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  1. Does rllmuk have an official game of the forum? If not, I'd like to nominate Everyday Misanthrope. It is a short game in which your goal is to be as big a cunt as possible so as to ruin as many peoples' days as you can. It is funny, it is free, and the pay-off at the end is great. DOWNLOAD IT HERE. First playthrough - I ruined 66 lives.
  2. There won't be any until nearer the end of the season when cup competitions are intefering with fixture lists. You can't plan for them this far in advance! A few years ago it'd go mad around January as well with all the snow cancelling games but that doesn't happen any more.
  3. 300 different covers, one for each of the people still buying Edge.
  4. They've released a trailer. It is super weird. Confirms the platforms as Steam and Xbox One.
  5. Bild are reporting that De Bruyne to Man City for £58m is a done deal. That's pretty good, Man City have looked rubbish this season, they really needed that extra £60m investment.
  6. That's fair enough, it was pretty shitty wording on my part. I did include the caveat that they were dull to me, but yeah.
  7. Well, I'm off out to buy some PSN credit. Anyone want me to pick some up for them?
  8. The LEGO Movie for £22 on PS4 (Plus exclusive discount!) It was £6 in the US last week!
  9. I dunno how many times I have to say I'm not criticising the service before people see it. All I've said is that both services offer great value and live alongside each other perfectly. That one service appeals to me more is purely down to my own taste in games, in no way is that meant to imply that one is better than the other.
  10. You all still on for tonight? That'll just leave Team 8 vs. Team 3 to play. People involved in that game, are there any concrete arrangements in place yet? If there's nothing at least planned by Saturday night, Team 13 will receive a bye into the final.
  11. They'd been announced for ages and no one had done it! So I whacked some text in for while I was at work. Will throw trailers and stuff into the OP shortly, as per the PS+ thread.
  12. I honestly did not think that saying PS+ and GwG were different would be so controversial All I can do is base my opinion on my own use of the service, and if it was that similar to PS+ in its range of games then I'd be subscribed to it, so why am I not? Like I say, just my own opinion and if people feel differently that's cool.
  13. Okay. I'm not criticising the service at all, I'm just saying it's not the service for me when you put it alongside PS+. I genuinely like that both services can live alongside each other by catering to different crowds. Obviously I'm not saying that everything on GwG is a retail game about men shooting each other, it has indie stuff too, but the former category dominates waaaay more than it does on PS+, which I can't imagine you can prove wrong. Again, not a criticism at all, it's a different service for different people and it caters to its people well.
  14. I'm sure they would if they could, but the marketplace on Xbox 360 isn't set up to facilitate rentals, so they sell it as a benefit instead.
  15. Fuckers, I should be getting Metal Gear Solid V and Halo and the new Gears of War game for that kind of money
  16. Xbox One The Deer God (September 1-30) This is confusing. The trailer makes it look like a voxel-based Metroidvania but it's procedurally generated. If they've managed to procedurally generate a Metroidvania that's impressive. Steam reviews are average to positive. Tomb Raider: Defininitive Edition (September 16-October 15) No one needs a trailer of this, right? The fact that it's been given away for free already on GwG and PS+ would suggest that most people here already own it! This is the version with slightly prettier graphics, though, so you can see the less fun Lara Croft "origin" story in all its bloody gory. I'll always prefer "well I'm rich so I'm just going to fuck about in Egypt for a bit" as an origin story but this game's meant to be pretty ace. Xbox 360 Battlestations Pacific (September 1-15) I haven't a clue what this is and the trailer doesn't help. Do you control boats? Ships? Both? Either way your goal is to fuck up Japan. Or America. Both? Crysis 3 (September 16-30) "Crytek makes every other shooter its bitch" is a line written by a professional writer which was deemed good enough to put into the actual game's trailer. That's where games journalism is at! About as much as I know about this game is that it's made by Crytek and it makes every other shooting game its bitch. Metacritics range from "alright" with The Deer God on 58 to "really good" with Tomb Raider on 85. Then Battlestations and Crysis in the mid-70s.
  17. Fucking hell. Am I reading that right? He's looking for a computer programmer to do his shopping for him?
  18. Stick it to the Man really didn't do it for me. It was funny, but so over-written that to get to a laugh you had to listen through a two-minute long speech while standing there doing nothing. Too many puzzles relied on the "stick random stuff to random stuff and see what happens" mechanic. The enemies were just shit and have no place whatsoever in a puzzle game. Controls were awkward. Overall the pace of it was just so glacial that I got really bored of it and not even the promise of some funny jokes was enough to make me like it. I'm pretty sure I didn't even finish it, just got right to the end and couldn't be bothered any more.
  19. Same, but I'm willing to give it another go since I'll have the full version rather than the demo. As I say, I just didn't understand the game at all. It takes an incredibly simple concept that would be so much fun, then adds layer upon layer of complexity onto it to the point where it just felt unplayable. I seem to recall seven hour long cut-scenes with a terrible sense of humour also which left a kinda bad impression as well.
  20. toythatkills


    Fucking hell I didn't even notice that Maybe having Callum Wilson on the bench in my Fantasy Football team won't be a disaster after all, Benteke's going to have a field day.
  21. toythatkills


    He'll commute. No Mertesacker tonight
  22. £11.24! It's a pretty bare-bones port by the sounds of it. They haven't done much work to the graphics, the "hard mode" just adds 20% to the enemys' HP, and it runs in 4:3 or stretches to widescreen. For eleven quid that's probably fair enough, to be honest. Buy it if you want to play Grandia II, don't buy it if you were expecting some incredible HD remaster!
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