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  1. 5,000 stars is nothing when you consider the fun you could have now that you've got a "special" trophy to award people with.
  2. "My dissertation is due in ten days, I should probably start doing some research." Good luck, man
  3. Worth mentioning that the CAD:GBP exchange rate is actually really good right now, more than $2 to the pound! So this works out pretty cheap.
  4. Yeah, deal is confirmed now. Stoke have got a very interesting team this season
  5. Good to hear, I'd watched a video of some guy playing Grow Home and I'm sure it was just that he was bad, but it looked unplayable! So I look forward to adding Zombie Vikings to my library next month and never downloading it to my console ever.
  6. Kickstarter is live! Looking for $657,000CAD, so about £320,000.
  7. So to get 100 cards, you're spending at least £150 - assuming that every single card you get is unique.
  8. If your first sub didn't play, it'd just put your second sub in instead, so you don't have to worry too much.
  9. It's your choice who gets sent on, depending on the order you put them on your bench. Remember though that subs will always be sent on in such a way that the formation remains valid. In the case above, no matter who comes on your formation will still be valid so it's whoever you've selected in the first slot who'll come on. If one of your defenders didn't play though, he would be replaced by a defender even if your midfielder was prioritised first, because teams need to have three defenders playing. If the two defenders on the bench didn't play either, the sub just wouldn't be made and you'd get 0 points for that player.
  10. Fair enough, QF stage stays! On nulling matches though, probably say any matches not scheduled by Wednesday night will be 0-0 draws, that seem fair to everyone? So if you can play later in the week that's cool, but post your intention here so I know otherwise we'll just kill the group stage off on Thursday whenever I'm at my PC.
  11. Final Fantas - in a distant future, one particular brand of fizzy pop is on the verge of extinction. Take control of a man named Kel as you attempt to locate and consume the last of it before anyone else can in this turn-based RPG, ultimately seeking the answer to the question "is life worth living after all the Fanta is gone?"
  12. Dickov said on 606 that his keeper will lose his clean sheet bonus for conceding that
  13. Trauma Center: Ew Blood - you play a new member of staff in an A&E department, can you hide your crippling phobia of the sight of blood?
  14. toythatkills


    I really fucked this up. Sorry everyone
  15. toythatkills


    Yeah I pretty much just covered that mate.
  16. I was well ahead of you there! (one minute)
  17. toythatkills


    We're bottom of the league, maybe this is all just Karma for when I laughed at Tottenham yesterday.
  18. toythatkills


    Maybe Roma would be interested in a swap deal for Szczesny
  19. You'll get points for Bellerin's sub though, whereas Mertesacker's getting fuck all. You've done okay.
  20. toythatkills


    What even is happening.
  21. Art Academy: Sketchpa - drawing package in which you spend most of your time being asked to draw your dad's package.
  22. Would anyone object to condensing this so it gets done? Thinking just to skip the quarters and have the group winners go into the semis instead. If people want the QF stage though we'll keep it. Also thinking that any group games not played by Wednesday night just get 0-0'd, so get games done if you can! So yeah, thoughts?
  23. Vagrant Tory - David Cameron leaves Number 10 following an expenses scandal and finds himself with no money and no home. Can he survive a life on the street?
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