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  1. It's the Astoria, IIRC. Tickets are (or were) on seetickets anyhoo. It's one of those NME awards tour shows, which makes it all the more weird that it has such a great line-up!
  2. They've already released one great game this year. Another is due in September 2008
  3. This implies to me that you're breaking the rules...
  4. Did no-one else want more for Maggie from the ending?
  5. Just had a go of the demo and it kicked my ass repeatedly. The actual game is easier than that, right? Can't find anywhere to buy this either
  6. Me suspects you're just a bit rubbish at Slitherlink I just finished this with a total time of 58 hours or so, which is a lot quicker than I suspected it'd taken, weirdly. There are some right bitches in that final set of puzzles. 40 being one of them, but 47 being the devil. Took me two attempts at 90 minutes plus each to get that one done, and had to work out some strategies specifically for that puzzle, it was that tough. As for the original topic, 10/10? Nah, not for me. There's a couple of problems that'd knock it down a point - slowdown being the main one. The last thing I expected in this game, and it makes the latter stages of huge puzzles awkward. It'd have been nice if when you were working on a line it was highligted a different colour on the top screen too. The top screen is next to useless. God knows what I'm gonna play for my puzzle fix now.
  7. Haha, I made that. I wish I remembered I'd done stuff like that before I sold Forza. I should really get it back... I can't believe this thread has 18 posts in over a year. Insane. Best band ever. I was always going to think that though with my extreme OTT love of all things mclusky. And Jarcrew, just slightly too late. Gig in February - Les Savy Fav, Future of the Left, Los Campesinos!, Cut Off Your Hands. That's a fucking line up.
  8. I had two teams in red shirts the very first game I played
  9. That was announced way before this Podcast implied there was some huge secret returning series
  10. They've clearly not noticed the abundance of morons on their forum. Support? Patience? Understanding? Not much of that around there
  11. Just hold up (or down, depending on which end of the pitch you're at, you need to be holding the direction the keeper isn't facing) and then hold A. Half way line at least.
  12. Is there a repeat of this? Or are all repeat slots reserved for Have I Got News For You now?
  13. I don't understand this if it's true. Surely this patch can only sell more GHIII guitars (especially with the shortage of RB ones) to no detriment - why on Earth would Activision object to that?
  14. Has anyone tried using the Wii points codes on a Wii that isn't linked to the Club Nintendo account they were bought from?
  15. Haha, sorry, I wasn't trying to be a dick, I was genuinely interested!
  16. I meant Mother. What other Mother games have there been in Japan between Mothers 2 and 3?
  17. That description could almost fit for Earthbound too. That would assume that IGN failed to notice the GBA game, which wouldn't surprise me greatly.
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