owned an Xbox One than a PS4, but I'm mostly confident that over the course of the generation I'll get more out of the PS4 than the Xbox One.
  14. It should be an interesting game. It's not like United have looked good, they could easily be on three points so far after three nil-nil draws, or worse. They've just been lucky in getting a few points on the board but they've certainly not been significantly better than Liverpool.
  15. I never really buy this as a criticism. I don't care when a game comes out, it's going to be a good game in 2015 or 2016 or 2018, I care about being able to play the games I want to play, and whether that's on PS4 or Xbox One the dates of the games aren't really relevant. It's not like it's going to make a difference in the grand scheme of my life, is it? I'm still going to be able to play Shenmue III on a PS4 whatever year it comes out in. Well, unless I die soon, but at that point I doubt it'll bother me much.
  16. It's been the same since the start of pre-season, though, surely his job is to have worked out what's wrong and fixed it by now? He's had quite a long time.
  17. I know we're only four games in, but eight points is still a pretty big defecit when Man City are playing as they are.
  18. In the last fifteen years the FA Cup has been won by a team that qualified for the Champion's League like twelve or thirteen times.
  19. Finished The Power of the Dog now. Not really sure about it. Think I'm going to read Catch-22 again now.
  20. I don't really know what to do, I wanted it on PS4 but I also want to buy it now.
  21. They've cancelled the Kickstarter because it was going to fail, and are going to release into Steam Early Access instead. You can buy a copy here now. http://www.cagedelement.com/grip/ It did look like it wasn't going to make it, but you never really know with these things. I remember that Harmonix Kickstarter looked totally fucked going into the last few days and then suddenly went mad. Still, the game's still happening, at least for now.
  22. I've posted a number of times to explain in detail why the rules are how they are, why it's structured how it's structured, and that I know exactly what would need to be done differently in another tournament in the way of getting people to play games. If you want answers to your concerns, you can seek out those posts. I would stress that you're the only person in this thread who's expressed confusion at the "best-of-three" nature of the tournament, though, and again if you want to play the group stages with "World Cup rules" that would involve completing your team's fixtures, no? I don't play FIFA so wasn't aware that it would be so difficult to get people to arrange their own times for games. It was my mistake, 113 people have called me an idiot for it, and I have learned from this mistake. I really wish people would stop beating this drum now. I've already said so many times that I know where this tournament went wrong and nothing you say is news to me or anyone else.
  23. Same thing happened when Arsenal signed Park Chu-Young. He immediately enlisted in the army and was never seen again. I think that's what happened anyway.
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