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  1. I think they've made a rod for their own back with the damascus grind. The sheer amount of mounted and long range kills, particularly for the assault rifles means that you'll find exactly what you described. Don't get me started on kills after reloading, what is that supposed to show? I have to stop myself pointlessly reloading and here's a challenge forcing you to do it. Bizarre!
  2. @The Hierophant I saw them in a pound shop and instantly bought them. They were spicy.
  3. I thought I posted this the other day but it didn't for some reason. I've been playing riot shield earlier on shipment, and it's not been as bad as I thought. The main thing I've found is that getting actual kills with it is slow, but it is great fun, and I actually managed to get a VTOL out and came second on my third match. You can definitely tell the people who panic, and you know you've got them. Just wait till they reload and start bashing away. It's a bit disconcerting on PC because once you start meleeing then it seems to lock on to them and I hadn't encountered that before, you'll stay attached to them unless they get too far away. In other news I've been playing rust, and the spawns are completely fucked. It's the same as they are in Shipment, spawning you literally in the gunsights of the person who's just shot you. It's ridiculous, and it isn't fun. I can cope with it on shipment, I'm sure it's meant to be over the top and ridiculous, and we all know it's just a merry go round for leveling guns up. But on a bigger map it's just staggering that they've left it like that.
  4. Same here, hit it a couple of days ago, equipped the mara skin for a couple of matches and then switched back. I've managed to get skull camo on everything except two assault rifles, the aug and the shield. I can finish those guns off pretty quickly but I'm not sure how I'm going to do the riot shield. I had some success in hardcore by sliding in and meleeing but you need two blows in normal and I'm not sure that's going to work. Any riot shield experts?
  5. You can get mounted kills etc any time you like, so you might as well get as many levels as you possibly can during double weapon XP. I probably should have mentioned the double XP part!
  6. If you go into 'private match and trials' at the bottom of the play menu in multiplayer. You'll probably have tickets you can spend in there to play short scenarios. They give a big chunk of tier XP.
  7. Don't forget that the challenges you unlock with tickets, I can't remember what they're called but 3 stars on one of those gives you a large chunk of a battlepass tier. Another thing I thought I'd point out that s0ur mentions in one of his videos is that while we've got double weapon xp, once you've unlocked skulls, switch to a new gun straight away. Don't try to finish them off, just switch and do the mounted kills, etc some other time. It seems obvious but it's easy to forget.
  8. There's a video on youtube, I think it's by S0ur where he tested that and it did stack last time, despite the fact that they said it didn't in the tooltip. Not sure if they've done anything this time around
  9. The other thing I think it needs is to be able to pick which weapon you spawn with. I've been levelling pistols and having to switch over weapons on the cargo map can be a real pain. At least they got rid of cocking the gun every time you spawned, I've been spawn trapped on euphrates bridge a few times, where you can't even cock an LMG in time to fire back before you get obliterated.
  10. Did you remember to hop into hardcore for pistols kills? You could probably knock that out in a game or two.
  11. Is it a challenge one rather than a daily? I've done a grand total of two takedown kills, ever, and I've completed the challenge for 10. Just meleeing people seems to work, or capping flags, or random things seem to trigger it. I'd just leave that one on for a while and it will complete itself.
  12. For sniper kills I've been getting tonnes with the dragunov and the 3.25x scope, just playing the shoothouse/shipment playlist. It's beastly. I literally can't hit a thing in groundwar with the full power scope, it feels laggy and I'll be levelling the other 2 sniper rifles the same way.
  13. Does anyone know what the score is with artifact for this new character? There are a couple of cards that give artifact, and I've not seen it as a mechanism so far? Is there something we can artifact to avoid?
  14. I got most of the way up the second floor on my second try, I *think* I'm starting to see how it fits together. I'm 7 points off unlocking something, so we'll see what we get.
  15. Base means at ground level, but there are a couple of oddities. Flying creatures are at the base level, but obviously they're in the sky and crab creatures seem to be base but are often underwater. The crabs show up on the scanner when you're standing on the shore looking at the water, but vanish when you try to scan them. I've found that getting into the water where you know one has spawned and turning around a bit can get one to appear long enough to be scanned. The crabs types are a nightmare. @moosegrinder
  16. You're not missing anything with the heart
  17. I've done it a couple of ways,. As the defect I had unceasing top and I vaguely remember I had turbo and 2 of the card that doubles your energy, played those and then just spammed meteor strike and anything else that I drew. I've also done it with the other characters with an endless heel hook/dropkick deck. The endless decks can also get you the 'kill a boss on turn 1' and the '5 cards or fewer' achievements, but it's tough to get that much removal and the right cards to drop.
  18. Just thought I'd drop this back in here while we're talking about poison...
  19. @Fondue Just to expand on this a bit, you get one key from passing up a relic in a chest, it's key or relic. You get another from a campfire, but you have to sacrifice healing or upgrading to get the key and the third comes from a particular elite. When you see it on the map it's got shimmery black flames around it, and it's tougher than normal. If you get all three keys...
  20. I've had the most success with frost and claw/blizzard based decks. If you can get echo form running, it's easy mode usually, and things can get really mad if you've got echo form and creative AI.
  21. On PC it's in statistics off the main menu, and then run history. I'm guessing it's the same on switch.
  22. I've finally managed to beat the heart, my first kill. I've been close loads of times, but it all came together this time. I got searing blow on the second floor, so built around upgrading that as much as possible, and ended up with 11 upgrades, hitting for 100+. I found a headbutt for bringing it back along with spot weakness and limit break for strength. Ironically I used lightning bottle on spot weakness so I always had it first turn, but it doesn't attack first turn, so I didn't manage to gain any strength for the whole fight. I also found an early feed, and had 136 health by the end. I had a potion belt, full potions, and an entropic brew, so potentially had 9 potions to play, but only ended up playing 3. Very pleased!
  23. It's not a steam key but I have a spare black ops 4 key from this month's humble bundle. First PM gets it, thread/forum regulars only please
  24. Has anyone been playing the new ambush mode in blackout? It's knives, launchers and sniper rifles only. I spotted you could play it solo yesterday so I hopped in, and I found it great fun. I've had the most ever kills in a match, and came second place in my second and fourth game, so hopefully I can get a few wins out of it. I've only won normal blackout once, I normally get nowhere or top 10, but here I feel like I'm in with a better shout. Has anyone played it and what did you think? EDIT : aaaaand it's gone, the most fun I've ever had in blackout and it's gone again.
  25. I finally managed to get the minimalist achievement - beat the game with a 5 card deck or less. This was an infinite deck in the end, and as I was removing more and more cards I found that it was going infinite on turn three, then turn two, then turn one. If I'd come up against anybody but time eater I would have beaten the boss on turn one as well, but such is life. I only managed to remove the last card in the second to last room, which was a question mark that ended up as a shop. Quite pleased with that one, it's taken a bloody age.
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