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  1. There seems to be some glitch when you spray one of your tags, it's like a permanent spray can in the player's hand. I've seen it happen in multiplayer a few times as well.
  2. Wow! I just got the speed climber achievement after watching a youtube video for some tips. I had a couple of decent runs yesterday, but you tend to get pummeled eventually because you aim to exhaust all your defence cards. This time I got enough strength gain to just keep pushing forwards, only healing at rest sites, never upgrading (I also got the energy relic which means you can't upgrade any more, which forced my hand) I got through to time eater as the last boss, it's probably the only one I could have beaten, and I thought that I'd taken too long, so had mentally chalked it down to being another practice run. When I killed him, the achievement pinged up, and when I checked the run history I got a nice surprise. Yay! I've also been trying to get the achievements for 'kill a boss on turn 1' and 'beat the game with 5 cards or less'. You need an infinite deck, and getting that much removal is a nightmare. The deck doesn't really work properly until it goes infinite, and it's really hard getting it over the hump of being nearly an infinite deck. Hopefully I'll get those soon, but it's proving very tricky.
  3. I was playing last night and got killed, and the game spawned me right behind the person who shot me, literally in my sights. I think the spawning in this is terrible, you can't stand still for 5 seconds without it shoehorning a player in right behind you. I'm still enjoying it for the most part though.
  4. I've got gold on both of the other DMR's and I'm currently stuck on the AUG so this might be exactly what I was looking for. I mainly play hardcore so the swordfish is godlike, and I'm struggling to adjust to the AUG. I'll definitely give this a try.
  5. Factorio will never be in the sale, the developers have said that they won't reduce the price. It's well worth the money as it stands though, I've played hundreds of hours, it's fantastic.
  6. I think the idea is stretching out the match for more kills and more xp, but I might be wrong. Need to have a look at the medals screen and see what xp you get for doing what. I'm happy enough to hoover up all the tags, I'm always mindboggled when I see my team running straight past tags that deny an enemy kill. It's 50 points towards a streak just sitting there
  7. I've never really got Neroli either, I think I fundamentally don't understand what he's trying to say, or what it's purpose is. I'm sure I'm missing something? Have a look for thursday afternoon, that's one of my favourite Eno albums. It's one piece just over an hour long, and doesn't really change a great deal over the course of it, but there are subtle changes which you could possibly call sections. I usually listen to it on long flights, it's definitely my music for airports.
  8. Thanks very much, it was all done in reason. The synths are the thor and the europa, and the shimmering high frequency stuff is the wineglass sound in the klang sampler. There's also a mellotron sample which is the strings which appear halfway through to the right of the stereo. I thought the mellotron really made it sound a bit too much like Brian eno's thursday afternoon, but nobody's mentioned that so far, which is good. The VHS plugin is called audio degradation suite, it's a Reaktor plugin so some kind soul made it and uploaded it to the reaktor library for people to download for nothing. The settings I used are dialled back quite a lot, you can really mangle audio with it, but I decided to be brave and just shoved it straight on the mix bus and worked around what it was doing.
  9. I made a new ambient track, and even made a video to go with it. I used a VHS tape compression plugin to make the whole mix sound slightly mangled, like it was taped off the telly in 1988, and I'm pleased with the way it came out. The video isn't tremendously exciting, but I recorded it with my phone the last time I was in Japan, and I thought it fitted quite nicely.
  10. U2031


    Just got one, thanks very much!
  11. U2031


    It looks like they've realised, this is gone now, which is a real shame. I just got given £30 of amazon vouchers as a leaving present from work, and this would have been perfect. Ho hum!
  12. I was playing the daily today, and there are some crazy combos you can pull off. The starting deck is all the rare cards, so the fun stuff is already in the deck. I ended up using bullet time to use burst on nightmare three times, so I ended up with a hand full of glass knives. Believe it or not, the enemy died this turn
  13. Yeah, you have to opt into the beta for it to be available. It's tricky because for most of the cards, the artwork hasn't been finalised and you can't instantly identify a card and what it does by seeing artwork that you know. A lot of them just have a generic card back and BETA across the middle. I think I might opt back out and come back when it's all finished. The new character has some interesting mechanics, but there's a lot to learn.
  14. Also, how is everyone finding the new character? I can't quite get my head around it at the moment, I'm still trying to figure out a good strategy. I've got most of the way through the third floor, but still not managed to complete the game with them.
  15. Just had a fun game of this. I got poisons fairly early so started to build around that. Ended up with two copies of Nightmare (put three copies of a card in your hand next turn) so I copied Catalyst like crazy and this happened.
  16. I've got a key for Kerbal Space Program to give away, send me a PM! Usual rules apply, if you're very new or don't post much it will go to someone I do know from this thread or the wider forum. Gone, reach for the stars!
  17. Just looking at your last deck there, and there's a few things that jump out at me, not that I'm an ironclad expert by any means. Dropkick is pretty pointless, it's energy neutral but only does 5 damage, or eight when upgraded and you only get the effect if the enemy is weak. Pommel strike does much more damage and always draws a card. Armaments is pretty crap unless you upgrade it, because then it upgrades every card in your hand. Even after all that it's really fucking slow, and I try not to take it. I think I would have skipped thunderclap and iron wave as well. If there was a shrug it off offered, that gives more block and also draws a card. Clothesline is great, but really expensive at 2 energy, if you play that you'll only be playing one block that turn. With demon form, you've basically got a poison build there, it will eventually win automatically, you just need to thin out the deck and get some bigger blocks I think. You could also use headbutt to pull out a block for the next turn. In other news someone in the steam discussions posted almost the exact same thing - 'Why do I keep getting smashed?' but he's up to 75 deaths without a win. I'd say you're doing ok! Keep at it, and try a smaller deck. Make sure you try to block all damage rather than finishing a room faster.
  18. I had the Necronomicon on my last ironclad run, and I was using it with 3 flexes and upgraded whirlwind to smash things into oblivion. Still didn't have enough block though and got killed.
  19. Here are a couple of decks I won with, and I'm quite surprised how big they were.
  20. Which character are you having more success with? Can you post screenies of the cards you had for your last couple of failed runs? We might be able to give you some pointers, or suggest some other cards that might have fitted better with what you had. I'm at the point now where I can pretty much win every time with the silent, but I'm still shit at the ironclad. I'll bung a load of silent tips under here, see if any of it might be helpful. Upgrade Neutralise asap, if you're applying 2 weak, you can probably keep it up indefinitely on one target. The early enemies will hit for 5 instead of 8, which you can block with one card. Flying knee is a great upgrade to a strike, does more damage and gives you energy next turn, so get rid of a strike if you can, to get flying knee into your hand more often. Outmaneuver is also great, I usually get one of each if I see them, and they work brilliantly together in any deck. If you get noxious fumes early on, concentrate on building a blocking deck. Yes it's slower, but once noxious fumed gets played you will always win every fight as long as you block enough damage. Footwork is great for a block heavy deck, I take a second one if I see it. Blur is godlike with burst, and great on it's own. Don't be afraid to turn down cards, if they don't fit with your theme, then don't take them, they're diluting the good stuff in your deck. Post us some decks!
  21. If you have an ancient potion, then it's a good time to use it against those, or the snecko.
  22. He's a pain, but if you didn't notice his ability : In other news I tried a shiv build last night, and actually managed to get a deck which could churn out shivs. The slight downside (possibly not a downside) is that I got the dead branch relic, which gives you a random card when you exhaust a card. Of course, the shivs exhaust so I could play those until I hit on something really crazy to come up and play it. The downside obviously is that I'm adding stupid amounts of cards to my deck, so consistency went out of the window, and I was relying on RNG to get good cards. It didn't disappoint though, I cleared the last boss without too much trouble. I think in the last boss fight I drew a couple of accuracies, so in the end my shivs were hitting for 15 damage each, for no energy cost, and also drawing new cards for me to potentially play.
  23. If you're playing the silent, I've had success with a few different builds, I'll put them in spoilers because it's something people could want to discover. I'm a mirror image of Zael, I cannot win as the ironclad, I just never end up with enough block and get mashed. The only times I've ever managed it was with a snecko eye, and a load of draw, where I managed to draw expensive cards and play them for nothing. The other time was a heavy blade build with demon form and limit break. I just get smashed every time I try the ironclad.
  24. That's the last boss, who did you end up fighting?
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