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  1. The 10 round mags for the as val is broken as well, if you use it you can fire through cover. There's a video of stone and aculite using it, and aculite fires through a row of garages, a pile of crates and a buy station to kill someone who wasn't visible. Multiplayer was infested with it last night and it wasn't much fun.
  2. I've been meaning to look at this for absolutely ages, and I can't stop making them now. Here's one to start with https://rave.dj/bhog46e58kVqXQ It's breezeout by lone with max sansalone, who is an extremely funky drummer
  3. I watched videos from Jackfrags, Eclusiveace and Marley13 and not one of them was exactly enthusiastic about it. The 5 flag dom mode looks absolutely terrible compared to ground war, I just can't see how it's going to be fun to play. The maps are too small for the squad spawning and flag spawning mechanics, but look a bit big to be running around from flag to flag, and I suspect they're going to be very frustrating.
  4. I pre-ordered this a couple of weeks ago because I knew I'd end up buying it eventually, I really loved the first black ops. After watching some youtube videos of the gameplay and I've cancelled the pre-order. It looks absolutely terrible, which is a real shame. I can always buy it if it turns out to be ok, but as it stands I can't see them improving it too much before the release date and I think I'll skip this one.
  5. I didn't realise there were so many train lovers here. A few years ago I picked up a CD of the station theme tunes for the Yamanote line, I spotted it in a music shop in Tokyo while I was looking for something else, and it seemed like a bit of a mad idea so I bought it. I can dig it out, rip it and send it if anyone wants a copy?
  6. I've only ever done it with infinite combos. First time was a defect plasma build with unceasing top, and I've also done it with the ironclad using drop kick. I really struggle with that fight if I've got a deck that's slow to ramp up damage.
  7. I got this the other day, I had a couple of days off sick from work and I thought it would keep me entertained. It's good but I'm hoping they add a bit more variety and look at the progression a bit. I'm onto taking apart the bigger ships now, and was initially puzzled as to how to tackle them. Slight spoiler below for people who want to figure out for themselves how to tackle those. Progression seems pretty slow, I think that everything feels heavily gated. I hope that improves as they add more ships and features, because currently it feels like it's only like that to stop you blasting through the ranks in a few hours. The crosscut never gets old, it's so fun chopping things up with it, just remember to check if there's a fuel line or a power cell behind the wall though, they will blow up! I'm still not sure how to decompress a ship correctly. I always end up in the room with the controls, depressurise the rest of the ship, and when I open the door I get pelted with cargo as everything rushes in. I can't see a way to keep the door open and depressurise, and I don't know if that's even possible. I'm pretty sure there will be bigger ships to attack because I've still got a couple of higher ranked ships to unlock, it's just a major grind to get there. Is anyone else playing?
  8. I'm not sure if I'm just playing a lot more than you but I've always had about 10 days spare after completing the battlepass. This month I had a tonne of other stuff to do so I wasn't playing as much but I still cleared it a week ago. I'm obsessive about levelling the guns and unlocking camos so I'm not sure if that's where I'm getting more XP from, but I also have a spare class setup for completing the daily challenges. I load it up with the attachments and weapons needed for the daily, so they're normally done in 20 minutes. Warzone gives a tonne of battlepass XP every game, even if you stay out of the way of other players. Do you play much warzone? Is there a way of comparing time played? It might be interesting to compare. EDIT : Just checked in the barracks and I have 11 days 33 minutes played, and 1983 games played. Win loss ratio 1.42 (Team player!) KD 0.98 My KD has started going up since I finished damascus, so should be interesting to see how high it goes.
  9. You could run kill chain and hope that your vtol gets enough kills to earn chopper gunner. I mainly play hardcore so for me it's just a case of being more cautious once you've got the vtol. I normally choke one kill off chopper gunner, but I do get them fairly regularly.
  10. I'm not sure how this will embed, because it's from Facebook but this week I asked the band to do a mashup of No Surprises by Radiohead and Royal by Lorde. I'd seen a video mashup on youtube which mostly worked, but because we can sing it, we've got much more control over making them fit together. I'm really pleased with the way this came out.
  11. My band normally plays in the pub on the last friday of the month. With lockdown we've been recording covers at home, and posting it to facebook instead. I'm not strong singer like the other two are, and I'm not brave enough to post something done live, so I did this instead. It's a cover of 'There is a light that never goes out', but imagine if the pet shop boys or the human league had got hold of it first. There's a psychedelic video to go with it, which is on Youtube, but I think it's got ads on it as it got claimed instantly when I put it up. Here's the soundcloud version, which also sounds a little better.
  12. I'm only at ascension 8 but I quite often do a sealed deck game in custom, and see if I can put something together that I might not have normally come up with. That's always fun.
  13. I managed to get into a few games and finally finished off damascus. I completed the riot shield yesterday and started work on the knife this morning, and it's not been too bad all told. The worst thing has been mounted and crouching kills with the assault rifles, purely because of the sheer amount, and some of the shotguns and marksman rifles with no attachments were pretty awful. 3 kills without dying with the riot shield was pretty frustrating, but it's surprising how quickly it comes together once you get into the groove. I only really spent yesterday concentrating on it, and I had it done by teatime. I tried to concentrate on shipment for knife kills, and the last thing was kills while wounded. On shipment you're pretty much gauranteed to be wounded 90% of the time and I got it in about 3 matches, but I was chucking a thermite on the floor and running through it when I could. I hate damascus, I think it looks like shit. I'm going to put it on my launchers, so everyone can see that I've done it and run platinum on everything else.
  14. This is a total joke, why can't we just have a game that actually works?
  15. I'm currently stuck at ascension 5. I've had some cracking decks but they don't quite cut it. I find a block/body slam deck is the only way I progress but I've literally seen one barricade in the last 15+ runs
  16. I got my first warzone win today in solos, I took it steady, and moved in with the gas. I was mainly picking people off who were in a worse position than I was, where I knew they'd have to move and had no cover. I ended up in the final circle at the military base with two others, the first one should have had me, he was in cover and I wasn't, but I've been using the M13 with a load of recoil reduction and I just chipped away at him. I think people panic when they see the amount of hits coming in, even though the M13 isn't doing a huge amount of damage compared to some of the other rifles, it's a total laser beam. I saw the last guy in the distance and realised that his only cover was the caltrop type things on the runway. I got behind one of the mini bunkers and just kept firing. I don't think he had any idea what to do, because no matter where he stood I could hit him in the feet. He moved a couple of times but I could still hit him and think he knew the game was up, because he didn't really fire back. I also had 5 RPG rounds in reserve for vehicles, but didn't need to use them in the end. In other news I've had three matches today with blatant hackers, not even trying to hide it. I've sent in more reports in the last week than I have since the game started, and I just hope they can get a handle on this. Ghosts was a complete write off because of hackers, the report function literally didn't do anything, and I hope this doesn't go the same way
  17. I'm so pleased that on PC I only have to download 15 gigs this patch, it's much better than re-downloading 150 gigs that are already sitting on your hard drive. Plus during the last patch, having to manually restart the download every 10 minutes kept things interesting, and interactive, it was a nice touch. The slight drawback this patch is that it's only downloading at 70kbps, which I suppose is pretty good because in the old days we used to have to download at 56k, and this is very slightly faster than that! Overall, I'd describe this as an excellent service.
  18. I encountered one the other night. I was doing really well and I went into a building and got obliterated in a split second. I specced him for a while and it was painfully obvious that he was aimbotting, when someone came near him he'd just lock on, even on the other side of a wall. He was hitting people that literally weren't even visible on screen. Another player killed him not long after because an aimbot can't even help you if you move into a bad position.
  19. And now it's just deleted 100 gigs which I've been having to download in tiny chunks. I'm out till this is sorted, what a joke.
  20. I flipped it over to us last night and it didn't seem to do anything so I switched it back, but later on it seemed to be downloading. Obviously instead of leaving my computer on over night I turned it off when I went to bed, so hopefully I'll be back in action later today.
  21. The PKM got a bit of a nerf to the accuracy early on, but it's still beastly. Marley13 has a video of him hipfiring it, and melting people. In other news on PC, there's a major problem with battlenet which is still ongoing. I mentioned last night that it decided I should download a 170 gig patch, and after a bit of googling I found that you can get it to repair the installation and check the existing files. I ran that and now I only have to download a mere 150 gigs. The problem is that it disconnects after about 30 seconds and is ridiculously slow. I can't open the game because it's not updated and I can't update it. I'm hoping they sort it soon, but it does seem totally ridiculous for a franchise as big as this not to have this sort of stuff nailed.
  22. It was telling me previously that I wasn't connected to the internet, and the blizzard launcher says that's something's amiss so I'll switch it off till tomorrow and pray.
  23. Mine's just decided that it wants to download a 171GB update. I'm trying to point it to the existing folder, because that won't download before christmas.
  24. I've caved and been playing solo against squads of three. Last game I wiped a couple of squads on my own with a sniper, a shotgun and an airstrike. Came 18th, so hopefully I can improve on that a bit. I do like the fact that the verticality of the maps punishes people who camp on rooftops, I watched the last match through to the end and as the gas came in I saw people having to parachute off the rooftops. They got shot.
  25. I wanted to play this, but there's no chance I'm teaming up with 2 randoms. I'll have a look when solo arrives.
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