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  1. Yeah, great month. I was disappointed greatly by Teslagrad after all the glowing reviews it seemed to get, but the rest of the line-up looks reasonably solid.
  2. Grow Home Grow Home won the vote, beating out Armello and Shitty Viking Game. Probably fair enough, as it looks alright and impressions from Steam have all been positive. Super Time Force Ultra I didn't get this when I played it on Xbox 360. It took a simple concept and complicated it so much that I couldn't even begin to have fun with it. Will probably give it another go though. Twisted Metal This is Twisted Metal. If you're American, you probably love it. If you're not, it's likely that you give no shits at all. Teslagrad Teslagrad disappointed me greatly. It's a sort of 2D metroidvania full of puzzles and so should be my favourite game of all time, but unfortunately the puzzles are "physics puzzles" which immediately makes them pretty shit because the physics are unpredictable. You'll solve a puzzle in your head and spend ages trying to brute force a solution. Boss fights are no fun at all either. La-Mulana EX Haven't played this, but it's meant to be a really fucking hard 2D platformer. I am fucking IN. Will even charge my Vita for it, and that doesn't happen much. Xeodrifter The name rings a bell, I have no idea what it is though. Trailer suggests that it's worth a look, though, so for sure will try it while it's free. Ah, it's by the Mutant Mudds guy! There's a chance this game is about an hour long, unless I'm thinking of something else. People were pissed off but to me that sounds like a perfect little experience. I guess if you paid you'd be annoyed...
  3. I wouldn't bother, Van Gaal would play him at left back.
  4. Fabian Delph, totally essential in running things and dominating the play in Man City's midfield.
  5. The video game industry should band together as a whole and refuse to release any games with male protagonists until GamerGate fuck off.
  6. Callum Wilson hasn't scored many points less than the entire of the rest of my team. With Benteke left to play, I'm on 27 points. Properly pathetic. Is there anything I can do to make Benteke not play? Like, is there a god of football injuries I can pray to?
  7. Amazing, I have Jenkinson on the pitch too. This West Ham match is ruining me
  8. Sounds like the offside thing has caused some confusion in the Villa Palace match. Gave a goal and chalked it off like five minutes later.
  9. Yeah I've got this as well. It's not in my download queue, stop trying to fucking download it! There's a Flash Sale on US PSN at the moment, Walking Dead S1 and S2 and Wolf Among Us are under £4 each , Murdered: Soul Suspect and Sherlock Holmes are around £5 or so.
  10. Put Wilson on the bench, didn't I.
  11. Also, if you download this app you get Final Fantasy I for free! You have to click a banner in the app and it downloads, offer lasts until August 31st.
  12. So I'm reading The Power of the Dog and I'm about half way through. Shit. I've had to put it down for the night.
  13. I should just get over it and accept that I value games differently to other people, I guess. It's not like they set the price by going "right, let's charge 1c per level," and then made two thousand so they could sell it for $20. It sells for more than N+ because it's a better game, because it has licensed music which fits the mood perfectly, because it has super-fast servers so stuff like level sharing happens instantly instead of at PSN speeds, because they've put way more into the design, and yeah, there's more levels too. I've played maybe seven or eight hundred and none of them have felt like filler, either. Every level is there to teach you something or challenge you in a different way. The extra levels add to it as far as value for money goes, for sure, I don't imagine I'll ever complete the game but that's okay because if I complete 20% of the game I've still played it more than a hell of a lot of other games. I don't really understand your complaint about wanting replayable short games, an episode in N++ is almost like it's own self-contained short game, and if you can't beat one there are fifty others available at any time you could try and beat instead. You're never truly "stuck." If you can't beat any of the available episodes you could go back and replay and perfect your lines through easier ones to bother the leaderboards, which is easily as satisfying as beating a tough episode. I'm going to stop trying to convince people to buy this game now. I genuinely love it and I feel that if people gave it a chance they'd love it too, but if the stuff I've said in this thread already hasn't been enough then I don't think there's anything more that can be done to get someone to look past the price for a few seconds at the game behind it.
  14. It's an easy thing to say in hindsight. During development they were more concerned with making as perfect a game as they could, though, and that was where their effort went. They, probably naively, believed that they had the fan base to make it a success. They didn't count on the fan base balking at the price. I wouldn't have seen it coming either. It genuinely surprised me that so many people here think it's too expensive for what it is.
  15. You can turn the overlay off, at least. Still borders though I guess.
  16. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/08/19/how-to-sign-up-for-the-ps4-system-software-beta/ If you're completely insane, you can join the beta test for Sony's next PS4 firmware, hits in early September and has sod-all new features of note if the leaked details of it are true. But what could go wrong, eh? It's Sony.
  17. Sort of, but nothing on PSN is USA only. It takes about a minute to make an account there and you're missing out by not having one. N++ cost £11 at launch.
  18. The big fuck-up is releasing without a demo. That would have gone such a long way to showing people what N++ is about and why it's so much better than N+. Even tiny changes like the introduction of toggle mines have a huge effect on level design. 2,360 levels sounds like overkill but when you're playing it it genuinely feels like each level was born from a unique idea, and that the developers couldn't stop until all those ideas were exhausted. Like, they didn't want to make 2,360 levels but they couldn't stop themselves. Without that demo, you can't see any of that. I can tell you how it feels to play, how it's better than N+, but it doesn't really mean anything. Saying that, there was a free beta which anyone could have joined in on to get a feel for the game and sod all people on rllmuk bothered so I'm not even sure offering a demo would make much difference. You need to get people to play it and it seems like most people are in the "£16 is too much for a game that looks like this" mindset to even try it, because they don't imagine they'd buy it anyway.
  19. I do really wish I could love Picross 3D, but the absolute lack of challenge means I never can. You just tapped the obvious blocks on the side you were looking at, rotate 90 degrees, tap the obvious blocks, rotate 90 degrees, and just keep going round and round until it's done. In a regular picross you have to be thinking two or three moves ahead which is what makes them so satisfying to solve, but in 3D you never had to think about anything other than the block you were tapping right at that second, so in the end solving them just gets boring. The presentation meant that it was always kinda fun in the end to chip away that last block and see what you made and see it animate, but it was never satisfying in the way a good logic puzzle should be. I never felt like I'd achieved something when I solved one, just that I'd kinda gone through the motions and come out the other side. Like I say though, that could make it a pretty decent downloadable title.
  20. Stuff like this: £300 for a PS4 but £16 is too much! Fair enough if you wouldn't play it much due to Rocket League, but it's still a little strange. I find the comparisons to EGTTR a bit weird too. That's a game which costs the same as N++ and has a few hours of gameplay but graphics which are traditionally better, and so it's somehow seen as more worthy of the price-point based on that alone. Anyway, if I haven't convinced people N++ is worth the money by now then I doubt I ever will. I hope you all try the demo when they finish it though because y'all should at least give them that much, and maybe you'll see then how much better it is than N+ to play and experience, which is something screenshots can't really do justice.
  21. Have you played it? If you've played it and you think it's too much, that's fair enough.
  22. I played this on 360 for a bit and the later levels aren't really much fun. It relies too much on pinpoint accuracy in your timing and the gameplay kind of breaks down. It's certainly surprising to see it on PS4, I didn't think it performed that well sales-wise. Must have been a cheap port.
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