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    MC Solaar

    He worked with Urban Species on Listen. Guru remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjGVr84C6HQ Fans of classic french movies might recognize the inspiration for this song: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5c1s6_mc...-clip-new_music
  2. I've never understood the chinatown hate. No one had a problem with Carentan in CoD2 so why is it suddenly horrible in 4?
  3. Variety map pack mode. Useful since most people tend to skip chinatown and creek.
  4. Blamsft1

    Left 4 Dead

    It's possible to get around this. For obstacles pushed in front of doors and exits you'll be fine as long as you have a pipe bomb. The explosion pushes objects out of the way. Even if no one has one it's still possible make it through as survivors can also push things. I'm not sure exactly how it works but generally, if the four survivors melee and try to jump over the obstacle for a few minutes it'll move by itself. Sometimes the infected will also try to help out if they get bored. Don't shoot them on sight if you see they're trying to get close to the object and push it away. However, as the survivors start pushing away the object some infected will try to push it back so watch out for that. When you're the infected and someone else tries to glitch you can try to stop him but most glitchers don't take it well. I got kicked a couple times (Thanks brain01648 and Sabershot!) for trying to play fair. Sometimes it's best to just leave. As for campers under the ramp, avoid going in front of them, attack them from the side. If you're a hunter don't pounce, try to slash them until they notice you. Smokers can't drag them out so wait around and hope one of them tries to make a run for some ammo or health. If you're a boomer try to get them all so the hunters can attack more easily. If you're the tank you'll die before you can hit them if you run under the ramp so keep hitting them from the outside.
  5. Shit, I missed all the drama! Thanks for the support Monkichi and Uzi. But what's with all this talk of post count discrimination (postism? post countism?) when englishbob and I only have a difference of 10 posts or so?
  6. That was only because the PS3 version came out a year after the 360 and PC releases. It's always obvious which version is going to be better anyway, just look at which console they use for demos. Iirc they were showing off the 360 version at E3, PAX, and I remember IGN had a preview video with the 360.
  7. Cheers. Looks like I'll be getting Yakuza 2 and the PS3 games when those come out.
  8. I'm thinking about getting Yakuza 2 but I don't know anything about the series. Will I be completely confused if I don't play the first game?
  9. Blamsft1


    Then what's questionable about watching hundreds of episodes of it? Not to have a go at you in particular but it's something I've noticed on other forums that's been bugging me for some time. There's this view that if an anime has more than 100 episodes there must be something wrong with it.
  10. Curiously I found the to be quite easy, it's the
  11. Blamsft1


    Let's make something clear. The first 160 or so episodes of One Piece are incredibly well done (excluding the fillers) and in my opinion surpass the already brilliant manga. Then Toei fired all their veteran animators so they could hire cheaper replacements and by then the series was too close to the manga and the show went from "amazing" to merely "good". But, despite all that, it's still a great show. Although, as someone who loves both Cowboy Bebop and One Piece I do wonder how anyone can dislike Cowboy Bebop.
  12. After seeing Wallbob in action with an RPG and the resulting carnage I'm tempted to give it another try but the damn missiles always veer off to nowhere or inflict minor splash damage. Am I missing something that makes the RPG more accurate?
  13. 1. Ocarina of Time 2. Shadow of the Colossus 3. Dune 4. Homeworld 5. Ouendan 6. Majora's Mask 7. Sands of Time 8. Pikmin 9. Fable 10. GTA III A lot of games that would be considered merely "good" with a generic soundtrack can be elevated to masterpiece status with great music. I wouldn't enjoy replaying half of the games on this list if they didn't have music.
  14. The only good part was the Air closing music.
  15. This Sony conference is just...bland. The Microsoft casual stuff was pretty funny but hey, it's for casuals so you could just chuckle and ignore it while salivating over the "real" games. This has nothing. Nothing to love or hate, no controversy about suspicious "real time gameplay" trailers...
  16. You know, I never understood the hate for Home. Sure, I was more neutral than positive towards it but I never saw what was so bad about it. Until now.
  17. So I finally got this and started playing online a little more than a week ago. Knowing that I would be at a severe disadvantage against people who have been playing for months I cautiously started getting used to the weapons and maps on free for all. But after being repeatedly killed and finishing with scores like 5/18 I was growing quite frustrated until I read this thread and changed tactics. I switched to TDM and suddenly something clicked. I paid attention to the position of my teammates to figure out which way the other team was going. In other FPSs I always run and gun but I found myself actually preferring to keep a distance with medium range weapons. After memorizing the maps and trying not to die too much my scores still weren't that good, usually around 10/12 but I was improving. Soon after I branched out to the different modes and then I really "got" CoD4s online and became hooked unlocking weapons and perks and doing challenges. In summary, CoD4s online is great, it has revolutionized online FPS gaming for me, etc etc. However, playing with strangers can be a little frustrating, especially in team games. Unfortunately I can only rarely use my mic but I always try to help out the team instead of doing my own thing. My gamertag is Eggman91 so add me if you don't mind someone inexperienced who'll rush like a maniac for the bomb or do his best to shoot down a chopper.
  18. I can put up with gameplay flaws and still enjoy myself but what really rankles is the story, especially when the beginning was so promising. Roman, Little Jacob, Mallorie, Brucie, the girl working at Tw@...finally, a GTA with likable characters and more importantly, the ridiculous "oh no I was betrayed time to go to the next island and be someone else's bitch" story "twists" were finished. Or not. By the time you get to the second island all the good characters are almost never heard from again and they're all replaced by pathetic stereotypes. "Yo, I didn't have a choice, I had to sling drugs. Man, life is tough in the ghetto. Especially when you can't read. And when your father would beat your mother. And it's unbearable when you gotta wear used clothes!" I wouldn't mind Dwayne's little rants if they weren't taken so seriously. You can tell the script writers thought they were writing something "deep". Packie is even worse. "I had lots of brothers and we fought all the time. One time my sister saw one of those fights. She was never the same after. We also drank a lot. Once one of my brothers came home covered with blood. My sister was never the same after. By the way, I'm Irish. Or maybe I'm American. I don't know! Wow, I'm fucked up. " And I'm not even going to bring up Bernie. But my biggest complaint is a lack of continuity. When you start the game you know why you're working for Vlad. Niko actually seems like a struggling immigrant. However, by the time you've done maybe 30-40% of the game you won't even know why you're working for someone and you'll have more money than you know what do to with. Seeing Niko complain about not having enough money seems absurd when he has $300,000 in his pocket. I also became disenchanted with Niko himself after a very favourable first impression. Despite all the "war is bad" speeches he makes throughout the game he seems quite willing to massacre dozens of people just to make a little money. This is another example of gameplay affecting story. The previews gushed about killing being "shocking" and "making you feel guilty" but those feelings quickly disappear after playing a few missions requiring you to kill 20 gang members. The game would have benefited from more missions having one target like the job interview. The story tries to be more "mature" and "realistic" but as a result feels disconnected from the gameplay which is the same old GTA. Rockstar needs to decide whether they'll make GTA V completely realistic or cartoony like the older games as GTA IV really struggles with combining both into one seamless package.
  19. I hate that. I remember when the game came out someone excitedly posted that you could climb on top of the trains. They neglected to mention that Niko falls off anything that moves faster than he can walk. Except, of course, for the one occasion when you can hang on but sorry, it's only for a mission! Although, I actually did manage to hold onto a car door once. I car jacked someone, he caught up and took it back and as he started getting away I randomly pushed a couple buttons while giving chase. Surprisingly, Niko grabbed the car and held on as the agitated driver sped away at top speed. I then pressed Y hoping Niko would somehow get inside the car but he just let go. Sometimes I try to remember exactly what angle I was at and what buttons I used but when I try to do it again with other cars it doesn't work. Much like all the other new "features", actually. What the hell is the point of giving Niko a stun punch and making a tutorial for it when the only time you can use it is in the tutorial itself? And the feature I was looking forward to the most didn't get in the game! They said you could listen to the radio on foot through your mobile IIRC.
  20. It was a cloudless night in Bohan and I was in a carefree mood, merely wandering about aimlessly, enjoying the sights. Suddenly I came across a bit of a traffic jam and, with nothing better to do, pulled out my baseball bat and ran from car to car, giving each a good whack. While many of their drivers ran away screaming a number of them were determined to fight back, particularly taxi drivers who sought to defend their means of livelihood. With six or seven enraged adversaries who would like nothing better than to beat me to death, and after briefly being trapped and used as a punching bag by two of them, I thought it prudent to climb on top of an SUV to escape their onslaught. Unable to reach me, the small mob apparently decided to relieve their frustration by taking it out amongst themselves. While I watched the chaotic fighting in amazement a police car slowly cruised in. The cops immediately sprang to action. One combatant limped away, wounded, while two others were arrested as their opponents calmly walked away. The threat to my life now eliminated, I hopped down from my vantage point. I heard some honking, no doubt new arrivals unaware of the events that had transpired. Running up to these fresh victims I commenced breaking their car windows with my trusty bat. The cops amiably watched this spectacle but things turned sour when I stood still and let myself get punched. As my assailant fled with a fat cop waddling in pursuit I was stuck with the thought that by now there were quite a few abandoned cars gathered in one place. Perhaps I can get the "destroy ten cars in ten seconds" achievement! After retreating to a safe distance I took out my rocket launcher. I aimed for one car surrounded by three others and fired my first shot. As they simultaneously exploded I fired at my next target, also in close proximity to other vehicles. Sadly the chain reaction was a little too slow as the subsequent explosions occurred outside the ten second time limit. The only thing I accomplished was obtaining a three star rating. Seeing as I was quite close to my Bohan safehouse I planned on getting rid of my wanted status quite easily. However, as I was arriving I saw a Patriot hurtling towards me. I quickly opened fire, killed the driver, jacked it, and drove it to the parking space. By now reinforcements had arrived and I ran inside the building, chopper fire and shotgun blasts barely missing. Incensed at having my relaxing evening jaunt brought to a premature end I held a position near the door and opened fire at the cops trying to breach the entrance. After trading shots and taking down three cops I notice that I only have a small sliver of health remaining. I retreat upstairs and go to bed, falling asleep to the lullaby of bullets rebounding off walls, wailing sirens, and humming helicopter rotors.
  21. If you decided to kill it isn't too hard to get a six star rating from his safehouse. The cops have a hard time reaching you and it's easy to predict where they'll go. Either they mill about on the street unable to shoot you accurately or they'll go up using the building next door. Once you've killed enough of them and shot down a few choppers and gotten the rating just walk back inside the safehouse and wait for the achievement.
  22. the Seatbelts - Mushroom Hunting (Live)
  23. After two failed attempts at Waste Not Want Knots I got quite frustrated and the third time I just charged in without using cover. Surprisingly, that's when I succeeded. I tore through the first group of enemies with a shotgun and switched to an Uzi for the enemies inside the warehouse. Then I ignored the respawning enemies and just ran out.
  24. Sneak around the back. You only need to kill two or three gangsters to get the coke and the survivors will distract the cops while you escape.
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