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  1. I don't think it was the setting that was the problem, for me it's that the game wasn't finished. The spawns were fucked, the camo challenges were bugged and most of the maps aren't very good. Then they added the attack on titan skins, and now you've got players running around Berlin as a bright pink naked titan. I don't think it's the worst game in the franchise but I stopped playing about half way through the last season, for me the spawns are a dealbreaker, it pops players up anywhere which makes dom a waste of time. The amount of times I get killed by someone who's appeared behind me is ridiculous, there doesn't seem to be a distinction between 'our side' of the map and theirs, it just shoehorns in players anywhere, whether that's in another player's gunsights or not. I find the whole thing pretty frustrating.
  2. You could adapt this 'goulash' and have it with some pasta instead of rice
  3. I worked in retail till I got a job in the hospital and I've worked for the NHS ever since, it might be worth taking a look at NHS jobs and see if anything takes your fancy. There are a tonne of jobs where they'll teach you everything you need to know, I'm also only qualified for retail but joining the NHS led on to better things.
  4. That works quite well after abouta minute and a half. Howay.
  5. I found the library easier, you don't tend to get caught on the scenery either. I just went for the achievement to get 5k in a run, and I think I can tick that off
  6. I've got into birds the last day or two when you fully upgrade them they join up and free a weapon slot, it can give you another chance to get a weapon that would round out your build. Also, if your accessory slots are full, you can still take the stone mask on the library stage, the game adds it onto the end of the line. There's one off to the right that seems to always spawn and I think there's the book off to the left somewhere.
  7. Interesting, I thought it was just me. The menus were laggy as hell last night, reminds me of when you start or end a match and get the packet burst message and everything lags.
  8. It turns out I was sort of right with my Bergerac fever dream last night. According to Reddit it's the second skin for Daniel that causes the crashes, I've gone back to the default one and it's fine now. Apparently the Bergerac skins are going to be delayed until the next battlepass, and Lovejoy ones are in the one after. Can't wait!
  9. I've even installed the Bergerac mod and it does work for a little while if you play as Charlie Hungerford, but when you use Bergerac it just crashes continuously. I don't even know what day it is but I think I'm on Jersey, the soundtrack is great but shipment. There was another TV show around the same time as Bergerac which had a vet in who had a beard, but I don't know what that was called and I don't really remember the soundtrack.
  10. I literally can't start a match, this crashes within 10 seconds of starting a game every single time. There's double everything running and I can't even play. I was playing it earlier without any problems and it's suddenly fucked. Updated the graphics drivers, scan and repair on the install, it just crashes.
  11. I got this after watching some streams the day before launch, it looked quite good compared to the beta. It's really good fun! I didn't click with black ops at all, the movement seemed off and I couldn't actually see anybody, this is really fluid just like MW2019. I'd love to see some bigger maps for something like ground war, I guess we'll have to wait till the new warzone map arrives for that though. I'm really liking Bocage, Decoy and Demyansk, but overall the maps are really good and there are plenty of them, which is something that was lacking in black ops. The spawns are fucked on Das Haus and I'm not really keen on Sub Pens but overall the maps are good. Zombies seems totally underwhelming but apparently there's more stuff coming for that.
  12. I think it's the snare run through an eventide harmonizer, if I remember rightly. No idea what the settings were, or what sound they were trying to achieve but it's a bit strange. Just checked on wikipedia and : 'The drums on "Sound and Vision" were treated through the use of Visconti's Eventide H910 Harmonizer.[7] When asked by Bowie about what it did, Visconti replied, "it fucks with the fabric of time.'
  13. Same here, i was actually thinking about the same thing yesterday. I'm used to mixing my band but I've never worked on someone else's material. The stuff I get sent is mostly recorded on phones, is out of phase and usually has acoustic guitar and vocals on the same audio track. Would be interesting to see what I can do with something a bit better recorded
  14. That's great, was 'rub it out and start again' one of yours from back in the day? I loved that. I think that sounds really good, I'd maybe just make the vocals a touch more present. Maybe push the top end a little, if you've got a tape saturator that might just bring them forward a tad. I'd also maybe check the main rhythm guitar and see if there's a slight EQ cut you can make where it crosses over with the vocals. Overall though it sounds good to me!
  15. I've not tried it yet, but in the early builds of factorio the only way to destroy items was to put them in a chest and then destroy the chest. I keep meaning to try this in valheim, but that might let you get rid of the junk.
  16. For the desert mines I build a tonne of staircases, get down to lower levels where the drops are better. Hotkey some decent health restoring food and just be super careful. Also take some totems if you need to get out in a hurry, and make sure you only take the bare essentials in case you get knocked out.
  17. I got red dead 2 in the last sale and it's brilliant. Such amazing scenery and so atmospheric, you can just ride out and find something you weren't expecting. There are some brilliant side quests like the world's first female lion tamer, a tonne of stuff to collect and challenges to tick off. I'm about half way through the story and I'm loving it.
  18. Sorry for the rant, but I just don't think it's a finished product. The first two games I get smashed, and then the next game, I get to do the smashing, there's just nothing inbetween. The barracks says I'm at 1.16 KD, so just above average, but 1.76 win ratio means TEAM PLAYER!
  19. I actually bought this in the end, I watched a couple of videos after launch and it looked much improved from the beta. I played it for a couple of weeks, got to prestige 1 and played a load of zombies. Nuketown came out, and I rinsed the double xp for a day or so and I realised that I simply do not give a fuck about prestiging, levelling the weapons and progressing. I just do not care. This game isn't finished, the animations are bad, the maps are bad, the movement is bad. It's shit. The maps needed more polish before releasing this game, when you spawn in on moscow and miami you have no idea which direction you're facing, everything looks exactly the same in every direction. You have to run for a few seconds to actually work out where you are and that shouldn't ever be the case. I don't design maps for a living and I know that, but someone has been paid to produce these maps, which are mostly terrible. The unlocks for weapons took an absolute age at the start, and it was a while before they tweaked the weapon xp so that you felt like you were actually progressing. The useful unlocks are so far in that it can be a nightmare having to persevere with a godawful gun, just to get it to the point where it's performing. I played tonight and first match I played I got rinsed on a dom map by a team who could take the points at will, my team were headless chickens and I couldn't even spawn without getting killed within 5 seconds. After that I got put into a match with someone who looked to be aimbotting, and his team camped the spawns, literally camping in the same room our team was spawning in, like the alley glitch in shoothouse. Then I got put into a match on miami where I got a 7 kill streak before I figured out which side of the map I'd been spawned on. The skill based match making turns each match into feast or famine, and nothing inbetween, and it just isn't fun any more. The movement is terrible, you can run in a straight line but the strafing feels different from MW, it feels like you're funneled into a straight line. Mantling is really slow and dropshotting doesn't work any more. It's a joke and I paid £50 for it, and I don't want to play it again. It's a shit game IMO.
  20. I did the insperctor norse/holiday mashup in Traktor. There's no way I'm uploading it to my soundcloud, I'll get boshed for copyright so I've had to upload it here directly. You can hear a messed up mix in of Eple by royksopp at the end, and I'm hoping to extend this out to a load more songs into a mashup set, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing with Traktor at the moment. Enjoy! mix1.mp3
  21. Babylon by splash mashed with I burn by Bushman. It works quite well for the most part I think, I might have a look at few more like this to make more ragga jungle https://rave.dj/BGgpOdYdC3eEXg
  22. Here's a slightly lazy one from me, it's a mashup I did years ago and I'm sure I posted it on here, and I've just bunged both tracks through this. It does sound quite good from a minute and a half in. https://rave.dj/6I-u2fBn_Nl7QA
  23. I've been playing this tonight, and it's just thoroughly meh. Dirty bomb is godawful, it's a total mess. I can't even be bothered to type what I think about the whole thing, it feels like a free to play shooter that's main aim is to harvest your email address.
  24. Here's another one - Inspector Norse by Tod Terje and Holiday by Maddona https://rave.dj/x8_NGNgqx07KmA The AI is a little bit too clever to be honest, it mushes inspector norse into the melody of Holiday, but it loses the melody of inspector norse. I've actually mashed these together in Traktor and they work perfectly together. This mashup is really good, but I like having hands on control, and you just don't get that.
  25. Yeah, I've never actually played thunder force IV but every other comment on youtube says exactly that.
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