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  1. Even if Southampton have a terrible season I can't see them being one of the three worst teams in the league.
  2. Knockout stage line-up will be up tomorrow, so any group stage result not posted by 8am tomorrow morning will be 0-0. I'm looking at you, Team 10!
  3. We're only two games in but it's pretty safe to say that Sunderland are getting relegated, isn't it?
  4. You'll be really boring and win all your games 1-0.
  5. Not sure why we don't have a topic for this, because it is excellent. It takes a few episodes to get into, I think, because the tone of it is quite unlike basically most cartoons and sit-coms you'll have ever seen. It's depressing, anything like a happy ending is tense and fraught with problems and the characters all have genuine issues. It's not one of those shows where you watch an episode knowing that in 20 minutes everything will be back where it started and all the characters will move on as if it never happened, and this makes it really interesting. It's not just that stories run through seasons, but characters moods and personalities and stuff too. Also, importantly, it's fucking hilarious when it gets going. Will Arnett as BoJack is probably the most inspired piece of casting ever. I mean, Will Arnett is brilliant in everything anyway but in this he really sells BoJack. The world of animal/humans is full of humour too, with everyone being totally normal and yet animals retaining some of the quirks that make them animals. Also, Vincent is fucking amazing, and I don't think there was a single exchange between him and BoJack that didn't have me laughing. Also, despite the colourful look it has serious stuff to say about Hollywoo and celebrity culture in general. Anyway, typically The New Yorker sum it up better than I ever could: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/bojack-horseman-and-the-comedy-of-despair BoJack Horseman is great.
  6. Falkous has released the second Christian Fitness album on Bandcamp, Love Letters in the Age of Steam. Six quid to download it or you can get a CD for about ten which comes with the downloadable/streamable songs too. IT'S GOOD. Immediate favourites are the good sword and the harder it hits.
  7. Rooney is the captain of my Fantasy Football team so I feel partially responsible for this. Sorry.
  8. Soundtrack has been revealed. Anti-Flag are in it as well as almost nobody else I've ever heard of. Bigger: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CMVna23WgAAwirv.jpg:large
  9. toythatkills


    New World Record for a Hell run, 3m44s. It's insane. See if you can catch the moment where he gets the Ankh. The Yama fight is excellent
  10. It all kind of went downhill when I came back for the bot. Sorry team
  11. Deadline's in an hour for this week, don't forget!
  12. I had to bail out of it due to some of the sheer stupidity on display. Think I lasted like 8 pages or something. I imagine the 30 pages after that are the most hellish display of going around in circles.
  13. I can't imagine that changing, then. Ubisoft have apparently sent an email telling people to vote for it as well so the other games don't stand a chance. Still, at least it's not Zombie Vikings.
  14. Yeah, vote Armello and then watch it stagger into last place anyway! I hate people. (Bump because voting is open now)
  15. Yeah, there's already been meltdowns over at GAF because everyone's like "I'M NOT AN IDIOT, NINTENDO" as if the sole function of this is to treat people like idiots. Just refusing to accept how good it could be so they can keep their anger levels high. It's an outrage, etc, nine days is literally the end of the world!
  16. This was a problem for me on XBLIG a lot of the time using the Xbox 360 controller (obviously). Problem comes about because the analogue sticks just break over time and so they think they're pointing in one direction when they're not. A lot of games will compensate for this in the code by ignoring say the first 0.5mm of movement or whatever, and this makes the problem invisible. So your controller's still sending an input, but the game is ignoring it. If the developer doesn't do that, though, you'll drift in one direction. I imagine if you try a brand new controller with those games it'll be fine, otherwise it might be worth reaching out to the devs and asking if they can patch to compensate for this, if there's specific games you want to play.
  17. I haven't been following this game at all because it looked really shit and limited when they first announced it. Just seen this new trailer of all the stuff it can do though and it seems to have gone through a hell of a lot of evolution, there's an actual game there! Am interested...
  18. And on Dwight Gayle, of all people.
  19. Looks amazing, I've only got an iPad mini which won't run it and a 5s which might be a biiiit small This is a stealth attempt at getting people to upgrade, isn't it? Well played, Apple, well played.
  20. There'll be some minor Virtual Console stuff you can afford for that
  21. I played with Donut against some people who were also very good and I felt incredibly insignificant
  22. I think it's probably time to reassess your life when you're being made to look like cunts by Joey Barton.
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